Quote1.png I found my calling out there. I've seen too many in need just to turn a blind eye. I can't be happy here knowing that there's people out there who have nothing. Quote2.png
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Nakia was a spy for the Wakandan government and routinely infiltrated kidnappings and gathered information for Prince T'Challa (her ex-boyfriend). A week after T'Challa's father's death, he found Nakia in the Sambisa Forest in Nigeria as she was infiltrating a kidnapping of the locals. Once she alerted the king to her location, he used the strength of the Black Panther to take down the kidnappers and free the civilians. Nakia proved to be quick on her feet when she was able to help T'Challa in the fight by making sure he wouldn't kill a young boy who had been forced to help the kidnappers.

Once returning home, Nakia attended T'Challa's ritual combat and offered him verbal support with his fight with M'Baku. Later, Nakia took a leisurely stroll around the local town alongside the prince and discussed potentially allowing refugees into Wakanda. T'Challa was initially hesitant, but he admitted that she was very stubborn and that that was getting in the way of her becoming a great queen; to which she said she would make a great queen because she was so stubborn.

After the Wakandans had gotten word that a Wakandan artifact was stolen from a British Museum by Ulysses Klaue, Nakia joined T'Challa and Okoye to infiltrate a South Korean casino in hopes of capturing him and bringing back to Wakanda to seek justice for his crimes from decades prior. When the deal went south between Klaue and CIA operative Everett Ross, Nakia was forced to take down multiple henchmen working for Klaue. This progressed into a car chase in which Nakia drove a car entirely made from Vibranium. After it was destroyed by Klaue's prosthetic arm cannon, she and Okoye had to hitch a ride from Ross in order to catch up to T'Challa and Klaue.

Once arrested, Klaue was interrogated by Ross and admitted to him that the Wakandans were hiding more Vibranium than initially realized. When Nakia noticed something suspicious with the street-view cameras, an explosion had caused the wall of the interrogation room to crumble, allowing Klaue to escape and be taken back by Erik Stevens. During the escape, Nakia was almost shot until Ross put himself in front of the bullet, causing the Wakandans to take Ross back with them in return for him risking his life for her.

After returning home, she comforted T'Challa once he had found out the truth about his father murdering his uncle and leaving his cousin, Erik Stevens (later known as Killmonger), alone in America. When Killmonger had challenged T'Challa in ritual combat, Nakia arrived only to see that Killmonger killing Zuri and throwing T'Challa over the waterfall. Later that night, Nakia talked to Okoye on overthrowing Killmonger, but Okoye was loyal to the throne. Nakia later snuck into the Garden of the Heart-Shaped Herb and stole a piece, hoping to give it to M'Baku so he could help fight Killmonger. She went with Princess Shuri, Queen Ramonda and Everett Ross to the Jabari-Lands in hopes of getting help from the Jabari Tribe. When they arrived, they were overcome with shock to discover that the tribe had saved T'Challa's life when they found him in a coma near the edge of the river and had placed him in a bed of snow so he could live. Once feeding him the Heart-Shaped Herb and covering him in snow to allow him to journey to the Ancestoral Plane, he woke up, happy to be reunited with his family and ready to take back the throne.

After sneaking back in Shuri's lab, Nakia put on the armor of the Dora Milaje and helped fight Killmonger (now the Golden Jaguar) in one-on-one combat with Ring Blades. She was defeated after Killmonger gashed her legs open, but still chose to fight on alongside the rest of Dora Milaje with the added help of the Jabari against the W'Kabi and the Border Tribe. Once Killmonger was defeated and T'Challa retook the throne, the two of them took another leisurely walk through town where they rekindled their relationship and discussed the future of Nakai staying in Wakanda.

She later joined him, Okoye, and Ayo at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria where T'Challa announced that Wakanda would be officially opening its borders and sharing their resources with the rest of the world.[1]


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