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Naja was a Nuhuman who helped Inferno and Flint sneak back into New Attilan to check on Inferno's sister, Gabriela after the Unspoken usurped the throne from Queen Medusa. With help from Vinatos, Naja and the others faced the Unspoken in battle and were able to beat him after Flint destroyed the Terrigen Crystals. In his weakened state, Naja knocked him out.[1]

Death of Inhumans

When the Kree Empire began ordering all surviving Inhumans to join it or perish, the empire launched an attack on the Inhuman city of New Arctilan on the Earth's Moon. During the attack, Naja was captured[2] and placed in stasis in an unknown location along with other Inhumans.[3]



Naja possess various powers originated from Terrigenesis:

  • Invisibility: Naja has the ability to make herself invisible based on the current emotional state that she is in. If she feels positive emotions, she can render her body completely invisible in order to camouflage herself with her environment. But if she experiences negative emotions like fear, her body illuminates bright colors.
  • Flight: Naja has two scaly like wings under her arms that enable her to fly. She also possesses reptilian like features including a tail, scales and other features which might be an adaptation for her to help lift herself off the ground.
  • Telescopic Vision: While out on a scouting patrol Naja showcased her ability to view things from an incredible distance away.
  • Prehensile Tail: One of the additions to her transformation is a maneuverable tail she can use as an extra limb.
  • Prehensile Feet: Naja possesses greater dexterity in her feet and toes as she could easily grab and lift people with them while in flight.
  • Claws & Fangs


Naja is the name of a group of snakes more commonly known as cobras.

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