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Colleen Wing, Cherry Blossom, Azumi Ozawa, Four unnamed women including Black Lotus's mother
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Elite quintet of female Hand assassins
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The original Nail were five women ninjas that served the Hand as an elite strike team for thousand years.[1]

Modern era

Azumi Ozawa's leadership

In modern era, Azumi Ozawa revived and led the team along with four other descendants of the original Nail,[1] which included Black Lotus's mother.[2]

Enemies of the Hand eventually discovered their identities and killed them one by one.[1]

Shadowland: Colleen Wing's leadership

During the events of Shadowland, Daredevil reformed the team with Colleen Wing (Azumi's daughter) as their leader.[1]

...[2] ...[3]

Colleen eventually left the group along with the youngest member Cherry Blossom. The other members stayed on as members of the Hand.[3]


As Colleen Wing and Azumi Ozawa whose mothers were members of the Nail, Makro, Yuki and Cherry Blossom are allegedly descendants of members of the Nail,[2] although their exact relations to those are unknown.

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