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Nadia married Emil Blonsky while he was still a KGB agent, and often suffered domestic violence at the hands of Emil. Once he became the Abomination, she presumed he was dead and reverted to using her maiden name, moving on with her life.[citation needed]

Washing in and out of Emil's new life as a super-villain, Nadia eventually learned what had become of him, and was torn by her love, hate, and fear of her husband.[citation needed]

When the Home Base conspiracy was trying to capture Bruce Banner, Nadia agreed to help them in exchange for the release of Emil. She seduced Bruce, but was unable to turn him over, eventually confessing the plan to him. When Emil was released, he and the Hulk fought, resulting in Emil's defeat.[citation needed]

Nadia's experience with Bruce led to her developing romantic feelings for him. As she got to know Bruce she saw him as a gentle, respectful man; the polar opposite of her abusive husband Emil. Bruce had reciprocated those feelings, although his attraction to Nadia was nascent as he had recently overcome the death of his wife, Betty. [citation needed]

Nadia died when Home Base was destroyed and the Hulk was freed from Leader's mind control. That ended any chance of a romance between her and Bruce.[citation needed]

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