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Quote1 Always put my faith in the plant world. Better than humans. Quote2
Sam Smithers

Appearing in "She Is Driven By A Force She Does Not Even Begin To Understand"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "She Is Driven By A Force She Does Not Even Begin To Understand"

Sensing danger for his cousin Namor, Namorita flies to New Jersey and observes the strange vegetation at Sam Smithers (aka the Plantman's) home. When she investigates she is grabbed by the vegetation. Despite her strength and effort, she is unable to free herself.

Similarly, Namor has been captured. A brainwashed Wolverine watches the scene as Sssesthugar, the H'ylthri leader watches and taunts Namor. Back in Manhattan, Rafael Scarfe, released from Master Khan's control, explains to Misty Knight and Colleen Wing Master Khan's complex plot. Khan has had Super-Skrull impersonate the late Captain Hero, Khan had impersonated or created the persona of Tyrone King (Misty Knight's former lover), and a H'ylthri had impersonated Iron Fist. The three deduce that Khan might attack Iron Fist, his mortal enemy, but believe that he would not dare enter the home of Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange.

Back in New Jersey, Plantman appears to Namorita close to death. He uses his plant gun to free Namorita and gives his gun to Namorita explaining that the H'lythri have betrayed him. Namorita flies to Namor and uses her gun on Sssesthugar. The gun has no effect as the H'ylthri are immune to the weapon they created for Smithers. However, a blast from the gun does free Wolverine from H'ylthri control. In a rage, he kills Sssesthugar and all of his H'ylthri allies with his claws.

Suddenly, Master Khan appears. He also dislikes the H'ylthri and approves of Wolverine’s act of killing them. He transports Logan back to the location he was previously. Then he explains his animosity towards Namor who has freed Khan's mortal enemy Iron Fist from an eternal torment. He binds Namorita with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and places his mystical hand through Namor's skull (see the cover of this issue). This has wiped Namor's mind blank and turned him into a "Savage" Sub-Mariner. Khan frees Namorita from her bonds. Master Khan wants her to witness his revenge and leaves.


  • In this issue, it is revealed that Super-Skrull had been impersonating the believed deceased Captain Hero for years.
  • Tyrone King is described this issue as a "12-year NYPD veteran". It's still not clear to this reader if "Tyrone King" was being impersonated or if this is a construct.
  • In lieu of a letters page, the last page indicates that the next issue will take place "six months" from the end of this story. New artist Jae Lee is also announced.

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