Nahita was a member of the Elk Tribe thousands of years ago. When she was 17, skeletons began to rain down from the sky. One hit her on the head and knocked her out. She had a strange vision of a dark and polluted world. When she awoke, she saw the Tribe of the Moon, the heroes of that time, battling monsters. One member, Talks-To-Spirits, offered her his medicine bag and she withdrew the Talisman of Power. She placed it on her brow, became the Talisman. [1]

She fought many battles with the Tribe, but she knew that her true enemy was Llan, the Sorcerer, a being or pure evil. She was able to defeat him (by trapping him in the powerless form of an idol) with the Tribe's help. Sadly, one member, Willow-Dancer died in the battle.[1]

Nahita's actions inspired Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, the current Talisman, in her battle against Llan. [1]


As wielder of the talisman Nahita has a number of powers available to her. Her abilities include being able to control and summon spirits.

Strength level

Average Human


Talisman of Power

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