The Naglfar Beacon is a magical horn commissioned by Loki to the Dwarves of Nidavellir. It granted whoever used it the ability to command the Naglfar Armada. In order to preserve the secrecy of the horn's forging, Loki moved back and forth through time. When the horn was finished, he cast it into the past, hidden in the planet Draeketh, where not even Loki would be able to find it until the time was right.[1]

Rumors of the device's existence seeped out, and the space pirate Nebula learned of its existence by The Coven.[2] She set out to find the Nagflar Beacon and use it to one-up her rival Gamora as the most dangerous woman in the galaxy.[3] In parallel, Kid Loki joined forces with Angela to find the Naglfar Beacon, since he intended to use it during the looming War of the Realms. To this end, they assembled the Asgardians of the Galaxy[1]

Nebula kidnapped the dwarf Urzuul and used him to find the horn before the Asgardians of the Galaxy.[4] Nebula first tested the Naglfar Beacon on the planet Netredeen, summoning the undead bodies of the past incarnations of their gods to attack the planet. She then moved to a bigger target, and summoned the Naglfar Armada on Chandilar.[1] In both instances, the undead gods were taken down by the Asgardians of the Galaxy while trailing Nebula.[2] Before setting her sights on her true target, Earth, Nebula abducted Thor to use him as leverage in case her attack on Earth and use of their dead selves warranted retaliation from the Asgardians. Loki tried to warn Thor about Nebula's plan, but he arrived late and was abducted to Neubla's ship as well.[5] The Asgardians of the Galaxy tracked Nebula down, and Loki incapacitated her using an illusion long enough for Valkyrie to take the Naglfar Beacon from her, and used it to send the undead army back to the void. Loki then set out to hide the Naglfar Beacon.[3]

The Asgardians of he Galaxy and Kid Loki attempted to hid the weapon on Ego the Living Planet, but he refused to hide, deeming it too dangerous. So, it was decided to hide it on Asgard and afterward Kid Loki vanished after the spell that created him was dismissed.[6]

The Asgardians of the Galaxy later helped in the defense of Midgard during the War of the Realms. Angela held onto the Beacon but didn't want to use on Midgard. Instead, she decided to use it to attack the realm of Heven in order to lure the Angels way from Midgard. After that, Angela used the undead army of gods to ravage the Angels and destroy Heven. After the deed was done, Angela decided to destroy the Beacon so the undead gods could no longer be used as weapons, finding it disrespectful.[7]

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