The unnamed king of the Underearth Men, a race of people who lived underground, ruled his people alongside his consort Princess Nakima. He and Nakima plotted to conquer the surface world, but they and their people believed that they first needed to shed their hideous forms. They did this by transferring their minds to the bodies of humans after they died. The kind already transferred his mind to a human body, but Nakima insisted that her mind be transferred to the most beautiful body possible. Nakima's wish apparently came true when her followers brought back the body of Venus. Venus wasn't actually dead, though. She had faked being a corpse in order to solve the mystery of bodies being taken from a cemetery, which was the Underearth Men's doing. After learning of the Underearth Men's plans for conquest from Nakima, Venus tricked Nakima, her consort, and their followers into going into a cave where they exposed to sunlight from the sunrise. Nakima and her followers died instantly, but her consort's human body had some resistance to sunlight. He tried to flee back to his lair but discovered that it been blocked off by the authorities. He eventually succumbed to the sunlight and died as well.[1]


A lethal vulnerability to sunlight

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