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The product of American scrap and Atlantean ingenuity, the Sub-Mariner created his jeep out of scrap parts in Salt Lake City, Utah to try and ferret out Nazi agents who might want to steal such a technological marvel. Driving it around attracted just such attention, and after a group of Nazi spies briefly stole the device, Namor reclaimed it and smash their operation, leaving them to be apprehended by the authorities.[1]

Driving across the country in the jeep, Namor used it to drive to the state of Oregon and to the home of Professor Dorn, a mad scientist, and later drove escaped mental patient Mona Lake to the authorities after Dorn's demise.[2] Later, Namor left his jeep, then nicknamed his "Blitz-Buggy", with the authorities in a small Oregon town while he returned to Atlantis.[3]

The "Blitz-Buggy" has since seemingly been abandoned by Namor, and who currently possesses it remains unrevealed.


The "Blitz-Buggy" could attain speeds after than military jeeps that were constructed in the 1940's (The average US military armored vehicle of that size range topped speeds between 40-56 MPH), the upper range of which is unknown. The side mounted rails on the vehicle could allow the jeep to glide in the air for a number of meters provided the jeep attained sufficient speed and carried itself off a sufficient ramp. The wheels were shaped in such a way to allow the vehicle to bound over bumpy terrain.

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