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The Sub-Mariner was the very first Marvel character who has a history that spans over 70 years of publication. Below is his unabridged history.

For an abridged version see Namor's Abridged History.

1940s Appearances: It has been revealed[1] that a number of Namor's wartime adventures were actual comic book adaptations published as wartime propaganda.


The events leading up to the birth of Namor McKenzie have their beginnings in the year 1915, when explorer Ernest Shackleton was sent on a voyage by Winston Churchill to bring back a sample of Vibranium from the Antarctic. His ship the Endurance was lost, prompting Leonard McKenzie to pilot the Oracle into the area in 1920. He agreed to take along telepath Paul Destine who was searching for a long lost race called the Ancients. Their voyages put them directly above the fabled kingdom of Atlantis. When they used charges to blast through the ice, they caused serious death and destruction in Atlantis. Emperor Thakorr demanded an expedition to learn what caused the destruction. However, his daughter Princess Fen in an attempt to prove her bravery went up alone with the only sample of a potion that allowed an Atlantean to breath above water for five hours at a time. Taken aboard the Oracle and believed to be some strange stowaway, Fen was looked after by McKenzie personally. Fen stayed to learn what she could about the surface dwellers, and learned their language and soon fell in love with Leonard and was married. Her prolonged absence from Atlantis prompted Thakorr to send a search party for her. Led by Warlord Krang, the Oracle was stormed and Leonard was gunned down. Fen was dragged back to Atlantis believing Leonard to be dead.[2]

Accounts of what happened vary, in most accounts the Oracle left with Leonard who survived and lived on.[2] However, another account states that Leonard, surviving the attack, began searching the ice for Fen and was eventually abandoned. His leg pinned and broken in ice, McKenzie was then rescued by Fen who brought him back to Atlantis. Despite protests from her people, Fen managed to stay their wrath and the people agreed to let Leonard live until Thakorr returned from royal business. There Fen grew to love Leonard while the two spent time together. When Thakorr returned, he demanded that McKenzie be executed, however Fen managed to convince her father to stay his hand. When another ship passed through the region setting off explosives that once more imperilled Atlantis, Fen assisted Leonard in escaping aboard the vessel before her people could eliminate him.[3] In yet another account, this one by Namor himself, he stated that Leonard raped his mother. The validity of this account is suspect and Namor's recalling was tempered over the events that led to a then recent super-hero Civil War.[4]

Whatever the true facts may be, it was shortly after Leonard's departure that Fen discovered that she was pregnant with Leonard's child.[2][3][5] In one account, Thakorr had Fen sequestered until she gave birth to her child.[3] When the child was born he was named Namor, which meant "The Avenging Son" in the Atlantean language.[2] Accounts of Thakorr's reaction to the birth of his grandson vary between pride[2] to disgust. In the latter account, Fen was able to convince Thakorr to spare his half-breed grandchild as he was the heir to the Atlantean throne, although Thakorr ordered Fen to enter a 10 year exile until Namor was old enough to be groomed into his heritage.[3]


The earliest account of Namor's childhood was shortly after his 10th birthday. He was present with his mother while Emperor Thakorr banished a scientist named Vyrra for his cloning experiments. Namor learned from his mother that cloning was outlawed in Atlantis centuries ago under the rule of Emperor Thallo after a clone uprising led to a slaughter that was referred to as the "Day of the Long Spears" in Atlantean history.[6] At this time Fen began teaching Namor, believing that a "Prince of the Blood must be wise and valiant".[7]

Growing up, Namor's constant playmate was king Thakkor's step-son Byrrah who regularly envied peoples favour over Namor, and mocked the prince's mixed heritage. One day while playing above the surface, Namor became trapped above the ice, while Byrrah and the other children fled. Fearing that he would suffocate after a prolonged period out of the water, Namor was soon rescued by a group of Atlanteans led by his mother some 15 hours later. To their surprise Namor was alive and well and they discovered that the boy could breath out of the water for an indefinite period of time.[8] Days later while there was a storm raging on the surface, Namor accepted a dare from Byrrah to go above and brave the elements without fear. On the surface Namor was attacked by a pack of wild dogs left behind by a previous Antarctic expedition and managed to fight them off alone before returning home, discovering that he was more invulnerable to harm than the average Atlantean.[9]

Around this time, the people of Atlantis relocated and began building a new kingdom near the Pacific Northwest. Within close proximity to humans, Namor became curious and began to venture to the surface. Along a beach he became friends with a young girl named Sandy Pierce, the daughter of Henry Pierce , a wealthy business man. Back home, Namor had aspirations to become part of his grandfathers Tri-Team that protected his people from sharks and other threats when they went on massive fish hunts.[10] At the age of 12, Namor and his mother explored the remains of the USS Byrd. Followed by Byrrah, who had once more grown jealous of Namor attempted to pin his rival under one of the ships booms. However, he instead pinned Fen and found himself locked in one of the ships cabins. Namor surprised everyone when he was able to remove the 1200 pound boom off his mother and was able to rip the door free, saving Byrrah's life. In the process Namor learned he has super-human strength.[11] At age 14, Namor and his mother took a trip to the Antarctic region to explore the surface during the warmer season. When the ice floe they were on split open both he and Fen fell into the crack. While Fen fell to the bottom and broke her leg, Namor was surprised when tiny wings grew out of his ankles enabling him to fly. With his new ability he was able to rescue his mother and bring her back to Atlantis for medical attention.[12]

Soon Namor was introduced to his cousin Namora who was named after him. The young Namor was not interested in meeting a girl and went out playing with Byrrah and the other boys, snubbing her. Namora decided to teach Namor a lesson in humility when the boys went to go play in a sunken submarine. When Namor began playing in the torpedo tube, she blocked off the end of the tube and eventually Namor was trapped inside. While Byrrah and the others fled, Namora used her considerable strength to rescue her cousin. The two apologized to each other and formed a strong friendship thereafter that endured for decades.[13] After, Namor, Namora and Byrrah went to explore the abandoned Antarctic research town of "Little America". When Namora accidentally started a fire, trapping herself in one of the cabins, Namor came to her rescue. Having never experienced fire before, Namor was taken aback, but soon realized that contact with water revitalized his strength and he was able to save Namora from the flames.[14]

By the age of 16, Namor regularly hung out with his cousin Bobo in the Atlantean colony near Washington State. He took up surfing along the Pacific Northwest. One day while helping in a massive sea hunt, Namor and Bobo came to the rescue of some children threatened by a shark.[10] After saving the children both Namor and Bobo were commended while the Tri-Team, who failed in their task were punished by Queen Korra and given fish gutting duty. This earned Namor the ire of his cousin Beemer a headstrong member of the Tri-Team who did not believe Namor deserved his position of power. Namor returned to the surface later that day and reunited with Sandy Pierce. The two reconnected and she eventually learned of Namor's heritage and invited him to a Memorial Day mixer, an invitation that Namor accepted.[15]

Returning to the surface with Bobo, Namor was introduced to Sally's life on the surface. Part of the local high society, Sandy's parents and acquaintances were quick to judge Namor. At the dance, one of the local boys tried to start a fight with him, and had his wrist broken for his troubles before Namor and Sandy left. Namor explained to her his heritage shortly after and the two began a romantic relationship.[16] Later, Namor introduced Bobo to Sandy's friend Liz and the two began a relationship as well. Namor then took Sandy to Atlantis and introduced her to his grandmother, there she also learned that the Atlanteans were having a problem with oil leaking up from the ground into their home. When Sandy returned home, her father noticed oil stains on her clothing and began putting their entire financial future in finding the well. Not wishing to spoil Namor's home, Sandy was reluctant to tell her father of the precise location of the oil.[17] Unaware of this, Namor then invited Sandy to his cousin Namorita's[18] birthday with Liz. After meeting Namor's entire family, Sandy was then brought back home when Liz proved unable to handle the underwater environment. When Namor asks to meet Sandy's parents, she was hesitant to do so due to her snobbish mother, and fear of Namor finding out about his fathers plans to drill for oil near Atlantis.[19]

Finally meeting her parents, Namor soon learned that they are on the brink of financial ruin when some workers on the rig came to complain about not getting paid. Namor stopped them from fighting and learned about their need of the oil. As the oil was a problem to the Atlanteans, Namor offered to help Henry in making a deal with the people of Atlantis to dig for the oil, seeing it as a way of helping Sandy and her family. Returning to Atlantis, Namor then helped convince his grandfather to allow the drilling.[20]


Namor Vol 1 11 Textless

Namor as a teen

Namor then arranged for Henry Pierce to visit the Atlantean royal family and make a deal to drill for the oil, assuring them that it would cure the leak problem, although he neglected to tell them that the operation would take months. While everyone saw the deal as a good development, Sandy confided in Namor that she feared his people would be exploited and their culture ruined by an industry that is concerned only with making more money.[21] Tensions between Namor and Sandy started to crop up when Henry, taking a liking to Namor, introduced him to all of his business friends leading to Namor ignoring Sandy, earning her ire. When the oil leaks began getting worse, Beemer attempted to appeal to the king to tear down the oil rig, but Namor managed to convince diplomacy and ventured to the surface to discuss the situation with Henry. Henry agreed to have his engineers look into the problem and begin working on a good faith project to help his people. When Namor and Harry asked Sandy to go to bed while they discuss business, she become angry at Namor.[22] With the oil leak patched with concrete and Namor beginning to work on a new motorized fishing net for his people further alienated Sandy. Noticing this, Namor's aunt Zarina ordered Beemer to take advantage of it to discredit Namor more in the eyes of the people. Sandy played into Beemer's hands using him to make Namor jealous. However, Bobo managed to convince Namor to talk to Sandy instead and the pair reconciled. Sending Henry and Sandy home on their own, Namor left them open for an attack from Beemer. Beemer then wounded Henry, leaving him for nearby sharks while taking Sandy to the oil rig.[23] Henry made his way back to Atlantis where he told the Atlantean royal family that Sandy had been kidnapped. With emotions heated, Henry called the Atlanteans "savages", souring relations. However, Thakorr sent out a searching party to locate Sandy. Namor and Bobo found Beemer and Sandy at the oil rig where Beemer was either hoping Namor would destroy the rig, or cause it to continue drilling and kill Sandy who was trapped under it. When Namor accidentally gave the Tri-Team the signal to start the drill he and Bobo managed to save Sandy before she could get crushed. Furious Namor rushed at his cousin ready to kill him.[24]

At that time the search party arrived to break up the fight, ending with Bobo being injured as well. Zarina used the fight to further shake the peoples faith in Namor's plans. But when Bobo refuses to help his mother he was disowned by her. When Namor was released after his temper simmered down, the two of them went to the surface to reunite Bobo with Liz—whose family forbade her to see him due to his lack of wealth—only to learn from Sandy that Liz had become pregnant with Bobo's child and her family had sent her away. With Namor on the surface, Beemer was able to convince his Tri-Team to attack the rig, destroying it and causing the oil to come gushing out into the water.[25] Returning to Atlantis, Namor found his people on the brink of revolt, blaming the royal family for brining the surface peoples dirty technology to their land. With oil threatening to poison them all, Namor and the others learned that it was Beemer who destroyed the rig and Thakorr ordered his people to abandon Atlantis. Namor then told Sandy that he had could not leave his people to be with her and joined them on their pilgrimage back to the South Pacific. Sandy, learning that her father intended to build a new oil rig, abandoned her life to be with Namor.[26] However, Sandy soon disappeared shortly after this and her fate is unknown.

Back in the South Pacific, Namor had his first clash against the Nazis while enjoy some time to fly. Attacked by a Nazi fighter plane who was sent to bomb the area, Namor—confusing the plane with a bird—destroyed the ship, however the resulting blast knocked him out. Reviving back in Atlantis, his mother explained what the plane was and that they had salvaged its wing so that they could keep it as a trophy of Namor's first triumphant battle.[27] Shortly after Namor's stumbled upon the home of the Ice King who claimed to be Namor's friend. Going back to Atlantis none believed the young boys tale of the Ice King. Later when a sudden massive migration of the local walrus and seal herds threatened to starve the people of Atlantis, Namor and the Ice King created ice bergs to pen the animals in. When Namor attempted to convince his people that he was helped by the Ice King they one more scoffed at him. Returning to the Ice King's home, Namor tried to convince the King to reveal himself. However, the King refused to do so, claiming that he could only show himself to one mortal every ten years, and only during a time of crisis. Returning back to Atlantis, Namor witnessed the Ice King's cavern suddenly collapse, leaving him unsure if even he himself had really experienced the entire episode.[28]

World War II


Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) from Marvel Comics Vol 1 1 0001

Circa 1939

With the Nazis' rise to power, Atlantean spies reported the information back to King Thakorr who alerted Namor of a missile testing site hidden on an island in the Pacific. Going there, Namor attempted to destroy the base but was captured and placed in a dehumidifying chamber to die. Captured aviator Jenny Keaton helped free Namor who then summoned a massive Kraken[29] squid to attack the island destroying the missiles.[30] After confirming the existence of the Sub-Mariner, the Nazis then began searching for members of the Atlantean race to capture and experiment on. Namor came across such a Nazi harvesting boat in the Sargasso Sea near Bermuda. Furious at the wholesale slaughter of his people the Sub-Mariner then destroyed the boat and killed all men on board.[31]

Shortly after this, a pair of divers intruded on Namor while he explored a derelict ship, prompting Namor to slay them. Seeing that the human race was once more encroaching on their domain, Emperor Thakorr and Princess Fen sent Namor and his cousin Lady Dorma to attack the surface dwellers in an act of war. After attacking the Cape Anna Lighthouse, Namor ordered Lady Dorma to return to Atlantis and swam to New York City.[5] Namor's mission became distracted in New York Harbor when he got sucked into a sewage pipe and trashed a nearby power plant. Chased by the authorities, Namor managed to seek refuge in Central Park lake, and disguised himself in a homeless man's clothing. On Upper East Side, he attempted to get the audience of a wealthy woman, Ms. Drayson, who accidentally lit herself on fire with her own cigarette. Following the girl as she was being taken to the Dell-View Hospital, Namor captured her to use in his crusade against Americans. Clashing with the authorities along the harbor, Namor killed several police officers but lost Ms. Drayson and fled back into the ocean empty handed.[32]

Noticing that Namor was interested in a woman, the police sent officer Betty Dean to lead Namor into a trap by pretending to be in peril in the harbor. Sure enough, Namor came to her rescue and when she attempted to arrest him, Namor pulled her out to sea. There they witnessed a Nazi U-boat attacking a British cargo ship. The Sub-Mariner decided to help the British vessel and destroyed the sub. Spotting a second U-boat, Namor incapacitated it and turned its crew over to the British navy. Returning to Betty, she plead Namor to continue to help the Allies' cause.[33][34]


Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) Caped costume

Caped costume

Deciding to take up Betty's plea, still insisting not to choose sides but to destroy anyone trying to interfere with the transportation of food or medical supply, Namor returned to Atlantis. He convinced the emperor to lend the Atlantean army's might to this and leaded a fleet of Atlantean Aero-Subs to defend Allied supply planes from attack. Next he came to the aid of an American supply ship that had been captured by the Nazis as contraband in the North Sea.[35] The experience convinced Namor that he should help the human race and with Lord Thakorr's approval, Namor returned to New York City. There he was arrested for his past crimes. Allowing himself to go through the legal system, Namor had the aid of Betty Dean, who appealed to the courts on Namor's behalf. When mobster Mills Gilligan began a series of daring robberies by flooding tunnels, Namor was released to help capture him as a show of good intentions.[36] After preventing crooks from springing Gilligan, Namor was commended for a job well done, but the public still demanded justice be done for Namor's previous murder of a police officer. Namor agreeed to be incarcerated until his day in court. Unknown to him the authorities did not fully trust him and began drugging his food to prevent an escape. Despite continued appeal from Betty Dean, Namor was found guilty and sentenced to death. Unable to escape due to his drugging, Namor was put on the electric chair. Instead of killing him, the electrical jolt revitalized Namor who then broke free and escaped into the ocean vowing to renew his aggression toward the surface world.[37]

Namor vs the Human Torch Marvel Mystery Comics 9

Namor vs the Human Torch

Once more getting permission from Emperor Thakorr, Namor returned to New York City to attack it once more as the first part of his conquest of the surface world, taking the Statue of Liberty as his hideout. Demanding that the mayor of the city resign, the mayor refused and so Namor began going on a path of destruction across the city. After wrecking the Empire State Building, Namor was warned by Betty Dean that if he did not cease his hostilities, the authorities were going to send the Human Torch against him.[38] Balking at this, Namor continued his path of destruction and which ultimately led to his first clash with the Torch. Their fight took them across the city[39][40] wrecking Coney Island,[41] the Hudson Tunnel, the Brooklyn Zoo, and lastly the Brooklyn Bridge. Namor, outmatched then dove into the water vowing to get revenge.[42] Renewing his hostilities toward the Torch, Namor almost trapped the Torch underwater, but the flaming hero escaped. Namor then forced his way into a local TV station and demanded that the Human Torch cease attacking him. The Torch caught up and they continued their battle across the city, but the Sub-Mariner weakened himself by diving into a reservoir of chlorinated water when trying to revitalize his strength. Although blasted out of the water by the military, Namor managed to escape once more. Tracking the Human Torch to the Tropey Chemical plant. There the Sub-Mariner then managed to trap the hero in an air tight cylinder, ending their fight in a stalemate as Namor had to hold the cylinder down in order to keep the Human Torch contained.[43][40] However, Betty managed to convince both Namor and the Torch to stand down and part company if Namor promised to cease his hostilities.[44][40]

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 12 0001

Military uniform

Namor complied and returned to Atlantis, which soon came under attack by Americans Luther Robinson and Lynne Harris who chartered an army to attack Namor's home in retaliation for his attacks on New York City. During the course of the battle, Namor managed to capture Lynn, but Luther saved her by blowing up Namor's escape ship and pulling her out of the freezing water.[44] Eventually, the Atlantean army managed to destroy the Americans army and capture Luther and a colleague. Namor attempted to slay them, but Thakorr ordered him to stand down. Namor and Dorma then decided to teach the Americans a lesson by sinking their vessel and leaving all hands to drown except for Lynne whom they took captive as well. However, this was all a plan by Namor to encourage Luther to break out of his cell and escape with Lynne before they could be tortured by Thakorr.[45] By this time Princess Fen had decided that Lynne would make an ideal mate for her son, and ordered Namor to bring her back to Atlantis. Namor found both Luther and Lynne after they were recovered by a Nazi U-boat. Namor then captured Lynne and brought her back to Atlantis where she was forced into surgery to make her an amphibian. As the procedure was completed, Luther burst in and rescued Lynne and they both escaped Atlantis once more.[46] Giving up on Lynne for the time being, Namor was convinced by Lady Dorma to once more focus on the war. The pair journeyed to a French island where they assisted the military there fight off a German attack force.[47] Then relocating to Florida, Namor discovered a secret Nazi U-boat base and destroyed it before it could be used to launch an attack on the United States.[48]

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 13 0001

Alternate military uniform.

In September 1940 Namor returned to New York City and located another U-boat in her harbour. Stopping it from firing a torpedo at a merchant ship, Namor decided to spare the vessel. Scolded by Betty Dean, Namor then told her that he was not sure if he wanted to participate the war. Swimming up river, Namor then went to a German bar and meet with its owner a Nazi spy named Ursula who convinced Namor to join the Nazi cause. Listening to her racist triad against "lesser races" he agreed to accompany her back to the Nazi U-boat to destroy the merchant vessel that got away earlier. Namor then confirmed that the U-boat crew all shared the "master race" ideal of Hitler's Third Reich. This confirmed to Namor that the Nazis needed to be stopped and he then destroyed their vessel, leaving Ursula and the entire crew to drown. Returning to New York, Namor then told Betty about his re-commitment to fighting against the Nazis.[30]

Investigating Fifth Columnist activity in New York Harbor, Namor was initially blamed for the sinking of American ships, but proved it is the work of a Nazi U-boat hiding in the harbour and destroyed it with the help of his Atlantean army.[49] Returning to the ocean, Namor then found a gold bar with a message burned into it by the Torch. Returning to New York to find his one time foe, Betty informed him that the Torch was off on a mission stopping spies overseas. Investigating the New York harbour front, Namor then discovered a German ship and attempted to infiltrate the vessel by posing as a German sailor. The Nazis on board saw through his disguise, jumped him and then tossed him into the ocean. Returning to shore, Namor was then greeted by the Human Torch and his new partner Toro who warned him of Nazi invasions in Europe. Rushing back to Atlantis, Namor got permission from Thakorr to lead an army of Atlantean Aero-Subs on the counter-attack. After succeeding on his mission, Namor returned home only to be called back to Washington, D.C.. There the military asked Namor to assist them in destroying Nazi fleets in the Atlantic. Succeeding in his mission Namor was hailed as a hero by the United States government.[50]


Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) Circa 1941

Namor Circa 1941

Becoming enraged once more at the United States for what he viewed as continued aggression against his people, Namor then targeted US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, kidnapping him from the White House while giving a press conference with Captain America and Bucky. While being pursued by Captain America, Namor came to know Roosevelt and began to consider him the lesser of the evils on the surface. After a clash with Captain America, Namor then vowed to cease aggression toward the Untied States.[51] However this declaration, like so many others Namor would make in the future would prove to be as short lived as his temper.

Returning to New York City, the Sub-Mariner then tracked down Lynne Harris, and as per his mothers wishes forced both Lynne and Luther Robinson to return to Atlantis with him. There, Luther was forced to undergo the same surgery as Lynne to be able to breath underwater. As Lynne was being groomed to be Namor's bride, Luther was forced to work on developing new technologies. When the pair attempted to escape, Namor dragged them back to Atlantis where they agreed to stay.[52] Not liking how the war was progressing, Namor then brought Luther and Lynne with him to Nazi occupied France to assist in the resistance movement there. There they learned the Nazis were digging a tunnel to England under the Channel and destroyed it. Learning of a similar plot involving the Imperial Japanese Army digging into the United States, Namor rushed off to prevent it from happening.[53] Seeking the aid of the Human Torch to stop the Japanese invasion, Namor had to briefly fought the flaming hero. Forming an uneasy alliance, the pair then located the Japanese tunnel along the Bering Straight and destroyed it.[54] Following the destruction of the Japanese tunnel, Namor recovered Luther and Lynne from France, destroying a Nazi base in the process. Returning to Atlantis, Namor then refused a request from Luther and Lynne to be allowed to visit the United States. This prompted Luther to send out a distress signal for rescue. The signal reached Betty Dean who gathered her Legion of Loyalists to attack Atlantis and rescue the pair.[55] Going after Betty, Luther and Lynne in his mechanical "Trojan Albatross", Namor caught up to the trio was they were being attacked by Nazi forces. Saving them from the Nazis, Namor then decided to focus his attentions on the Nazis once more allowing Luther and the others to assist him in building more Aero-Subs and launching attacks on Nazi U-boats in the area. After the missions success, Namor allowed his prisoners to leave.[56]

In the spring of that year, Namor returned to New York at the insistence of Betty Dean and the private eye known as the Ferret. Working with the Human Torch and Toro the Sub-Mariner began investigating the disappearance of scientist Professor Philo Zog and his robot Electro. With the added assistance of the Angel, they learned that Zog was being forced by Doctor Manyac to use his robotics technology to build an army of robotic Green Flames for the Nazis, including a massive robot as part of Operation: Blockbuster. The combined heroes freed Zog and his creation while destroying Manyac's army of Green Flames and foiling the Nazis plot.[57] Namor's constant interference in Nazi activities prompted Adolf Hitler to demand an attack on Atlantis. U-boats attacked the empire, seriously injuring Thakorr in the process.[58] Fen then petitioned the people of Atlantis to accept Namor as their emperor until Thakor recovered. Despite protests from Byrrah, the people unanimously accepted. Learning that Meranno provided information to the Nazis, Namor's first act as emperor was to see him exiled.[59][60] Namor, in his new position as ruler of Atlantis then led a counter attack destroying the Nazi fleet. Soon after this attack the people of Atlantis all began succumbing to a sudden epidemic. When Atlantean doctors determined that Radium was the only known cure, Namor swam to New York to procure some. There he learned from Betty Dean that a recent supply was stolen by Nazi spies. Namor then tracked them down and took the Radium, taking it back to his people and curing them of the mystery illness.[58] Returning the remaining Radium to New York, Namor was then asked by Betty Dean to face ruthless boxer Killer Casey in the ring after he ruthlessly beat her neighbour Danny Dougherty in the ring. Fighting Casey at Madison Square Garden, Namor easily bested him despite interference from Casey's manager. Namor then gave the reward money to the Dougherty family.[61]

Following his recent experiences Namor then became more helpful to the surface dwellers that he had grown to despise, such as when an ice storm prevented doctors from shipping a supply of flu vaccinations to Alaska, Namor assisted in making the delivery.[62] Taking a trip to Lake Ontario, Namor next stopped a group of escaped Nazi prisoners of war from smuggling themselves into the United States from Canada, then he began investigating mine accidents in Pennsylvania, convincing the bitter workers union to go back on the job.[63] While travelling along the Virginia coast, Namor next uncovered a Nazi operation constructing boats within the United States.[64] Reuniting with the Angel, Namor visited Bermuda, where the pair stopped an army of Nazombies a group of Nazi soldiers posing as Zombies to frighten the locals in supporting them.[65] Returning to New York, Namor assisted Betty Dean in investigating a series of plane crashes exposing a Nazi operation that utilized a giant magnet to cause said crashes.[66] Called to England by British Intelligence, Namor investigated claims that Nazi planes were being hidden in Ireland. What Namor found was something more fantastic: a hidden undersea society calling themselves the Druids of Black Moors who the Nazis had convinced into helping their cause. However the Druids soon found that their Nazi allies were taxing their society and resources, so they joined Namor in throwing them out. With the Druids seeking to relocate the kingdom, Namor agreed to keep its location a secret.[67] Next going into the Atlantic to investigate an apparent Nazi "ghost fleet" that had been sinking Allied ships, Namor discovered that the ships were actually projected on canvas rigged on U-boats and destroyed the fleet before they could sink any more ships.[68]

Becoming sick of the constant war on the surface when a clash between Allied and Axis forces led to damage done to Atlantis, Namor called a meeting with all other undersea races. He was convinced by a woman named Rathia to wage war against the surface world. Having delusions of conquest, Namor then launched a global attack and caused massive flooding in Russia, Germany and the United States. This led to a clash with the Human Torch once more. One account states that the Human Torch convinced Namor to cease his hostilities and removed Rathia from command.[69] However, this account would prove false, as other sources indicate that the battle ended after Namor had flooded New York City. As local American heroes helped save the innocent civilians imperilled by the flood, the Sub-Mariner was defeated by the combined efforts of Captain America and the Human Torch. Namor was subsequently turned over to the military authorities.[70] Taken to Washington D.C., Namor refused to talk and was incarcerated for months[71] until Captain America, Bucky and the Angel managed to capture a rogue Atlantean soldier under the command of Atlantean exile Meranno, who was now working for the Nazis and calling himself the U-Man. Furious at this, Namor learned of their alliance with Axis forces and joint invasions on the United States planned for later that year. Agreeing to cooperate in stopping these invasions, Namor was then released by the American authorities.[72]

Over the months before the planned invasion, Namor continued to hunt for Axis forces in the Untied States. He smashed a Nazi operation in Utah, using the opportunity to build a Battle Buggy,[73] he also prevented the mad Professor Dorn from creating a race of "Sub-Mariners".[74] Returning to Atlantis after his long absence Namor was arrested and locked up. Freed by Lady Dorma, Namor learned that in his absence the throne was taken by his uncle Daka who then formed an alliance with the Nazis and the Seal People. With the assistance of rebels loyal to him, Namor ousted Daka and foiled his plans, retaking his throne.[75] Called to Florida by Betty, Lynne and Luther, Namor investigates sightings of tiny people in the area. Namor discovered that the Nazis had made an alliance with the Lavorites tiny aliens claiming to be from Venus and their human size ruler Queen Jarna. Namor then fought the Nazis and forced Jarna to order her minions back to their home planet.[76] However, Namor soon found that Jarna had not left with her people and forced her to reveal a hidden Nazi U-boat base and destroy it.[77] Namor then came to the aid of an island hospital that was haunted by the so-called Gleaming Ghost, exposing him to be a doctor trying to purchase the hospital cheaply by scaring away all the patients. Namor then returned to the United States to watch the execution of a criminal named Dacio whom he helped to capture. However, Dacio's brain was implanted in a new and massive artificial body created by Dr. Corbin and terrorized the area as the "Horror that Walked", Namor clashed with Dacio, destroying his new horrific form.[78]

Yachting in Hawaii, Namor uncovered a Nazi plot orchestrated by Anthony Coswell who used his sugar plant to create bombs to destroy British vessels.[79] Later, Namor came to the aid of salvager Lance Johnson, protecting him and his daughter Cecilia from his mutinous crew led by a man named Daglio.[80] By this time Betty Dean had taken up a job as a reporter and when the Navy began transporting a rare supply of Radium-X from Africa for study, she asked Namor to accompany her. The vessel was attacked by Nazis. While Namor was busy destroying a Nazi U-boat, Nazi agent the Teutonic Knight boarded the ship and stole the supply of Radium-X. Unable to do anything due to Betty's life being at risk, Namor held back and when he attempted to capture their escaping plane, was doused in a smoke that dried up his skin forcing him to fall back.[81] Later, Namor investigated sightings of Nazi U-boats along Montuak Point off Long Island. There he exposed a hidden U-boat base hidden on the island home of psychologist Felix Sak, slaying the Nazi spy and assisting the American Navy in destroying the island.[82]

On December 7, 1941 the Sub-Mariner joined Captain America and Bucky in fending off an invasion of the Eastern United States by rogue Atlantean soldiers under the command of U-Man while the Human Torch and Toro attempted to stop an Imperial Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Namor, Captain America and Bucky were able to covertly stop the invasion but U-Man managed to get away. Following the much publicized attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States officially entered World War II.[72]
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Namor and the Invaders

With British Prime Minister Winston Churchill coming to the United States to address Congress, the Sub-Mariner was asked to defend Churchill's ship from any attacks. As the ship reached American shores it was attacked by Nazi agent Master Man who had been empowered by a variant on the Super-Soldier Serum that created Captain America. Aided by Captain America, Bucky, the Human Torch and Toro, the Sub-Mariner protected Churchill and they were able to defeat Master Man when the formula that gave him his powers wore off leading to the villains easy defeat. Impressed by the assembled heroes work together, Churchill suggested that they band together as a team under the name the Invaders.[83] Learning that Master Man's empowerment was done with the assistance of a Nazi agent known only as Brain Drain, Namor and the Invaders relocated to England. After assisting in fighting off a Nazi air raid, they recovered a strange woman named Hilda who was in possession of an even stranger ring, who had vague memories of where to find Brian Drain in Germany. Following her lead, Namor and the others clashed with three super-powered men named Donar, Froh and Loga who believed themselves to be the Teutonic Gods of German mythology.[84] While Namor and the others battled them, Captain America and Hilda learned that they were actually members of an alien race known as the Axi-Tun who were being manipulated by Brain Drain. The aliens then sacrificed their lives to destroy Brain Drain's base and prevent his use of their technology for the Nazi's gains. Namor and the others fled as Brain Drain's base exploded in a massive nuclear blast.[85]


At the beginning of 1942, Namor and the Invaders returned to the United States. Along the way they intercepted a Nazi U-boat and took a coded message. Returning it to military intelligence, they learned of another attack planned on Winston Churchill, this time sending U-Man on the mission. Furious at the betrayers siding with Axis forces, Namor rushed off to face Meranno alone. Opposed by the Invaders who tried to convince Namor to attack U-Man as a team, Namor left anyway. He got assistance in escaping by Captain America's sidekick Bucky who was sympathetic to Namor's situation.[86] With Betty Dean on board covering the story for her newspaper, Namor was only able to stop U-Man when the other Invaders came to help him. Although he saved Churchill and Betty from destruction, Namor failed to capture U-Man.[59] When the Human Torch and Toro went missing on a mission in the Swiss Alps, the Sub-Mariner joined Captain America and Bucky in investigating their disappearance. They were soon captured by mad scientist Basil Frankenstein (descendant of Victor Frankenstein the creator of the Frankenstein's Monster) who sought to utilize the heroes super-human abilities to create an army of monsters for the Nazis. Namor and his companions broke free and fought back leading to the death of Frankenstein and the monster he created for the Nazis.[87]

Returning to the United States, Namor endured participation in a war bond parade. However, the festivities were interrupted by the Red Skull who took the Sub-Mariner, Human Torch, Toro and Captain America prisoner, leaving only Bucky free due to the fact that the Skull contemptuously deemed the powerless youth to be not a threat. Using brainwashing techniques, the Skull then made Namor and his allies into loyal slaves and sent them to attack an American munitions plant.[88] In response, Bucky formed a group of American superheroes into a new team called the Liberty Legion[89] to counter his brainwashed friends. Furious of this new team's formation, the Red Skull then sent each of the brainwashed Invaders to destroy various American monuments. Namor was sent to destroy the Statue of Liberty, but he was opposed by Jack Frost and Blue Diamond and forced to retreat.[90] The Red Skull then sent the enslaved Invaders to attack Yankee Stadium where they were once more opposed by the Liberty Legion. During the fight, Toro was freed from the mind control and was able to destroy the Red Skull's ship carrying the mind control equipment. With the ships destruction Namor and the other heroes were freed from the Red Skull's control.[91]

Returning with the Invaders to England, the Sub-Mariner assisted in fighting off another Nazi air raid in London. Later he and his teammates were called to the Falsworth estate, and were attacked by Vampire Nazi Baron Blood. Arriving at the mansion, Namor met the Falsworths: Jacqueline, Lord Montgomery (formally the World War I hero Union Jack) and John (whom unknown to them was secretly Baron Blood).[92] With Union Jack coming out of retirement to assist them, Namor and the other Invaders searched for Baron Blood, and after another clash once more failed to stop him.[93] Eventually Namor and the others trapped Baron Blood (who had captured and fed on Jacqueline) in a cave and impaled him on a stalagmite, killing him.[94] With Jacqueline and Union Jack requiring immediate medical attention, Namor join the other Invaders in taking them to a war hospital.[95] At the hospital, the Sub-Mariner assisted his fellow Invaders in battling Blue Bullet while the Human Torch gave Jacqueline a life saving blood transfusion that endowed her with super-speed. She would join the group as Spitfire.[96] The group next travelled to the ghettos of Warsaw to rescue Jewish scholar Jacob Goldstein; however he refused to abandon his research into Jewish folklore. Namor and the others were soon captured by Nazi forces.[97] Prisoners of the Face, Namor and the others were rescued by Jacob who used his knowledge to transform himself into the human embodiment of the Golem.[98] Returning to England, Namor and the others found that a group of British super-heroes called the Crusaders had formed in their absence. The group ended up overshadowing the Invaders and taking their place as security for the King of England during a ship christening ceremony.[99] However, the Invaders soon learned that the Crusaders were formed by a Nazi spy who was attempting to assassinate the King, and the two groups worked together to stop the attempt.[100]

When the Invaders were given a new headquarters within Big Ben, its three senior members were given a mission to capture three Nazi operatives: Agent Axis, the Hyena, and the Shark. Namor went after the Shark, and was easily knocked out. As a trophy for his defeat of Namor, the Shark stole Namor's swim trunks and replaced them with a pair fashioned after ones featured in Sub-Mariner comics published by Timely Comics. Before the Shark could eliminate the Sub-Mariner, the hero was then teleported to Nazi occupied France along with Captain America and the Human Torch.[101] They were used as pawns in a challenge between the cosmic powered Grandmaster and time travelling warlord Kang the Conquerer. They were pitted against members of the hero group from the future known as the Avengers: Yellowjacket, Black Panther and the Vision. The Avengers easily defeated the Invaders in battle.[102] As the Avengers explained the situation, they were returned to their own time, and the Sub-Mariner and the other Invaders were transported by the Grandmaster to the location of their three foes. There Namor recovered his trunks and helped Cap and the Torch capture the three Nazi operatives. The memories of his battle with the future Avengers soon faded from his memory.[101]

With reports of the Red Skull and Baron Strucker along the German countryside, Namor accompanied Captain America and Bucky to investigate their claims. There, Namor was horrified to find that members of the Thule Society, under the Red Skull's orders, sacrificed some of Namor's people to summon some sort of mystical artefact. Seeking to avenge his murdered people, Namor accompanied Captain America and Bucky to Antarctica where they fought a massive creature summoned by the mystical ceremony. While the heroes were busy, the Red Skull had the society conceal what they had summoned: The Hammer of Skadi and left the scene. Killing the creature, the heroes departed unaware of what the Skull's plan. The Hammer would come to plague Namors allies decades later.[103] Namor then took a brief time apart from the Invaders. In Alaska he stopped illegal fur trader the Fox,[104] exposes modern day pirate Falkon and helping Betty's sister Baby break free from the crook,[105] and stopped the insane millionaire Stefan Natas.[106] Returning to Atlantis, he was encouraged by his mother to assist the Free French rebellion in freeing Nazi occupied France. Gathering an army of Atlantean troops, Namor assisted the resistance in consolidating weapons and becoming a more organized movement. Sending them to fight their Nazi occupiers, Namor left them to finish what he started.[107] Namor then developed a new submarine the SM-1 and used it to battle Japanese forces off the Australian coast, claiming a victory for the Allied forces even though his sub was destroyed. Namor then came to the aid of American spy Gi-Gi Devin and helped her escaped Manila Bay to bring an important message to American General MacArthur.[108] Soon after, Betty's brothers went missing following the Allies defeat at Wake Island. Going there to investigate, Namor found that they, and other soldiers, were imprisoned in a secret base hidden below the islands ruins. Namor helped free the Dean brothers from Colonel Yama. Namor then led an army of Atlantean forces to assist the American navy in driving the Japanese out of Guam.[109]

Returning to the Invaders in England, Namor joined them in investigating the kidnapping of Private Biljo White—creator of the "Major Victory" comic book, whose title hero has an origin similar to Captain America—by Nazi forces. Tracking the private to Hitler's stronghold in Germany, Namor and the others were defeated in combat by a revitalized Master Man. Attempting to escape, the group was trounced by the combined might of Master Man and the newly empowered Warrior Woman.[110] With Captain America believed dead, Hitler ordered the reset of the Invaders to be taken to Berlin where they would be executed following the marriage of Master Man and Warrior Woman.[111] When Captain America, the Destroyer, Dyna-Mite and Spitfire attempted to rescue the captured heroes, Cap and Spitfire were captured leaving the Destroyer (taking on his fathers identity of Union Jack) to come to their rescue.[112] The group were freed, and Namor assisted in the battle against Master Man and Warrior Woman,[113] the group then managed to escape in a Nazi bomber but were forced to splash dive in the Channel.[114] With Toro seriously wounded in the battle, Namor joined the Invaders back to England, along the way the Torch told Namor and the others Toro's origins.[115]

With Toro sent to the United States for medical treatment, the Sub-Mariner joined in the Invaders in attempting to stop the Nazis from pushing into Egypt. There, he and the Human Torch assisted Professor Abdul Faoul in recovering a ruby idol from one of the pyramids. This was a trick to empower Faoul, who as the Scarlet Scarab easily defeated the two heroes and joined forces with the Nazis to drive the British out of Egypt.[116] Regrouping with his fellow Invaders, Namor helped push the Nazis back with the aid of the Scarlet Scarab who realized the Nazis were only interested in occupying Egypt.[117] After a brief return to England, Namor followed Captain America and the Torch to California to check on Toro's progress.[118] Learning that Bucky and Toro were captured by Agent Axis while trying to obtain the medical aid of Dr. Hijiri Sabuki the heroes tracked Agent Axis to his lair.[119] There with the aid of Bucky, Toro, and the newly empowered Golden Girl and Human Top, they captured Agent Axis. The youthful heroes banded together as the Kid Commandos and the Sub-Mariner—posing as Agent Axis—had the team capture him in order to prove that the Japanese born Golden Girl was not a threat to national security.[120]

Returning to the England with the Invaders, the Sub-Mariner assisted the group in a clash with the Teutonic Knight and his Flying Arsenal.[81] After destroying the Knight's ship, they next stopped yet another attempt to assassinate Winston Churchill, this time carried out by Baron Strucker.[121] Namor then accompanied the Invaders in delivering tanks to Joseph Stalin for use on the Russian front. Along the way they were attacked by the Asgardian thunder god Thor who was pulled forward in time by Hitler and a time travelling Dr. Doom to assassinate the Russian leader.[122] Namor and the Invaders helped stop Thor from assassinating Stalin and convincing him that he was being fooled by the Nazis. With the battle over, Thor returned to his own time.[123] Back in England, Namor and the Invaders exposed Master Man during a period he was masquerading as the Destroyer.[124] Returning to the United States with Captain America and the Human Torch, Namor later assisted the Liberty Legion in saving Professor Schneider from armored Nazi operative Iron Cross.[125] After saving the Liberty Legion from a sinking submarine,[126] Sub-Mariner disabled Iron Cross's armor sending him crashing into the ocean.[127]

Taking a break from the Invaders, Namor then prevented an attack on Washington D.C. by Commander von Grubb a former Nazi and his massive Octo-Sub.[128] When the Nazis attempted to break the Python out of prison, Namor then teamed up with the Human Torch and Toro to stop him. They failed to prevent the break out, and later when the Python managed to transform the Human Torch into a massive fire creature under his control, Namor and Toro then sought the aid of the Torch's creator Phineas Horton to restore the Torch to normal. After fighting back a Nazi invasion of New York, the heroes restored the Human Torch back to normal and the Sub-Mariner choked the Python to death, ending his threat forever.[129] Rejoining the Invaders, Namor assisted the group in stopping a Nazi sabotage attempt before being dispatched to San Diego to investigate spy activity there.[130] There they found U-Man attacking the Kid Commandos in order to capture Golden Girl for his employer, a Japanese spy named Lady Lotus. Battling U-Man, Namor and the others were unable to prevent him from escaping with Golden Girl. However the Invaders and Kid Commandos worked together and helped rescue Golden Girl, although U-Man and Lady Lotus managed to escape.[131] Soon, Namor assisted his fellow Invaders in defending Idelwilde Airfield by the recently resurrected Baron Blood, another agent of Lady Lotus.[132] Namor also assisted the Invaders in battling Lady Lotus' team Super-Axis, which consisted of U-Man, Master Man, Warrior Woman, herself and Baron Blood.[133]

On June 19, 1942 Namor joined the Invaders to protect a meeting between President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill, clashing with a pair of Nazi agents who used a size changing pill to grow in height.[134] On June 22, Namor and his fellow Invaders clashed with members of Battle-Axis a team of failed American super-heroes who joined the Nazi cause.[135] Tracking the group to California, the Invaders tried to stop them from capturing Dr. John Gold (creator of the Blue Bullet armor). Searching for Gold at his home, Namor and the Human Torch battled with Dr. Death and the Golem. Both heroes were knocked out and the Torch was taken prisoner. Left to die in the burning house, Namor was rescued by the Blazing Skull who joined the Invaders on their mission.[136] Tracking down Battle-Axis' headquarters, the Invaders attempted to stop them from using a device to cause a massive earthquake to decimate the west coast. Their initial strike was thwarted when they were all knocked out by the Vision.[137] Eventually breaking free, the Invaders took down Battle-Axis, and helped the Vision return to his home dimension.[138] Namor next joined a group of heroes in Europe to attack a Nazi stronghold in Germany.[40] Then rejoining the Invaders, he helped defend the Brooklyn shipyards, mistaking the arrival of the briefly time displaced Thor Corps as Nazi attackers.[139][140]

After helping defend an British shipyard from Nazi attack, Namor was disturbed to find an Atlantean ship used to escape after it captured the Human Torch. Finding his home invaded by the Nazis, Namor brought Captain America with him and learned that the Nazis were there willingly, invited by his mother Fen who was offered protection from American attacks. Before Namor could dispute this, the Torch—secretly reprogrammed and having his powers boosted by the Nazis—attacked Atlantis and was "driven off" by the Nazis.[141] Taken to his mother, Namor bowed to her wishes until Captain America broke free and revealed that Fen secretly was ashamed of her son and that the Nazis were using Atlantis as a location to conduct horrific experiments and manipulate the Torch. The Torch soon broke free and attacked the Nazis, proving to Fen that they had lied to her. The battle was soon ended but before they could destroy the Nazi made Human Torch duplicates called the Firebrand Squadron the androids were unleashed on American ships approaching Atlantis.[142] Namor assisted Captain America and the Human Torch in luring the Firebrand Squadron into a single ship which the military then blasted in the water and was blown up by the Torch. With the destruction of the Firebrand Squad, Namor returned to his home to find the Nazis had been rounded up and captured by the Atlantean army. Before Fen could have them executed, Namor stood up to his mother and ordered his people to turn the Germans over to the American military as prisoners of war.[143]

In October 1942 Namor assisted the Invaders in the extraction of boy genius Zhang Chin from Shanghai, China. When the boy expressed his interest in Atlantean technology and the Human Torch's android physiology, Namor warned Zhang of the irresponsibility of unrestricted scientific exploration.[144] On his own again, Namor returned to Canada where he exposed sawmill owner Slug Gundy of hoarding TNT to sell to the Nazis. In the pacific, he foiled a Japanese plot by Captain Nitsu and Admiral Nippo to force Americans to waste ammunition by placing phony submarine para-scopes in the ocean.[145] Travelling over to the Atlantic ocean, Namor was captured by a gold hoarding hermit but helped him defend his island from Nazis seeking to claim the bountiful gold supply.[146] In Africa, Namor helped American forces battle Nazi forces led by Von Ratter and Von Rommel,[147] on the Atlantic coast he exposed a Nazi plot to smuggle explosives and documents in shark corpses,[148] exposed Japanese spy Gojo in Los Angeles and foiled a Pacific invasion of California.[149] He later accompanied Betty Dean to the will reading of the recently deceased prankster Reuben Hartnett, exposing his lawyer Mr. Smythe of hoaxing a haunting to get the inheritance all to himself.[150] In New York, Namor exposed the Von Goach Company as a Nazi front purposely loading cargo ships for maximum shifting in order to sink the vessels,[151] stopped a mad scientist and his army of pirate zombies, captured the murdering Rindingo Jones,[152] and stopped a Japanese plot to invade India with the aid of a local boy named Mabu and his super-strong elephants.[153] Later, Betty Dean got Namor's assistance to investigate sightings of giant sea creatures, ultimately destroying their creator a Nazi scientist named Professor Holz.[154]

Returning to Atlantis, Namor was approach by Nazi Commander Kornstalk to ally himself with the Nazis. Refusing, Namor soon had his kingdom flooded with copper particles that threaten to poison all of his people. Namor agreed to work for the Nazis in order to save Atlantis, however Princess Fen lead a revolt leading to the destruction of the device creating the copper in the water, and Fen personally slew Kornstalk before he could eliminate Namor.[155] Namor was later taken aback when Betty Dean had apparently joined up with illegal whale poacher Captain Cutter but soon realized that she was working under cover and helped bring Cutter and his men to justice.[156] Returning to the Pacific, Namor located a Japanese camp that has been stealing American supplies and forcing American troops to starve in a concentration camps, and wrecked their plan saving the soldiers.[157] Later, Namor began investigating the sinking of American convoys by posing as a Nazi sailor aboard a U-boat. However when the U-boat was attacked by the Human Torch and Toro, the two heroes believed that Namor had turned traitor and apprehend him. Namor was later freed from Castle Deptford by British traitor the Duke of Deptford. Fleeing to the United States, Namor used his status as a "traitor" to learn that the Nazis were learning the convoy routes thanks to televised performances by Russian ballet stars the Baron and Baroness Kidersky who were using interpretive dance on television to transmit their messages. With the aid of the Human Torch and Toro, Namor brought the Kidersky's to justice, clearing his name.[158] Returning to New York, Namor stopped Von Goober's plot to stage an air raid on Coney Island,[159] then enlisted in the marines in order to root out Nazi agent the Knife and exposed Dr. Suki's plot to use a serum to turn American soldiers into his mindless slaves.[160]

In November 1942 Namor joined the Invaders in attacking the Russian village of Kalach where the Red Skull and Master Man were hiding out to test out a new death ray weapon. While the Skull and Master Man fled the scene, they set the weapon to explode and set the town on fire. Namor and the other Invaders were forced to save the citizens of the town from being killed in the inferno allowing their foes to escape.[161]


In 1943, Namor joined the Invaders in leading Allied troops through Nazi occupied France, clashing with the Red Skull and Master Man.[162] By this time, Namor had began a relationship with a woman named Siobhan who lived in a castle along the Irish Coast. Their relationship was strained due to Namor's frequent absences. One night Namor came to her with a present: a genetically engineered Heefa fish, one of the most sacred and valuable possessions in Atlantis. However, Namor learned too late that Siobhan had found a new lover, Baron Blood. Namor attempted to fight Blood, but when Siobhan insisted that she and Baron Blood were true lovers—showing Namor that she has allowed the vampire to feed upon her—Namor left, vowing to get revenge on both of them for hurting him so deeply.[163]

Returning to the United States, Namor stopped Herr Brunder from assassinating USO performers,[164] defended Atlantis from Nazi robots piloted by Admiral von Roeder and Oskar Kessler,[165] then helped American intelligence to send a communique to Free French resistance fighters,[166] prevented Nazi spy Bull Neck from compromising the naval security on New York harbour,[167] and destroyed the undersea base of Nazi Captain Sturm.[168] Also during this period Namor exposed a fleet of Japanese ships disguised as icebergs, foiled a Nazi plot to frame the IRA for acts of sabotage,[169] joined Betty Dean in exposing a Nazi operation hidden on a showboat,[170] and travelled to the Cretean islands and helped the British gorillas stationed there in stopping Colonel Brusch from attacking Turkey with stolen British fighter planes.[171] Returning to the United States, Namor stopped Nazi spy Dr. Grant from blowing up Niagara Falls,[172] stopped the Cult of the River God from flooding Ohio, and took down Heinrich Himmler's top spy Von Schmeer.[173] In Greenland, Namor exposed Von Kropp's bogus weather reports,[174] a Nazi plot to smuggling U-boats hiding in sailing ships,[175] stopped Professor Jerg's planting of incendiary devices on supply ships leaving a South American port,[176] and prevented German operative the Bloody Baron from stealing the crown jewels of England.[177]

Later, Nazi agent Marshall Kronin attempted to get to Namor by kidnapping Betty Dean to force him to do the Nazis bidding, however Namor managed to rescue Betty before harm could come to her.[178] Back in the United States, Namor exposes a frame job by Nazi spy Karl Gluten,[179] Herr Radders plan to paint Allied ships with phosphorescent paint,[180] exposed Japanese commander Yoko's plot to destroy American ships with his disguised submarine, and caught Japanese prisoner of war Dr. Suki from assisting in bombing along the California coast.[181] Back out on the Atlantic he stopped Captain von Lotz's attempt to knock out Allied radios,[182] prevented Japanese agent Saber Tooth from freeing prisoners of war from a camp in Death Valley,[183] and stopped Baron Togi's attempt to lure American ships into a trap on Papau Harbor using decoy ships.[184] Later, Namor then destroyed the sea monsters created by Japanese scientist Nichi.[185] While attacking Japanese ships in the Pacific, Namor was captured and brought to Tokyo as a personal prisoner of Hideki Tojo. Namor breaks free and delivers the Japanese general a humiliating defeat.[186] He later stops Nazi spy the Cobra from assassinating President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and Joseph Stalin during a joint mission at sea.[187][188] Back in the States Namor exposes champion swimmer Carl Wildmer as a traitor to the Japanese, then stopped another attempt by the Japanese to use a sea monster to attack American ships, and then rescued Betty Dean while she is on a humanitarian mission in China.[189][190] Back in the pacific, he destroys super-sub commanded by Admiral Footsu[191] and exposed Captain Krashyu's attempt to invade Australia through an underground tunnel dug from Australia.[192]

Reuniting with the Invaders, Namor travelled into Monte Cassino to investigate the Nazi's Operation Time: Ghost. Attacked by Nazi forces Namor, along with Captain America, Bucky, the Human Torch, Toro and Private Paul Anselm were transported to the future by the Cosmic Cube. Appearing in modern day New York while the Thunderbolts were attempting to apprehend Spider-Man for violating the Superhuman Registration Act, the Invaders believed the Thunderbolts to be Nazi agents and trounced them. They then fled the scene to make sense of their situation.[193] Realizing that they were transported to the future, Namor and the others were confronted by Iron Man and his Mighty Avengers who came to contain them before they could learn too much about the future and alter history. Resisting capture, the Invaders were all overpowered except Namor who then fled to find allies who could help him. Seeking out Atlantis, he found his home in ruins but managed to track his people to the ruins of the Titanic. There Namor met his future self and asked for his assistance in freeing his friends. His future self remembering this encounter ordered his past self to stand down.[194] The younger Namor could not understand his future self reluctance and attempted to fight, but was easily beaten by his older self.[195] With no allies, Namor then travelled to Washington D.C. to rescue his friends captive aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier. He arrived just as a battle raged between the Invaders, the New Avengers and the Might Avengers. When Dr. Strange attempted to pull the heroes out of the battle, Namor and Captain America were captured by Iron Man's forces.[196] Namor and Cap were then contained in a Virtual Reality simulation of World War II in order to try and erase their memories of their experience before being returned back to their own time. However, the Helicarrier was compromised by the robot Ultron who then turned off all the safety interfaces leaving them at risk of dying.[197] As the future Captain America tried to free the others, the 1940s Captain America attacked, thinking his future self to be a robot duplicate.[198] However, the truth was revealed and the Sub-Mariner was revived before he could come to harm.[199] Before Dr. Strange could use the Cosmic Cube to return the heroes to their own time, Paul Anselm grabbed it and used it to go into the past to save his fellow soldiers who died in battle. This caused a time wave to sweep the future and erase it from existence. Before it come complete, Dr. Strange sent Namor, Captain America, Bucky, the Human Torch, Toro, Iron Man, Wasp, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and Wolverine into the past to correct history.[200]

Returning to 1943, Namor and the others discovered that the Cosmic Cube was now in the possession of the Red Skull who used it to take over the world. Fleeing from Nazi occupied New York, the heroes attempted to travel to Europe aboard an Atlantean sub, however they found that the Skull erected a massive "Aryan Wall" around the continent.[201] Backtracking to Wakanda, the heroes with the aid of Black Panther, Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos smuggled themselves into Europe via a drill tank.[202] Reunited with Union Jack and Spitfire they made their way toward Germany only for the Skull to summon U-Man, Baron Blood, Master Man, Warrior Woman, Thor, and Iron Cross to oppose them.[203] The heroes easily beat their foes, but after the Red Skull attacked felling them with the Cosmic Cube. Eventually, the Cube ended up in the hands of Paul Anselm who used the Cube to set everything right. Namor and everyone else was restored to normal and their memories of the events were erased.[204]


Back in his own time, the Sub-Mariner continued his solo adventures. He first came to the aid of the Allied Forces, helping an American convoy make it through Nazi invested waters,[205] then investigated an undersea earthquake revealing a secret tunnel from Singapore to Australia created by the Japanese.[206] In the United States he was asked by Betty Dean to investigate strange tornadoes that seem to have a mind of their own, discovering a weapon created by Japanese agent Yellow Fang and destroys it.[207] When Betty wrote a story exposing a Nazi plot to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge, Namor came to her rescue, freeing her from a Nazi U-boat hiding in San Francisco Bay.[208]

Traveling to the West Indies, Namor then prevented a Nazi agent known as the Zombie Master from sending his Zombies to eliminate President Roosevelt during a state visit. Returning to the States, Namor discovered Nazis led by Baron Schluss operating out of an aquarium, and defends New York Harbor from a U-boat attack.[209] Rejoining the Invaders, Namor helped defend Bunbrook Bomber Station in England from an attack from a Nazi Sleeper Robot. During the fight, Namor and the others were knocked out and secretly saved by Walter Destine in his monster form.[210] Back into the seas, Namor prevented Nazi operative Black Snake and his Japanese allies from brainwashing American soldiers.[211] He then traveled with the Invaders to Wakanda to investigate rumors that the Nazis were attempting to obtain Vibranium, clashing with Master Man and Warrior Woman.[212][213] Back in the states, Namor assisted Betty Dean in exposing a group of gasoline racketeers.[206][214]

Back with the Invaders, Namor assists in capturing the Nazi battleship the Deutchland and turn it over to the British authorities. Later while swimming the oceans, he spots a Nazi U-boat and attacks it just as it receives a secret communique. Before he can question the captain about it, he kills himself with a poison. Namor finds a insignia ring for the newly form organization known as Hydra. Namor is later called in along with the Human Torch and Captain America to Washington for a meeting with the FBI. They are told by their ally the Whizzer that Baron Strucker and his Hydra organization have begun an attempt to build an atomic weapon, attempting to beat the United States effort in the creation of a similar weapon. Namor, feeling that no force on Earth should have such power agrees to take the mission to stop Strucker.[215] After foiling a Hydra plot to steal weapons casings in Texas, they realize it is a ruse to throw them off the case. Setting up a trap along the known Plutonium shipment to the Manhattan Project, Namor and the others attempted to stop Hydra agents from kidnapping their decoy, the Whizzer, but fail.[216] When the Whizzer signals the location of Hydra's sub—the Dragon of Death—Namor and the others attack the vessel causing it serious damage and forcing Strucker to set it to sink. When Captain America rushed off to capture Strucker, Namor pulled him to safety when was at risk of drowning just as the Hydra vessel exploded.[217] Later, Namor assisted the Invaders in the invasion of Normandy.[4]

When Namor returned to Atlantis, he found it bombed by the Nazis and found that a group of them had set up a secret base at the "Little America" Antarctic research station and foiled their plot to store a cache of weapons there. Returning to the States, Namor helped Betty Dean expose the Star Newspaper as a front for Nazi sabotage operations.[218] Later, Namor stumbles upon the Zipper who was kidnapping sailors and forcing them to help him smuggle oil to his Japanese allies and put an end to his operation.[219] Namor was then asked to act as security for General David Johnson and actress Ruth LaRue as they flew from Hawaii to Australia. Attacked by Japanese forces seeking to get Johnson's plans for the "Battle of the Pacific", they were forced to crash land on the island of Maku. There, Namor convinced the locals he was a water-god and had them assist in fighting off the Japanese and escaping to safety.[220] Namor once more came to the rescue of Betty Dean, saving her from Baron von Wetzel. He next traveled to St. Lazzarre Island in the West Indies and exposed Doctor Luville as a Nazi operative using a rapid aging formula to kill his victims. Later, while in Florida, Namor clashed with would-be sea ruler Ogar of the Ocean,[221] then stopped the Master of Death and his Nazi cohorts from eliminated Professor Ensen.[222]

Rejoining the Invaders, Namor assisted in fighting Japanese forces on the South Pacific. He became a target for the arriving Red Skull and Warrior Woman who had hoped to capture Namor in order to learn the location of Atlantis. Instead, they captured Captain America by mistake. Namor then led the Invaders in tracking down the Red Skull's hideout and freeing Cap, sending the Skull and Warrior Woman fleeing.[223] The Sub-Mariner then accompanied the Invaders in Operation Dragoon to liberate France from Nazi oppression.[224] Returning to the United States, Namor then investigated a series of strange spontaneous combustions of military and defense personnel and uncovered a Nazi plot where a female agent gifted love-sick soldiers with sweaters coated with white metal sodium, which would burst into flames when wet.[225]

Later that year Namor became the subject of interest of Mister Sinister who at the time was working with the Nazis. During a clash with Nazi U-boat he was stabbed in the back with a Nazi flag by Master Man, piercing his skin and allowing Sinister to take a sample of his blood. With this sample, Sinister created a Namor clone he called N2 at one of his concentration camps. Later when Namor joined Captain America and the Torch in storming the camp they were attacked by N2. While Namor and the Torch failed to stop N2, Captain America was able to slay the creature, however Sinister fled the camp before they could learn who created the monster.[226]

On Christmas Eve that year, while the Invaders had returned to England to spend the holidays, Namor declined an offer to attend a Christmas dance to attend a party being thrown by Falsworth's party to enjoy the cooking and enjoy making the Torch squirm whenever he is around Jacqueline Falsworth.[227]


In January 1945, Namor joined the Invaders in attacking Nazi forces in the Netherlands.[228] Where they found Nazi super-agents protecting Nazi scientist Arnim Zola who had finalized a highly contagious and mutagenic rage virus that he planned to launch on the Allies. Zola was seemingly killed in the battle and in order to contain the spread of infection the Invaders made the hard decision to slay those infected.[229] At the time the group was unaware that one of the partially infected citizens survived and began plotting revenge against the team, a plan that would not see fruition many decades after the war was over.[230]

Later while with the Invaders in Bitburg, Germany, where Namor got his first glimpse of the Nazi concentration camps. Horrified by the atrocity, Namor was about to kill some of the apprehended Nazi soldiers but was stopped by Captain America, who warned Namor that to kill them would be no better than the Nazis themselves. Furious, Namor flew off stopping when finding a mass grave. Seeing the twisted and tortured bodies, Namor vowed to never let such an atrocity happen again.[231]

Going solo again, Namor investigates the sinking of American freighters on the Great Lakes. With the aid of Betty Dean, he discovers that Nazi operative Herr Swastika was responsible, using submarines disguised as turtles and prevents him from destroying a water treatment plant on Niagara Falls.[232] Namor next prevented a gang of jewel thieves from stealing twenty million dollars worth of jewels belonging to Maharajah Shalimar,[233] defends the island nation of Barbuda from Venusians led by American criminal George Mulford,[234] and while investigating the deaths of law officials in New England rescues Betty Dean from the clutches of Klug.[235] Following this, Namor comes to the aid of the people living on the island of Pagano and save them from mad scientist Master Megalo and his army of Megalos.[236] After busting up a group of modern day pirates at Cape Cod, Namor goes to Sea Island and exposes the Ghost of Yesteryear as a hoax, then oversees a boat race between Brad Trent and Dr. Scarr insuring that the race is won fair and square.[237]

Later, Namor stopped Japanese scientist Dr. Nichi from using his blue flame torpedoes of Allied ships in the South Pacific,[238] and back in America investigated the apparent suicide of his inventor friend Roy Winters catching his killer Mr. White.[239] Namor next accompanied Betty Dean to a party at the home of Mrs. Gaillard and discovers her long lost husband Doctor Herzog is alive and well, having begun conducting secret experiments in a secret lab.[240] Later, when three criminals managed to escape from Rockville prison, Namor brought them to justice.[241] Later, Namor and Betty stopped a group of blackmailers,[242] then Namor went to Mexico where he stopped perfume smugglers from sneaking their wares into the United States without paying customs.[243] Namor next clashed with Nazi operative the Black Demon, and in Cuba protected pilot Hal Jordens from being assassinated by his cousin George.[244]

Back in the United States, Namor helped solve the murder of Betty's friend Ed Jordan at the hands of a local racket,[245] in Canada he stopped the twisted Marquies le Blanc from driving villagers from their island home[246] and saved the life of a young who was targeted by the local shop owner Jack Williams, in Wekawee Point who wanted the secret location of a wealthy mineral deposit a secret.[247]

On April 8, 1945 Namor was called to the Invaders headquarters within Big Ben where he and his comrades learned that Captain America and Bucky had apparently died battling Baron Zemo in England. Namor, the Torch and Toro, were then called to Washington D.C. where they met with President Truman who informs them that Captain America and Bucky were to be replaced by the Spirit of 76 and Yankees bat-boy Fred Davis Jr.. With their ranks joined by the Whizzer and Miss America the Invaders resumed battling the Japanese in the South Pacific.[248] Later, on April 25, 1945, Namor was involved in the massive super-hero invasion of Berlin that eventually saw the Nazi's surrender and the death of Adolf Hitler.[249]

Namor then returned to the United States where he took down George Reynolds' blackmarket booze operation, catches diamond thief Nick Finelli,[250] and helps prove swimmer Dotty Benson innocent of murder in Atlantic City.[251] Back at sea, Namor put an end to modern day pirate Zako,[252] dismantles the Order of the Blue Flower racist organization in Waterville, then helps solve the murder of Captain Rutgers in Sea Cove.[253][254]


Namor began participating in the Potsdam Conference in the summer of 1945, representing Atlantis. There he met with dignitaries and attempted to diffuse a potential argument between the new Captain America and Russia's Red Guardian over ideological differences. Despite these differences the trio manage to stop rogue Nazi General Brinkhaus from attempting to assassinate President Truman, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Russian leader Joseph Stalin.[231]

All-Winners Squad (Earth-616) from All Winners Comics Vol 1 19 0001

Namor and the All-Winners Squad circa 1946.

Following the surrender of Japan, on September 2, 1945 Namor and the other Invaders were requested to stay together to fight crime and retitled themselves the All-Winners Squad.[248] Uneasy about his decision, Namor then returned to Atlantis. There he found that Emperor Thakkor, who had been in a coma for three years had awoken. Learning that Namor had been mostly away, was convinced by Byrrah and Krang to strip Namor of his leadership over the people of Atlantis and banish him from the realm until further notice. Furious, Namor almost fought his way into his home land, until Dorma talked him out of it. Namor then grudgingly head back for the surface world, intent on proving his grandfather to lift the banishment.[60]



Over the course of the war Namor's abilities began to wane until he was no longer able to fly, had reduced strength and durability, but still retained the ability to breath under water.[12] Despite these limitations, he continued crime fighting.

Travelling to Mississippi, the Sub-Mariner investigates a series of daring boat robberies, capturing the Black Phantom and his gang.[257] Namor next investigated the murder of George Whitaker and flushes out the killer, Mr. Blake with a phony truth serum.[258][259] Later, Namor assisted Betty Dean in investigating a death mask murderer, capturing the perpetrator Franz Egraus. Also during this period Namor captured Allen Rosnim for the murder of Hugh Tyson, and with Betty Dean foil a life insurance murder scheme being carried out by Jack and Martha Prentice.[260]

In New York, Namor came to the defence of young Tommy Wilkins' who was framed for the murder of a night watchman and brought the real killer to justice,[261] protects millionaire Rod Adams' from insane asylum patient Blackbeard,[262] and stops Captain Storm's murderous plot to salvage gold from the bottom of the ocean.[263][264] Later, Namor find's difficulty busting Lynch Mason and his gang when they take on the so-called Wizard of Crime and his mind reading machine, but Namor eventually captures them and destroys the device. Namor also exposes Larry Batten's scheme to drive Lucille Kennedy insane so that he can claim her family fortune and comes to the aid of misguided Noah Crane and his crew of exiles when his Ark is attacked by criminals seeking to rob them of their worldly possessions.[265] During this time Namor also clashed with sports gambler and hypnotist Sardu the Mystic,[266] and saves the crew of a movie set from a vengeful actor who was horribly scared on a previous production.[267]

When Betty Dean became a target to find the lost loot of dead mobster Mickey Wilson, Namor is there to defend her, capture the crooks and recover the stolen loot.[268] Next Namor came to the aid of Dr. Whiting and helped him secure funds for a cancer treatment centre, and busted the corrupt politicians who sought to cash in on a lucrative road construction contract.[269] Similarly, Namor and Betty helped bust corrupt politicians involved in illegal gambling in a waterfront town.[270]

Returning to New York, Namor helped stop a gold theft operation by stage magician Mudini the Marvel, stopped mastermind bank robber Baron Aaroni and travelled to California where he stopped the murders of models as part of a twisted revenge scheme created by inventor Tom Hendricks.[271] Namor then saved his friend Don and his family from the Vampire known as the Bat,[272] solved the murder of musician Lucien Dennis by catching his band mate Ned Nestor.[273]

Namor and the other All-Winners Squad were then gathered by the Human Torch who showed them a challenge issued to them by a villain named Isbisa that featured a number of crimes based on various ages of human development. In order to divide the team, Isbisa left a note that made it appear as though Namor was in league with Isbisa. When his team mates began to question him, Namor stormed off to solve his clue about the Ice Age alone. However, Namor got an unexpected aid from the Human Torch's partner Toro, who tagged along with him even though Namor believed him to be a spy. The duo save an Eskimo trading post from modern day pirates led by Black Patch, destroying the criminals ship. Namor and Toro then reunited with the All-Winners and deduced that Isbisa was plotting to steal an atomic bomb. When Isbisa attempted to escape the battle in a speed boat, Namor nabbed him and the criminal was turned over to the authorities.[274] In July 1946 the All-Winners were dispatched to the 11th District Congressional Race where they defended John F. Kennedy from being replaced with an android duplicate by the mad android Adam II. During the course of their battle, Captain America was killed in action and replaced by Jeff Mace, formerly the Patriot.[248][275]

When a man is killed by a supposed cursed statue, Namor's investigation brings him to the island of Tareda where he helps the locals overthrow the local dictator and install a democracy.[276] Namor next stopped Dr. Bradley's creation the Headless Man from a revenge murder spree.[277] Namor next shut down the Ace Gang, liberates a jungle island from it's cruel ruler Moral the Tiger Queen and stops electrical engineer Amkenon and his "Green-Out" machine.[278][279][280]

Namor reunited with the All-Winners Squad to face the threat of the Future Man a time traveller from the year 1,000,000 AD and his lover Madame Death. When the pair created global disasters across the world, the All-Winners split up to deal with each crisis. Namor went to China where he stopped an army of Chinese pirates under Future Man's command from using an arsenal of torpedoes to cause massive tidal waves. Namor then reunited with his teammates and fought Future Man and Madame Death aboard Future Man's time ship.[281] Namor was displeased when Captain America's lack of skill almost got them killed when a shield throw destabilized Future Man's time machine. The All-Winners managed to escape while Future Man and Madame Death were shunted back in time. Namor chastised Cap for his lack of experience over the original Captain America. Later, however, Namor changed his tone when Jeff resisted the urge to give up his life to a phony zombified version of Steve Rogers that turned out to be a trick plotted out by Madame Death who returned from the past to kill the All-Winners after Future Man died. Namor and the others fought Madame Death, and the battle ended with Madame Death's dying and their base being destroyed. In the aftermath, Cap and Namor made peace.[282] However, tensions would continue to run between the two.

In September 1946 Namor accompanied the All-Winners to England where they clashed with Red Guardian and other Russian operatives to prevent atomic scientist Klaus Fuchs from falling into enemy hands. Namor one more got on Cap's case for allowing the Red Guardian catch onto the fact that he wasn't the original Captain America. Later, when Jeff learned his old reporter friend Jack Casey passed away, the government would not allow him to go as Captain America due to the negative press stemming from Jack's homosexuality. Jeff went instead as the Patriot, ruining his old alter ego's legacy. Namor once more chastised Jeff for doing so, and Jeff knocked Namor out with a single punch.[283]


At the beginning of 1947, Namor was investigated sightings of the so-called Ghost Hangman who was killing those responsible for his hanging. However, Namor quickly captured the Ghost, revealing him to be very human, having paid off his executioners to help fake his death so he could get his revenge.[284] After, Betty Dean invited to a party being thrown by theater producer Walter Clark, who was throwing an "Alice in Wonderland" themed party for the crew of his latest production. The party was terrorized by a man posing as the Mad Hatter who blackmailed Clark out of money before murdering him. The Sub-Mariner exposed the Mad Hatter as Walter's nephew Roy.[285][286] Following a rash of robberies at sea perpetuated by a modern day pirate calling himself the Corsair, Namor agreed to sail with John Williamson. When the Corsair's men attacked the ship, Namor easily defeated them and turned them over to the authorities.[287]

Returning to work with the All-Winners Squad, Namor and the others were asked by the president to guard a new atomic bomb dubbed "Rosebud" that was being developed in Nevada. However, they failed to stop a mobster named Dutch from stealing it, as he was assisted by a time displaced She-Hulk and Wanda Mason.[288] The All-Winner's next worked on an unspecified mission alongside their old war allies the Union Jack (Brian Fallsworth) and Destroyer (Roger Aubrey), a meeting that later inspired the formation of the V-Battalion.[289] Accompanying Betty on a deep sea dive, they discover the sunken S.S. Albatross and it's cargo of priceless ivory, and prevent a sailor named Gallery from killing the entire crew and claiming the bounty for himself.[290] Back on the mainland, Namor accompanied Betty to a theater performance of Edgar Alan Poe's "The Raven" which soon became the scene of a murder of university Professor Ramsey. Namor exposed that Ramsey's student Waldo Evans murdered Ramsey in order to steal and sell a valuable Poe manuscript. Accompanying Betty to Ireland to cover a story on Killemore Castle, Namor found that the wait staff inside the castle were attempting to drive the owner insane and claim his estate. Returning to the United States, Namor gets Betty's assistance in exposing Jade Nelson, an international jewel thief who was posing as a diplomat from another country in order to steal jewels being gifted by the United States.[291]

While on a mission in Asia,[292] Namor had received word from Atlantis that King Thakorr had asked for Namor to return from his exile on the evening of his birthday. Arriving home for the first time since the war, Namor found his people had been attacked. He'd find Thakorr under the care of his cousin Namora, who informed Namor that their home had been attacked by surface dwelling mobsters led by Stoop Richards. Because they had killed her father, Namora wished to also get revenge and Namor allowed her to accompany her to the surface,[293] where they defeated Stoop Richards and his gang. Deciding to stay on the surface, Namora took up residence with Betty Dean[292] and worked frequently with Namor for a period thereafter. Shortly thereafter, Namor and Namora swam to Taboo Island where they stumbled upon a plot by the Brain to rob a shipment of Ambergris and foil the operation.[294] Not long later, Betty Dean sought Namor's help in warding off unrequited lover Vincent King. When Namor paid a visit to the millionaires home, he found King dead and the overzealous Captain Oscar Tooley accusing Namor of murder. Namor soon caught the real killer, contortionist Leonard Lajo, clearing his name.[295] When coming to the aid of a salvage operation threatened by a gang of marauders, Namor once more clashed with his old wartime foe the Shark (now modern day sea pirate) and prevented him from stealing the salvage. Back on the mainland, Namor and Namora prevented the criminal known as Spectacles from selling counterfeit silver dollars to a local gallery.[296] Shortly thereafter, Namor and Betty Dean exposed a gang of crooks who were murdering wealthy women in the city who could no pay their gambling debts.[297]

In August of that year, Namor rejoined the All-Winners Squad and helped the team foil a plot by a number of Communist spies who were trying to pose as invaders from outer space.[283] Reunited with Namora, the pair discovered the murder of lighthouse keeper "Father Time" and that his valuable stamp collection had been stolen. With a dying clue left by Father Time, Namor and Namora caught "Pirate" Fletcher, who stole the stamps.[298] The duo also put an end to the grisly water-pressure tests of Doctor D. Mencha.[299] Namor then brought Namora and Betty with him to Florida to investigate the disappearances of many attractive women. They were soon duped onto a movie set run by former actress Sari Tartar whose horribly burned face drove her insane and she had captured the women to torture them in front of the camera. Namor and his companions managed to fight free and turn the insane Tartar over to the authorities.[300]


The start of 1948 found Namor and Namora travelling to China where they assisted their friend Sun Yat in stopping the pirate named White Flower from robbing his silk shipments.[301] Returning to the United States, the Sub-Mariner and Namora prevented the Viking from sabotaging a boat race across Viking Cove, then stopped escaped Nazi operative the Tinfish from killing his brother and inherit his family fortune to try and fund a new Nazi party.[302] With the help of Betty Dean and Namora, Namor next stopped the pirate Blackbeard attempt to steal diamonds from a ship he recently sank.[303]

Soon after Namor joined the All-Winners Squad on a mission with his old wartime allies Union Jack and the Destroyer.[304] Returning to the United States by April 1948, Namor joined the All-Winners in relocating to their new headquarters the Baxter Building where they celebrating Captain America's birthday.[283] When Cap's partner Bucky was gunned down by the villain known as Lavender the Sub-Mariner and the other members of the All-Winners Squad offered their aid to Captain America in capturing the shooter. Cap refused choosing to go after Bucky's shooter alone, but ultimately captured her with the assistance of his new partner Golden Girl. In the aftermath, Captain America left the All-Winners Squad. Before Cap parted company, the Sub-Mariner finally believed that Jeff Mace finally earned the right to carry the Captain America mantle.[305]

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) S-Jersey

"S" Jersey

Namor then went through a period where he was possibly the most beneficial to mankind, carrying out various heroic tasks ranging from the mundane to the bizarre. Often he became a humanitarian, very uncharacteristic of his behaviour later years, coming to the aid of those in need. First he took a government assignment along with Namora and Betty Dean to protect a shipment of of gold bullion being shipped from the United States to Central America, stopping a group of hijackers from stealing the gold.[306] Later, while out in the Pacific with Namora, the Sub-Mariner rescued pilots Magda Malone and Eric Hodges from the hijacking pyromaniac named Firebrand. Returning to New York City, Namor and Namora then shut down the criminal operations of hypnotist Dr. Macabre.[307] Later, they rescued a young girl from the clutches of Bowery Bennie,[308] and rescue the reformed criminal father of Ronnie Dowell from the owners of the Case Importing Company, who was forcing reformed criminals to do illegal jobs in order to have steady employment.[309] In a similar case, he and Namora helped clear young car thief named Jackie Starr of a murder that was committed by his own employer. Later they travelled to the colonial themed village of Williamstown on a manhunt for jewel thief Torpedo Turner, uncovering a criminal plot to convert stolen jewellery to resemble buried treasure rumoured to be lost in the region.[310]

Back in New York, the Sub-Mariner and Namora put a stop to gossip columnist the Tattler's life ruining blackmail scheme,[311] and stopped the Trubadore of Terror from murdering his former band-mates.[312] Going solo, the Sub-Mariner investigated a murder at the Marlin Estate in the town of Grangerville, exposing a plot to smuggle Nazi war criminals into the country.[313] After witnessing the death of an old sea salt named Billy Glow, Namor and Namora assisted his granddaughter in finding the location of lost treasure from a map he willed to her, all the while protecting her from the murderous pirate named Black Patch.[314] Next the Sub-Mariner and Namora discovered the underwater civilization of Mu and prevented warlord Karlak from mounting an invasion of the United States, by assisting the Navy in fighting back an attack on Pearl Harbor. Namor and Namora chased Karlak back to Mu and the Sub-Mariner battled him to the death. With Karlak's defeat the people of Mu promised never to invade the surface again.[315] Back in the States, the Sub-Mariner and Namora were invited to a wedding party thrown by Nicky Gaynor for his friends Kathy and Barry. There they uncovered a plot by Nicky to murder the couple out of jealousy and stopped him before he could succeed.[316] The pair next came to the aid of waterfront mailman Frank Carver whose son had joined the Waterfront Gang. However, after stopping the gang from trying to rob a mail boat, they learned that Frank's son was really an undercover police officer.[317]

Later, the Sub-Mariner and Namora helped prevent Joe Mallon's daughter from marrying racketeer Spade Brown,[318] and rescued inventor Nick Iona from oil thieves who were exploiting his oil tank boring invention.[319] During one of his more melodramatic moments, Namor was invited by Betty Dean to attend a publishers testimonial dinner but he refused to wear a tux. However, his conscience convincing him otherwise, Namor arrived dressed in a suit was flabbergasted to find the publishers had dressed in swim trunks in order to make him feel more comfortable.[320] At he request of Betty Dean, Namor and Namora investigated the thefts at the home of wealthy Hiram King, and learned that his own step-daughter was stealing goods to pay off her gambling debts to Snake Wilson. The pair captured Snake Wilson, but not before Hiram's step-daughter was gunned down. In more mundane adventures, Namor was convinced by Namora and Betty Dean to take the children of St. John's Orphanage on a trip to the Statue of Liberty, and was sent on a rage by thrill seeking writer Demarest Dodds chasing him through the city until he realized the writer was seeking inspiration and the two began working on a story together.[321] In another bizarre incident, the Sub-Mariner was approached by physics professor Elistis Diggenwell, who had presented a thesis that Namor's ability to swim in water was scientifically impossible. Growing quickly tired of the scientists questions Namor ignored his findings and tossed the physicist into a nearby river.[322]

Going solo once more, the Sub-Mariner went on the hunt for a pirate named Black Mike, and was helped capturing him with the aid of Georgie Jenkins, convincing the young man that his bad luck was all in his mind.[323] Back on the mainland, Namor was tricked into being the judge in a baby beauty pageant by Betty Dean. Then while after another, unrelated, pirate named Black Mike he got the unusual aid of a local named Henry Enwhistle and his questionably imaginary friend John Jacob Gilligan.[324] Reuniting with Namora, the Sub-Mariner then thwarted an invasion of the so-called Lost Vikings, in the end the Vikings ship sank and all aboard drowned. Back on his own, Namor also carried out the mundane task of helping a man named Curly catch a fish so his friends would stop laughing at him.[325]

Once more with Namora, the Sub-Mariner prevented criminal Peppo LaRue from taking over a Louisianan property for his pirate operations. Returning to New York, Namor agreed to take Namora out on the town and the two were mistaken for a wealthy couple and loured aboard a gambling ship owned by crooks who rob their patrons. Namor and Namora broke free of their cell and saved the prisoners on board, then sunk the ship before turning the crooks over to the authorities. Later when Betty Dean becomes smitten by marine biologist John Harris, Namor and Namora work with her to create a mermaid hoax in order to get Harris—typically anti-social—to finally notice Betty and take her out on a date.[326]


1949 found the Sub-Mariner involved in a number of his strangest and mundane adventures to date. While swimming in the ocean he was sucked up in a water funnel and found himself unwittingly uncovering the a colony of sentient robots on the Moon. Fearing discovery, the robots wiped out Namor's memories of the encounter and returned him to Earth.[327] Reunited with Namora, the Sub-Mariner began tracking a criminal named Squire Bones, tracking him to Mare Nostrum. There Bones captured the pair and dumped them in the desert to die. However, Namor uncovered an ancient aqueduct which the pair followed to where Squire Bones was hiding out and brought him to justice.[328]

Shortly thereafter, Betty Dean went missing while on an expedition along the Orinoco River in Venezuela. Namor and Namora went searching for her and the rest of the expedition, rescuing them from the cannibalistic Carib tribe.[329] When the mad scientist Iron Brain created a device that threatened to draw the Earth into the Sun, Namor and Namora tracked down his hideout and destroyed the device, leaving Iron Brain to drown in the ocean. The Sub-Mariner was next asked by the local authorities to help investigate the disappearances of workers seeking jobs. Namor and Namora uncovered that he Porker Gang was luring them with job offers and then forcing them into slavery to mine pearls from an underwater cavern. The pair freed the slave and brought Porker and his gang to justice.[330] Namor later battled the villain known as the Squidd.[331]

The Sub-Mariner later came to the rescue of Betty Dean and Namora who were captured by criminal Mike Roden and stopped Roden from robbing the passenges of a cruise ship.[332] Namor was next tricked by his so-called "arch nemesis" Doctor Dill into drinking a growth formula that threatened to cause Namor to grow so big that he was at risk of falling off the Earth. Namor tracked down Dill while he was attempting to rob a delivery ship, and forced the criminal to administer an antidote. In a similar plot, the criminal known as the Spoiler tricked Namor into drinking a potion that the Spoiler claimed would make water fatal to the Sub-Mariner. This turned out to all be a bluff that the Spoiler had created to prevent Namor from interfering with his schemes. Realizing this, the Sub-Mariner easily captured the crook and turned him over to the authorities.[333]

Eventually, Namor decided to return to Atlantis and focus his energies on his people, and as 1949 came to an end, he parted company with Namora and returned to his home in the Antarctic.[293]


Namor was called back to the surface world in 1953 by Betty Dean when the Navy needed assistance investigating strange series of ship sinkings. Namor agreed to help and revealed the sinkings were the caused by robotic aliens claiming to come from the planet Venus, and defeated them.[334] Fully active in 1954, the Sub-Mariner investigated a strange series of shark attacks along the shores of New York, uncovering another alien menace: the shape shifting Shark People and put a stop to their feeding on innocent humans.[335] After a vacation with Betty in Europe, their plane back to the United States was shot down by communist agents posing as aliens who were attempting to hold hostages in bizarre plot to force the United States to give up its atomic research. Namor escaped captivity and led the Navy to the island and rescued the hostages.[336] Namor later came to the aid of a fishing community off the coast of Newfoundland who were being run out of business by a octopus and stopped them from rashly selling their properties cheaply by revealing that there was oil off their shores.[337] Returning to New York City, Namor helped defend mothballed Navy ships from attack by communist saboteurs. He then accompanied Betty Dean to Brazil to investigate sightings of a massive lizard dubbed King Crocodile, helping the beats creature get him to a preserve in Florida.[338]

In his spare time, the Sub-Mariner took up a job on an offshore aquicade he was reunited with his cousin Namora who was also working there. The pair uncovered a communist plot to recover gold from an old 16th century pirate ship. They foiled the plot with the aid of the ghost of Cap'n Derelict and his army of ghost pirates.[339] Due to his constant interference in communist plots, Russian operative Zuko attempted to eliminate the Sub-Mariner aboard his stealth submarine, and kidnapping Betty Dean, but Namor foiled the plot.[340] Namor and Namora were then called to Florida to help locate two missing divers who were attempting to beat the diving record. Expecting to find dead bodies on the oceans floor, Namor and Namora were shocked to find normal humans able to survive underwater without oxygen. However when the pair attempted to force the two men to surface they suddenly died, leaving both to wonder if they really experienced what they witnessed.[341]

The Sub-Mariner was next asked to search for a group of teenagers who were lost at see, discovering the secret undersea kingdom of the so-called Queen of the Sub-Sea Realm. In freeing the teens, Namor forces the Queen to the surface who suddenly rapidly aged to dust after apparent centuries beneath the ocean. Shortly thereafter the Sub-Mariner and Namora went looking for pearls to make into a necklace as a surprise for Betty. Jealous of Namora, Betty tried to follow necessitating the two Atlanteans to rescue her from a pod of octopi. When communist spies stole a miniature prototype of a new atomic sub, the Sub-Mariner recovered it on behalf of the US government.[342]

Namor eventually was called back to Atlantis and found himself ejected from the kingdom by Emperor Thakorr for assisting the surface dwellers. However, Namor and Lady Dorma helped win the Emperor's favor by protecting Atlantis from communist agents who were blasting the ice above Atlantis.[343] Investigating a series of strange Killer Whale attacks on ships, Namor and Namora investigate and discover that the pod leader is really a massive communist sub disguised as a Killer Whale and destroy it ending the rampaging whales.[344] While swimming in the ocean near Europe, Namor was attacked by the mysterious Octopus-Men who accused him of being a spy of the surface world, as they believed underwater atomic tests were attacks on their domain. Namor broke free and attempted to warn the European authorities but his claims were dismissed. This angered Namor, but when the Octopus Men unleashed bombs all over Europe, Namor put a stop to them, but the incident began renewed bitterness toward the surface world.[345]

Around this time Byrrah began attempting to usurp Namor's authority in Atlantis, convincing Emperor Thakorr to resume hostilities against the surface world. When Byrrah launched an attack against South America, Namor was blamed. Not wishing a war between his people and the surface world, believing it was one his people couldn't win, Namor surrendered and convinced the authorities to let him thwart the invasion. Taking control of the invasion fleet, Namor led them into a trap forcing them to retreat. For his reprieved betrayal Namor was exiled from Atlantis by Emperor Thakorr. Returning to the surface world, Namor excepted an invitation from Professor Zunbar who wished the Sub-Mariner's help in his experiments. However, Namor soon found himself prisoner of the mad scientist who wished to create an army of Sub-Mariners, starting by implanting Namor's brain into the body of "Elmer" a biologically engineered fish-man who could not breath under water. When the authorities were sent to Zunbar's lab by Betty Dean, Namor foiled Zunbar's plot.[8]

When the world's surface water was stolen by the Lunarians of the so-called Second Moon, the world's governments blamed Namor. When Betty Dean informed Namor of this, he was furious and willing to let the surface world suffer from dehydration. Exposing water to be pulled to the Second Moon, Namor convinced the Lunarians to keep the world's water supply. However he realized how foolish his plot was when he was telepathically contacted by his mother Princess Fen, who warned Namor that Atlantis was doomed unless the water was returned. Namor fought the Lunarians and returned the water to Earth. He was celebrated by the people of Atlantis and Thakorr apparently released him from exile. However the encounter further embittered Namor toward the surface world. When Byrrah launched his next attack on the surface world, he used a massive iceberg to cut a swath of destruction across North America, Namor stopped it with his own iceberg, however found no proof that Byrrah was involved in the attack.[9] When communist powers allied with the alien race known as the Unseen, they launched an attack on the midwest causing massive fires. Namor and Namora led an Atlantean force to combat the flames. The communist agent sent to oversee the attack then convinced the authorities that Namor was responsible and he was arrested. However Namora broke him free and and they thwarted the rest of the invasion and revealed the real attackers to the authorities. Byrrah once again worked to discredit the Sub-Mariner, creating a robot duplicate to terrorize New York City and turn the surface world against him. However Namor soon caught up to the robot and destroyed it, but still could not find proof to implicate Byrrah in the plot.[11]

In early 1955, Namor was summoned back to Atlantis where Emperor Thakorr had developed a device that could restore Namor's full abilities. His cousin Byrrah attempted to steal the formula needed, but the Sub-Mariner recovered it and used the device to restore his full powers. With his renewed strength and abilities the Sub-Mariner prevented both communist forces and Byrrah from sinking an American vessel. Shortly thereafter, Namor was called to the surface by Betty Dean to stop the Fatalists, aliens claiming to have come from Pluto who were attempting to sell a death-ray device to any world government interested in it. Namor prevented the Fatalists from forcing an island nation to purchase the weapons. The Fatalists were pulled back to their homeworld for their failure, and Namor briefly considered using the death-rays against the surface world, only to find that they no longer worked.[12] Shortly thereafter, Namor was framed by Communist agents for bombing New York Harbor, but managed to track them down and clear his name. Likewise, Namor was targeted by the hypnotist calling himself El Diablo in order to force the Sub-Mariner to commit crimes in revenge over the Sub-Mariner sending El Diablo's brother to death row. Namor managed to break free from El Diablo's control and forced the criminal to confess his crimes.[13]

Later that year, Namor was tricked by Communist agents into assisting in building an invasion tunnel from Siberia to Alaska convincing him that it was for trading. However, Namor soon uncovered the truth and sabotage the plot, freeing the American architect who was kidnapped to design the tunnel. Returning home, Namor was goaded into attacking an American exploration ship that was blasting ice near his home. Clashing with them, he learned that the crew were peaceful scientists seeking Uranium. Namor then allowed them to continue their passage, stopping an unauthorized attack from Byrrah and his men. The explorers returned the favor by alerting Namor of an impending undersea earthquake, allowing Namor to evacuate his people in time.[14] Namor and Namora later uncovered a plot by Byrrah to supply Communist forces with specially made ice that camouflaged their weapons, allowing the weapons to be smuggled into a Central America for a government coup. Namor forced Byrrah to seal him in ice and have him shipped to Central America where he dismantled the Communist operation. Namor then returned home and subdued Byrrah until he realized that helping the Communists might enable them to turn on Atlantis in the future. In one of his more bizarre adventures during this decade, the Sub-Mariner clashed with a magician who used his powers to make a painting of the Nautilus (the submarine from the Jules Verne tale "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea") come to life. Namor destroyed the Nautilus, causing mystical feedback that killed the magician responsible.[27] When Communist forces were attacking ships along the Lesser Antillies, Namor and the armies of Atlantis built massive iceberg ships to combat them, using an artificial fog to marr their perceptions until they surrendered. Later, in a more mundane incident, the Sub-Mariner prevented Black Louie and his gang stage an escape attempt from a prison ship as it passed nearby a lighthouse.[28]

Soon after, Emperor Thakorr asked Namor to bring an Atlantean entourage to New York City in order to seek admission into the United Nations. However as the Sub-Mariner and his entourage walked through New York City their appearance stoked the racial prejudice of the people around them. Soon, a man with a gun tried to shoot Namor, while the bullet harmlessly bounced off the Atlantean prince, it struck a European tourist inflaming the people even more. With the situation growing increasingly hostile, Namor and his people returned to Atlantis to report back to Emperor Thakorr. Realizing that with the surface people showing increasing intolerance toward other races, it was decided that the people of Atlantis would cut off their ties with the surface world and maintain anonymity in the deep.[293] However this peace was briefly disturbed when the Sub-Mariner clashed with the Blue Marvel.[346]
Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) and Paul Destine (Earth-616) from Sub-Mariner Vol 1 1 0001

Destiny strikes Namor with amnesia.

Peace resumed but was ultimately and irreversibly shattered the day that surface dweller and telepath Paul Destine and his Helmet of Power discovered Atlantis and sought to destroy it with his newly acquired powers. Namor was sent to stop Destine (now calling himself Destiny) from destroying Atlantis. However during their clash, Namor succumbed to the power of Destiny who used the Helmet of Power to wipe out Namor's memories and send him away to New York. Destiny then finished devastating Atlantis before returning to suspended animation in order to allow his powers to reach their full potential. Meanwhile, Namor arrived in New York and not knowing his true identity, fought off some attackers and then dawned stolen clothing, and began to wander in a vain attempt to restore his lost memories. Namor wandered for decades seen as nothing more as a derelict, and anonymously struggled to regain his memories without success for many, many years.[347]


Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) Orange Trunks

Orange trunks.

By the spring of 1961, Namor was discovered by the international terrorist known as Yellow Claw who brought him to San Francisco[348] to be part of his operations under the promise that he would restore his memories, however this was merely a ruse to utilize the amnesic Namor's strength. Yellow Claw's plans were foiled thanks to interference of the First Line, a group of super-heroes who existed at the time. While Yellow Claw's base was destroyed, Namor managed to survive the blast, and his presence there was mostly unknown.[349]

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) from First X-Men Vol 1 3 page --

Namor as "The Old Man"

Namor eventually found his way back to the east coast where he wandered the streets for decades trying to remember who he was. Apparently the FBI became aware of Namor's presence in New York City as part of government spying on mutants that was instigated by Bolivar Trask. Another interested party were the mutants Logan and Victor Creed who were gathering young mutants into a team of mutants who were hoping to fight government oppression. They approached Namor first but the derelict fought back against them. FBI agent Fred Duncan provided these mutants with the fact that Namor was weakened by fire or heat and he was easily knocked into New York harbor where it was presumed he drowned. Namor's Atlantean nature saved his life and stirred his memory for but a moment, but he resumed his wanderings for more years still.[350]

In more recent years, Namor became known as "The Old Man"[351] and befriended other homeless people who lived in the Bowery such as Sunshine Mary[352] and alcoholic John Mahoney, whom he gave a royal insignia ring, no longer remembering its significance, after Mahoney and Sunshine saved his life with water.[351] However, despite his great strength, Namor was still treated with the same contempt New Yorkers held for other homeless people, getting banned from diners and other establishments.[353] His strength also became knowledge to the covert terrorist organization known as Hydra who attempted to apprehend him. Their attempt to recruit Namor was interrupted by the Fixer a inventor who convinced Hydra to allow him to join their ranks instead when their battle drew the police. The Fixer blasted Namor with one of his weapons and left him for dead.[354]

Modern Age

Roughly ten years ago, Namor was still a derelict with no memory of his past, and by this time he had developed a fear of water. "The Old Man" often looked after John to try to keep him from drinking again. However the flop house they frequently stayed in was one of the last buildings in the Bowery that was not bought up by Oscorp owner Norman Osborn. When the owner of the flophouse refused to sell, Osborn sent the Enforcers to break the place up, although Namor came to the defence of his fellow homeless, John convinced him to flee the scene before they got hurt. After a brief argument about John's further spiral into alcoholism, the two men realized that they needed each other and put aside their differences—but not before John found an old Sub-Mariner comic book from the 40s and made the connection between the "Old Man" and Namor, but decided to keep it a secret so that Namor could still be around to make sure he stayed "on the wagon". However John did convince Namor to destroy the Oscorp wreckers that were scheduled to destroy the flophouse the next day. However when John overheard Osborn wanting to get finger prints off the destruction he tried to eliminate the evidence only to be caught and beaten senseless by the Enforcers and left to die. Despite the fact his life was on the line, John refused to reveal the identity of the man who wrecked Osborn's machines.[351]


Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) and Jonathan Storm (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 4 0001

Jonathan Storm discovering Namor

That same day that John was beaten, the novice hero known as the Human Torch (Johnny Storm, a successor to the title) of the Fantastic Four had just left the fledgling group[355] and decided to hide out in the very flop house where Namor was staying. Coming across the Sub-Mariner comic book found by John and learning that there was an "Old Man" that the local bums claimed was stronger than the real Sub-Mariner, Johnny quickly recognized Namor for who he was. Using his flame powers to give Namor a shave and hair cut proved it to him. Elated to have found a long lost hero from World War II, Johnny then took Namor and dumped him in New York Harbor. This helped restore Namor's memories. Namor then sped off to Atlantis to be reunited with his people only to find that Atlantis had been destroyed by atomic bomb testing in years past. Furious, Namor returned to the surface world and declared war against it. Using the Proteus Horn he summoned the massive beast Giganto and flooded much of New York City. This led to a clash with the other members of the Fantastic Four.

Susan Storm (Earth-616) and Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 4 0001

During the fight, Namor became smitten by the Four's female member the Invisible Girl and informed her that if she agreed to be his bride, he would, perhaps, cease his attack on the surface world. She reluctantly agreed, but Namor, offended that she was not flattered by his proposal, grew irate. The battle ended when the Thing used an atomic bomb to kill Giganto, and the Torch used a thermal up draft to launch Namor back into the ocean.[356][351][357] This initial infatuation between Namor and the Invisible Girl would have later repercussions, as it created tension among the Fantastic Four in general and between Sue and her fiancée and team leader Mr. Fantastic. Shortly after his defeat, Namor paid a visit to John Mahoney to reclaim his royal ring. While Namor renounced their previous friendship over his anger at the surface world, the encounter managed to convince John to turn his life around.[351]

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) and Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 6 0001

Namor teams-up with Dr. Doom.[358]

Returning his empty kingdom the Sub-Mariner was approached by another Fantastic Four foe: Dr. Doom the monarch of Latveria, the first of many team-ups between the two. Doom offered to join forces with Namor in defeating the Fantastic Four. To this end, Doom had Namor plant a magnetic device in the Four's Baxter Building headquarters so that Doom could pull it into space and leave them to die. Expecting to win over Sue and keep her as a bride, Namor soon found himself betrayed by Doom who yanked Namor out into space along with his foes. Doom was defeated thanks in part to Namor who used his unique aquatic skills and ability to mimic certain animal traits to leave Doom stranded in space and return the Baxter Building to Earth. For his help in saving their lives, Namor was allowed to return to his kingdom.[358][357] Not long after this the Fantastic Four hit financial woes and filed for bankruptcy. Learning of this, Namor came up with a new plan to eliminate his foes once and for all. Using treasures found on the ocean floor, Namor funded SM Studios and sent the Fantastic Four an invitation to star in a movie about their lives.

Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616) and Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 9 0001

Namor vs The Thing on the set of the Fantastic Four Movie.[359]

The Four accepted the invitation but were taken back by the fact that it was made by their foe. Namor convinced them that he had good intentions in mind, but really intended to send Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch and the Thing into death traps so he could have another attempt to make a pass at Sue. These traps seemingly worked, and Namor made his play but the Invisible Girl refused to involve herself with Namor. His plans were further spoiled when the other members of the Fantastic Four turned up alive. Defeated in battle, Namor agreed to honour their movie deal and then returned to the sea in defeat. The Fantastic Four movie ended up being a box office success and the Fantastic Four earned enough money to resume operations.[359][357]

Hypno-Fish from Fantastic Four Vol 1 14 0002

When the other members of the Fantastic Four left the Human Torch behind while they went on a mission without him, the Human Torch then decided to prove himself to his teammates by directly challenging the Sub-Mariner to a duel. This proved to be the youths folly as Namor proved to be the better combatant over sea. Johnny narrowly managed to escape after managing to temporarily trap Namor in an underwater cave while he escaped. The encounter made Namor wonder how powerful his young foe would become once he had grown to full adulthood.[360][357] Shortly after this, Namor became the pawn of yet another Fantastic Four foe, this time the Puppet Master who used his radioactive clay to take control of Namor. The Puppet Master then used Namor and Sue Storm's infatuation with one another to lure Sue into a trap and forced Namor to capture her and abscond back to his undersea domain. Namor then issued a challenge to the Fantastic Four and held his own against them using various weapons crafted from creatures found in the deep. However, Namor could not bring himself to kill his foes and broke free from the Puppet Master's control. Realizing he had been forced into battle, Namor then allowed his enemies to leave unscathed.[361][357] Namor wasn't always a ruthless towards surface dwellers. After his last encounter with the Fantastic Four he rescued a small girl who fell overboard from her sail boat.[362]

Reunited With his People

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) Reunited with his people

Namor reunited with his people.

Namor spent much of his time after this trying to find his lost people. Discovering a region of the Atlantic that had a large number of sea creatures, Namor eventually found his people in a new Atlantis, but now under the rule of Byrrah. Seeking to retain power, Byrrah ordered his soldiers to attack before Namor could be identified and as soon as they recognized the intruder the battle ended. With Namor back, Byrrah was forced to turn over the crown to him to rule over Atlantis. Reunited with is people, he learned how earthquakes that killed his grandfather Thakorr and his mother Fen forced his people north to safer region.[357] With his people celebrating his return, Namor was once again, he was reunited with Dorma whose advances he turned down, and Warlord Krang who had his own aspirations to rule. Namor then captured his foes the Fantastic Four demanding that they issue a his decree to the United Nations that the kingdom of Atlantis has dominion over Earth's oceans and the air above them. Namor then disguised himself as a scientist who presented the United Nations with a brief history of his people. When Mr. Fantastic suggested to the UN that they should fight back against Namor, the Sub-Mariner revealed his true identity and then launched an all out invasion of the surface world. While the Atlantean army managed to overpower the armies of the surface world, they were ultimately defeated when Mr. Fantastic constructed a device that caused the water in the soldiers helmets to evaporate forcing them back into the oceans. Furious, Namor attacked the Fantastic Four directly and kidnapped Sue once again. Lady Dorma was disgusted that Namor could show affection to a surface dweller, and when her king was fighting the Fantastic Four, she and Krang ejected Sue out of their sub. When Namor came to Sue's rescue and then rushed her to a hospital for treatment, Dorma and Krang fled the scene. Back on shore, Namor managed to save Sue in the nick of time but was chased off by an angry mob. Namor returned to Atlantis where he was devastated to find that his own people had abandoned him over his choice of a surface woman over his own people.[363][364]

Avengers (Earth-616), Bruce Banner (Earth-616) and Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 3 0001

Namor and the Hulk battle the Avengers.

Still seeking revenge on the surface world and in need of allies, the Sub-Mariner discovered the Hulk who at the time was being hounded by his former allies the Avengers. The two shared an uneasy alliance due to Namor's arrogance toward the Hulk and their lack of trust in each other. However they managed to hold their own against the team until the Hulk began to revert back into his human form of Bruce Banner, forcing him to flee. Outnumbered, Namor was also forced to flee the fight as well, but vowed revenge against the Avengers.[365][364] Swimming up north, Namor came across a tribe of Inuits who worshiped a man frozen in ice. His full memory not entirely restored, Namor neglected to recognize this man as his old World War II ally Captain America. He then threw the frozen man into the ocean where the ice thawed in warmer water and Captain America was recovered and revived by the Avengers.[366][364][367][368]

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) and Steven Rogers (Earth-616) from Captain America Reborn Vol 1 3 0001

Namor uncovers Captain America.

Namor next came across an alien named Vuk a member of the D'bari race who had been trapped on Earth since the days of ancient Greece after his ship crashed and got stuck on the ocean floor. Namor then offered to free the ship in exchange for Vuk using his petrification ray on the Avengers. Although Vuk succeeded, Captain America still remained free and he and the Avengers associate Rick Jones caught up with Vuk and forced him to restore their teammates to normal. They then went to liberate Vuk's ship but were attacked by Namor and his few warriors still loyal to him. While Cap and the Avengers kept Namor busy, Vuk managed to recover his ship and blast off. The vibrations from the lift off led Namor to believe that the island they were fighting on was about to sink and fled the scene thinking the Avengers would drown, however they managed to survive to clash with Namor another day.[366][364]

After this most recent defeat, Namor went through a period of brooding and the last of his faithful followers abandoned him. Deciding that nothing was keeping him from claiming Sue Storm, Namor travelled to the surface once again to kidnap her and bring her back to his kingdom. Mr. Fantastic having finally decided to ask Sue to marry him angrily went after Namor alone but was soon joined by the Thing and Human Torch who followed after Reed with the help of Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange. A battle erupted and escalated when Namor's warriors returned, but ultimately was stopped when Sue informed Namor that she made up her mind to return to the surface to be with Reed. Defeated and spurned, Namor stood by as Dr. Strange helped the Fantastic Four flee Namor's realm.[369][364] It was soon deduced that the Sub-Mariner was a mutant by the two leading experts in the field: Professor Charles Xavier of the X-Men and Magneto of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) vs the X-Men

Namor vs the original X-Men

While both mutants searched for Namor, Magneto found him first and convinced Namor to meet with him on his island. Soon the X-Men arrived and a fought broke out between the X-Men and the Brotherhood. However Namor decided that he would not side with Magneto after seeing how poorly the evil mutant treated his female teammate the Scarlet Witch. When Magneto abandoned both the Witch and her brother Quicksilver, Namor defended them from the X-Men until the heroes agreed to led the three of them go free. Namor then returned to the ocean vowing never to trust any potential "allies" from the surface world.[370][371] However shortly after this Namor was convinced by Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl to come to the surface world to make a peace agreement between himself and the surface world. This plan was botched when the Human Torch and Thing attacked Namor in a misguided attempt to get press, ruining any chance for peace between Namor and his foes.[372]

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) vs Spider-Man

Namor battles Spider-Man.

Not long after this, the hero known as Spider-Man was in a heated rivalry with the Human Torch. To anger the Torch, Spider-Man asked the Invisible Girl out on a date and Sue, having been neglected by Reed at the time, accepted. Furious, Johnny decided to sabotage the date by contacting the Sub-Mariner and tricking him into thinking that Spider-Man had kidnapped Sue. Namor crashed their date and a fight broke out between Spider-Man and the Sub-Mariner across the city. The Fantastic Four soon learned of Johnny's prank and managed to stop Namor and Spider-Man before someone got hurt. Relieved that Sue was in no danger, Namor quickly stopped all hostilities and returned to his domain.[373] Namor was soon reunited with his people who came back after harshly judging their lord.[371] Not long after regaining his people, Namor's kingdom was attacked by an army of barbarian warriors led by the warlord Attuma. Namor led his people in battle and ultimately forced Attuma and his forces back when Lady Dorma secretly obtained the assistance of the Fantastic Four to turn the tide of battle.[374]

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) vs Daredevil

Namor defeats Daredevil.

Shortly thereafter the founding members of the Avengers had decided to take a break from working with the group and left Iron Man in charge of finding replacements. One of these potential replacements was the Sub-Mariner, whom Iron Man tried to convince to join the group in order to better relations between Atlantis and the surface world, an offer that Namor outright rejected.[375] Warlord Krang soon brought to Namor's attention the people's unrest over the surface world. Not wishing to go into a bloody war, Namor decided to go through legal channels to challenge the surface world leaders over ownership of the surface. He travelled to New York and sought out the legal services of lawyers Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson. When they told him how impossible it was to sue the governments of the surface world for ownership rights of the surface, Namor decided to go on a rampage to force a court case. This plan was opposed by Murdock in his alter-ego of the Daredevil. However he prevented Namor from achieving his goal and Namor promptly allowed himself to get arrested. However on his court date, Lady Dorma arrived to inform Namor that Warlord Krang took over the kingdom in Namor's absence. Unwilling to wait for the surface legal system to give him his date in court, Namor broke out of jail and fled easily besting the military and Daredevil in his attempts to return to his kingdom.[376]

Neptune's Trident

Returning to Atlantis, Namor was angered to learn that Warlord Krang had indeed taken over his kingdom. When the Sub-Mariner once again turned down Lady Dorma's romantic advances, she jealously tipped off Krang's guards and Namor was quickly apprehended. Recalling a the legend of how the god Neptune once ruled over his people had hidden a trident somewhere in the ocean so that one day the true ruler of Atlantis could claim it, Namor became determined to prove that he was that fated ruler. He was freed from his cell by a repentant Lady Dorma and escaped. However Krang anticipated that Namor would quest for the Trident of Neptune and sent his minions to prevent Namor for succeeding. The legends brought Namor to the Forbidden Cave where he had to fight a massive squid in order to find the next clue to the trident's location.[377] Although Krang's troops tried to trap Namor, he managed to best the creature and learn the location of the next clue. On his way to the so-called Forbidden Depths, Namor crossed paths with an elderly Atlantean named Vashti Cleito-Son who showed unwavering loyalty to the disposed monarch. Namor thanked Vashti for his loyalty and continued on his quest. In the Forbidden Depths, Namor clashed with the deadly Seaweed Man for the next clue.[378] Namor defeated the seaweed creature and was directed toward the Diamonds of Doom, the next stop on his quest. When facing the diamonds Namor found that they began to sap his great strength.[379] He managed to best the Diamonds of Doom as well as their keeper the so-called Demon of the Diamonds. He was then alerted by passing electric eels that Lady Dorma had been imprisoned in the domain of the Faceless Ones by Krang. While he deeply feared for her safety, the Sub-Mariner decided to abandon his quest in order to save her.[380] Namor then travelled to the cave of the Faceless Ones and came to the defence of Lady Dorma. Fighting against impossible odds, Namor refused to give up even in the face of death.[381]
Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) Neptune's Trident

Namor with Neptune's Trident.

Just as it appeared that the creatures were going to close in on him, the creatures stopped when suddenly the spirit of Neptune appeared before him. Upon learning that Namor conceded his quest to save the woman he loved, Neptune decreed that Namor succeeded in his quest as the Sub-Mariner proved that he was worthy to rule his people. Neptune then had the Faceless Ones present his trident to Namor before they all disappeared. Just then, Namor was approached by Vashti who warned him that Krang was using a Robo-Tank to quell an uprising. With Dorma needing immediate medical attention, Namor stormed Atlantis and fought his way through armed guards and the Robo-Tank in order to get her to a Revitalizer Ray to restore her to health.[382] When Krang attempted to interfere with Dorma's treatment, defeated Krang in combat and then saved Dorma's life. With the crown of Atlantis liberated, Namor was rejoyed and he made Dorma his royal consort and appointed Vashti as his advisor. Namor's first duty as restored ruler of Atlantis was to sentence Krang into exile.[383] Namor and an army of Atlanteans were later pulled forward in time to assist Aron the Rogue Watcher against the Fantastic Four and Fantastic Force. When Aron was defeated, all his thralls were returned to their proper time and place with no memory of what happened.[384]

The Behemoth

Not long after Krang's exile, Atlantis began suffering a series of earthquakes. Namor instantly blamed the surface world for these disasters and contemplated going to war, but decided to investigate the source of the earthquakes on his own over fears that the quakes might unleash the Behemoth (a genetically engineered creature of Atlantean creation) from the depths below his kingdom. Going out into the sea, Namor came across a giant drilling platform that was constructed by the military. Fighting his way on board he confronted Professor Henry Pym and his fiancée Janet van Dyne (formally Giant-Man and Wasp of the Avengers) and demanded that they stop drilling in his domain.[385] When they refused, Namor began trashing the platform until suddenly he was once more taken under the control of the Puppet Master and made to leave.[386][387] Needing money to fund his criminal operations, the Puppet Master then forced the Sub-Mariner to rob a bank. However when Namor brought back non-negotiable bonds, the Puppet Master sent him back to get cash. When Namor returned to the scene of the crime he found soldiers waiting for him.[386] Namor fought his way to freedom, but was clipped in the shoulder by a bullet. Losing blood rapidly, the monarch fell off the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson River. He was found by Lady Dorma who came to warn him that the Behemoth had managed to escape. Having been freed by the Puppet Master's control due to contact with the water, Namor returned with her to Atlantis to fight the beast.[388]

Meanwhile, the exiled Warlord Krang had tracked down the Puppet Master himself and forced the villain to create a puppet of the Behemoth from Krang to control. As Namor fought the beast as Krang controlled it from afar. However Namor unknowingly severed the connection between the Behemoth and the puppet Krang was controlling with eels and then trapped it in so-called Quagmire of Doom. While Namor was occupied, Krang confronted Dorma and tricked her into thinking he still controlled the Behemoth and ordered Dorma to leave with him and agree to marry him in order to spare Namor's life. Dorma agreed to the terms and left after telling Vashti that she was leaving with Krang, but not explaining why.[389]

The Hunt for Krang

When Namor learned that his true love left him for his greatest enemy, the Sub-Mariner went into a fury and punished all those related to Dorma before ordering his troops to search for her. Learning that Krang and Dorma fled to the surface world, Namor went after them.[390] Surfacing near Flushing, New York, Namor witnessed a battle between Krang and Iron Man which ended with Krang and Dorma fleeing in his ship.[391] Blaming the golden Avenger for his foe getting away, Namor followed Iron Man to the Stark Industries factory and attacked him there.[389] After a prolonged battle with Iron Man and the authorities, Namor happened to spot Krang's ship out at sea again and broke off the battle to follow after his foe.[392] Krang then lured Namor into the heart of New York City, which was already on alert due to the Hulk being sighted in the area. As Namor attacked Krang's ship, he was watched by Number One, leader of the recently toppled Secret Empire who hoped to use Namor to get revenge against the Hulk. Number One took advantage of the situation when Namor was stricken with amnesia by one of the weapons on Krang's ship. Number One fished Namor out of New York Harbour and convinced him that they were allies.[393]

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) victory over Krang

Victory over Warlord Krang

Fitting Namor with control devices in his ears and a communicator necklace, Number One then sent the amnesic Namor out into New York to hunt down the Hulk. After a number of run ins and only finding a film reel about the Hulk's most recent exploits, the Sub-Mariner became frustrated and took to the air where he was once again blasted by Krang's weapons and fell into the harbour once again.[394] With the water restoring his memories, Namor discarded the control devices and radio from Number One and continued his pursuit of Krang and Dorma,[395] until Krang used his ship to cause a massive tidal wave that flooded New York City. Getting to a radio receiver, Namor then attempted to contact Atlantis and when that failed he tipped the authorities off to the location of Krang's ship. Krang and Dorma were then caught by the military who ordered Namor to surrender to save their lives. Knowing that he was heading into a trap, Namor went anyway.[396] Namor fought through the military and rescued both Krang and Dorm and returned them to the sea. There, Namor finally learned why Dorma left him and sent her to Lord Vashti while he fought Krang. Vashti then teleported Namor and Krang back to the kingdom where Krang was subdued. The Sub-Mariner then accepted Krang's challenge of a trial by combat. Namor ultimately bested Krang once more in combat and he was ordered to be locked away until further notice.[397]

Ousted by Byrrah

Shortly after order was restored, Namor repelled an invasion by the warlord Attuma and his minions. However Attuma soon obtained an alien Servo-Robot and unleashed it upon Atlantis.[398] Namor keep the robot away from Atlantis until Lady Dorma was able to use a device to contact the aliens who owned the robot and they were able to recover it. With the robot gone, Attuma and his warriors then fled.[399]

Despite all of the times that the Sub-Mariner came to defend his people, he soon became subject to a smear campaign launched by Byrrah who had spent to convening years hiding his contempt for Namor to earn public trust while waiting for the perfect moment to oust Namor as ruler of Atlantis. Using specially constructed lights to bend the peoples will, Byrrah managed to sow discontent among the Atlantean people that they were calling for a plebiscite. Byrrah took it a step further by challenging Namor to a one-on-one battle, which he easily won thanks to weapons he hid in the battle arena.[400] As the new ruler of Atlantis, Byrrah then had Namor arrested while at the same time making an alliance with both Attuma and Krang. Byrrah then had Namor exiled to Inferno Isle, where the disposed monarch had to face against a deadly creature dubbed the Terror of Inferno Isle. While Namor fought for his life, Lady Dorma and Lord Vashti discovered what so easily turned their fellow Atlanteans against Namor and broke Byrrah's special lights freeing the people and sending them into a revolt. Namor ultimately destroyed the terror and returned to his kingdom and easily defeated Attuma and Krang who fled. With Byrrah defeated, leadership of Atlantis was given back to Namor who sent Byrrah into exile.[401]

Against the Surface World

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) with the Cosmic Cube

Namor with the Cosmic Cube.

Namor soon turned his rage back toward the surface world after an American naval submarine crossed into Atlantean waters for weapons testing. Namor quickly incapacitated the sub and then followed it back to a US Navy base on the island of Puerto Nuevo in the Caribbean, where he attacked the base. Incidentally enough the Avengers arrived at the scene searching for the Cosmic Cube. During the fight, Hercules let slip what they were looking for, prompting Namor to look for it as well. Finding the Cube buried in the silt beneath the waves, Namor used the power of the Cube to fashion it into a pendant that he could wear. He then used the Cube to create a creature to fight the Avengers while he battled Hercules alone. Ultimately, the Wasp discovered that Namor was using the Cube and broke the necklace her wore. The Cube then fell into a pit that Namor caused and it soon sealed up once the Cube fell out of range. Without the Cosmic Cube to use against the Avengers, Namor fled back into the oceans vowing to avenge his defeat.[402]

Back in Atlantis, Namor and Dorma witnessed as a barrel of radioactive waste was dumped near Atlantis from a passing submarine. Furious, Namor tossed the barrel into a deep fissure on the ocean floor, accidentally and unknowingly awakening a creature known as It, the Silent One. Namor returned to his kingdom and then ordered a war party to attack surface dwellers. However on their way out on their task, they were attacked and slain by It, all except for one. After being told of the attack by its lone survivor, Namor rushed out alone to attack the creature, which he incorrectly assumed was a human made robot. As the two fought, they were spotted by a naval submarine that also entered the fray.[403] Temporarily felling It, Namor then attacked the submarine until the Silent One returned to the fight. Although fighting a losing battle, Namor ultimately won when he rammed It into the bulk head of the sub forcing it to retreat and take the monster with it. Namor returned home victorious but was suffering from radiation poisoning due to his prolonged exposure to It's radioactive body. After spending weeks healing and making a full recovery, Namor then called for his people to go to war against the surface world.[404] Soon after Namor called his war council he received an invitation by a warlord named Dragorr to join him in conquering the world. Finding the surface dweller's offer arrogant, Namor ignored Lady Dorma's warnings and sped off to confront Dragorr alone. Unknown to Namor at the time, Dragorr was really a robot construct controlled by a brilliant scientist known as the Gnome who sought to capture and enslave the Sub-Mariner as a show of power to his foes who were trying to topple his government and replace it with a democracy. Sure enough when Namor arrive, he was quickly captured and forced to do "Dragorr's" bidding thanks to an electrified beam that forced Namor to do what he was told. Namor fought against the resistance fighters seeking to remove Dragorr until Lady Dorma arrived and freed Namor. Namor then fought Dragorr, smashing his robot body and revealing the diminutive controller inside. After the Gnome was defeated he was quickly captured by the resistance fighters. Despite the grateful resisters, this incident did nothing to quell Namor's desire for war against the surface.[405]

On the trip back to Atlantis, Namor came across an undersea city constructed by scientist Walter Newell who constructed it in the hopes of solving overpopulation on the surface. Furious at this most recent affront, Namor attacked the city but his attack was interrupted by the arrival of the Plunderer who sought to steal valuables from the facility. Namor battles the Plunderer but was forced to let the Plunderer escape to rescue Dorma from his henchmen.[406] Returning to Atlantis, Namor once again called his people to prepare for war against the surface world and decided to start with the Pluderer. Having overheard that the Plunderer made his secret hideout on Skull Island in the Antarctic Savage Land, Namor headed into the region stopping briefly in the ruins of old Atlantis to pay his respects at his mothers grave. Still unable to remember what caused the destruction of his native home, Namor vowed that Atlantis would get revenge against the surface people. Namor then continued on to Skull Island where he clashed with the Plunderer and his advanced weapons. The Sub-Mariner was forced to pull back when he was informed that Lady Dorma followed him again and was injured in the initial attack. He then sent Dorma back to Atlantis and went back to battle again. However the Plunderer was ready for Namor and easily captured. As Namor was imprisoned in energy rings, he was unaware that he was being monitored by Vashti and Dorma back home. When the Plunderer offered Namor an alliance, the audio of the transmission cut out leaving Dorma and Vashti to believe that Namor agreed to side with the pirate.[7] However Namor's captivity was short lived thanks to an unexpected attack from the Savage Land's Swamp Men. Namor gained the upper hand against the Plunderer until the leader of the Swamp Men, not understanding what was going on, dropped a massive boulder on the Atlantean prince. With the other Swamp Men having set fire to his compound, the Plunderer and his minions then fled leaving Namor to die in the fire. Namor however managed to break free from the rock thanks to water from a dripping pipe. Fleeing the inferno, Namor rescued the leader of the Swamp Men just moments before the entire fortress exploded. Namor then brought the leader back to his people and he was celebrated as a hero. Namor then waited until he had healed enough to make the return trip home, completely unaware that the Atlantean Council of Elders had decreed that their monarch was now an enemy of his people.[407]


Unaware that he was exiled from Atlantis, Namor rushed after the Plunderer, but arrived too late to stop the pirate's attack on his kingdom. The volley of attacks between the Plunderer and Atlantis also drew in a US Naval sub whose crew, thinking Atlantis was firing upon them, dropped a load of depth charges on the fabled city. As Namor came to the aid of his people the charges decimated the city and destroyed the Plunderer's sub, forcing him to flee in a smaller craft, and Namor was knocked out by the blast.[408] Namor revived just in time to see a fleet of Atlantean attack cruisers chase after the naval sub. Seeing that one of the vehicles had an untested hurricane inducer, Namor chased after it to prevent its use as he feared it could cause untold destruction to his people. Catching up with the ship, Namor forced the crew out and damaged the machine. However when it was about to explode he piloted it away from the other ships, under the command of Warlord Seth, saving their lives. However the people of Atlantis were led to believe that Namor was killed in the explosion that saved the lives of their soldiers, while Namor continued away from his home thinking he was still in exile.[409]

Holing up in an old Atlantean outpost, the Sub-Mariner viewed recent video footage of the Hulk and decided to once more seek him out as an ally. However when he returned to the surface he incidentally fouled an attempt by the Puppet Master to steal a newly developed hydrofoil craft. Furious of Namor's continued interference in his plans, the Puppet Master came to the same conclusion as Namor: using the Hulk. The Puppet Master then created a puppet of the Hulk and sent him to intercept Namor off the coast of Miami. The two battled across the city until the Hulk faltered when ordered to kill Namor by the Puppet Master. Namor took this moment of resistance to knock the Hulk into the ocean and defeat him there by creating a massive tidal wave. The wave also destroyed the Puppet Master's base, seemingly drowning Namor's unknown foe and reverted the Hulk back into Bruce Banner. Finding Banner on a beach and having never seen the Hulk's human form before, Namor presumed the Hulk was defeated and left Banner to his fate on the island.[410] Soon after his battle, Namor began being plagued by dreams of Destiny, and became more determined than ever to uncover the truth about the missing years of memories. The memories drew him back to the Antarctic where he uncovered the cavern of the Ancients. He was then attacked by a massive robot constructed out of ice but easily bested the construct. However in doing so, he also freed Destiny from the hidden chamber as well.[411] Destiny revealed that he was the one responsible for old Atlantis and when Namor attack, he used his Helmet of Power to immobilize the Sub-Mariner. Destiny then revealed his connection to Namor's father, Leonard McKenzie. Before Destiny could tell Namor any more, the Sub-Mariner broke free and attacked again but Destiny managed to cause the cavern to cave in, burring Namor alive. Destiny then fled, now that his powers were at their zenith, and left Namor to die in his icy tomb.[412]

Namor still lived and now mentally connected to Destiny, he soon relived the moments of Atlantis' destruction, learning that Destiny was responsible for the death of his mother and Emperor Thakorr and the cause of his decades long amnesia. Revitalized by the water from the melting ice, Namor then broke free and vowed to track down and get revenge on Destiny.[347] Namor decided to swallow his pride and seek the aid of Mr. Fantastic to help him locate Destiny. Along the way to New York City, he crossed paths with a vessel piloted by the villain known as Plantman who was creating deadly plants to get revenge against the world. His craft was also discovered by the Inhumans who sent their water borne member Triton to also investigate the craft. Not wishing to be stopped, the Plantman tricked Namor and Triton to fight each other instead. The two fought until Plantman created a seaweed creature to capture them and take the pair prisoner. He then took them to the city of London, England which he planned to attack in revenge for his impoverished upbringing.[413] He unleashed the massive seaweed monster dubbed Leviathan on London, but the creature was ultimately destroyed when Namor and Triton managed to break free and slay the beast. With Leviathan destroyed Planetman fled. Deeming Triton an true friend, Namor then returned to the ocean and continued on his course to New York City.[414] Along the way, Namor came across his people who had become roaming nomads since the destruction of Atlantis and since became enslaved by Attuma and his warrior hordes. Namor came to his people's aid and after he was convinced that Lady Dorma and Lord Vashti were slain, agreed to battle Attuma in one-on-one combat. Attuma had the upper hand thanks to a suit of electrified armor that he constructed. However, far from dead, Lady Dorma managed to break free and smash the device empowering Attuma. Namor easily defeated Attum and drove his warriors fleeing. Still believing that Dorma was dead, Namor promptly left his people believing that he had no other reason to stay with them.[415]

Resuming his course to New York City, Namor had decided to put aside his differences toward the human race. He then crossed paths with an NASA satellite that was sent crashing to Earth by Kree commander Yon-Rogg. When a NASA crew came to retrieve the satellite contained deadly bacteria that was intended to be tested in space. With the timer on the satellite still operational, there was risk the bacteria would be released and decimate the entire population of New York. Namor dived down to destroy the bacteria. However, aboard the NASA vessel was Kree infiltrator Mar-Vell who was posing as Dr. Walter Lawson and was also secretly Captain Marvel, a man who the people of Earth believed a hero, completely unaware that he was spying on Earth for the Kree. Yon-Rogg sent orders to Mar-Vell to ensure that the bacteria was released. Having to follow orders, Mar-Vell changed into his uniform and clashed with Namor, although he had no desire to slay innocent earthmen. Mar-Vell instead feigned to lose the battle, allowing Namor to destroy the sample and then fled leaving Namor to continue on his way.[416]

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) battling Tiger Shark

Namor battles Tiger Shark for the Atlantean throne.

The exploding satellite forced Namor to seek a nearby island to rest, but the weakened exile was easily captured by scientist Doctor Lemuel Dorcas. Dorcas then used Namor and the DNA from sharks to mutate swimmer Todd Arliss into Tiger Shark. Driven insane by the process, Tiger Shark ignored the pleas of his sister Diane and the orders of Dorcas. After defeating a weakened Namor, Tiger Shark then sped toward Atlantis to try and claim it. He instead crossed paths with Lady Dorma, who believing Namor was still alive had left her people to search for him. Namor came to Dorma's rescue but he was defeated when Tiger Shark crushed Dorma's craft on him.[417] Namor pulled himself out of the rubble, accidentally injuring Diane in the process. After forcing Dorcas to treat her injuries, Namor followed Tiger Shark all the way to the Atlantean nomads. There he learned that Tiger Shark defeated Warlord Seth in combat and claimed Neptune's Trident as his own. Namor then challenged Tiger Shark to a battle, and defeated him as well. However in sparing Tiger Shark's life, Namor convinced his people that he was fit to rule them again and his exile was lifted.[418]

The Serpent Crown

With the defeat of Tiger Shark, Namor had his foe placed in the care of Atlantean scientist Ikthon and found a new location for Atlantis to be rebuilt. Seeking to inform Diane of her brother's fate, Namor and Dorma tracked her to New York City. There they discovered that Destiny in his civilian guise was using his Helmet of Power to gain momentum in the electoral race for the new United States president. After some skirmishes with the authorities while trying to learn Destiny's location, Namor and Dorma fled to Diane Arliss' apartment. There they learned that Destiny was going to address the entire nation on television that evening. Namor stormed the television station interrupting Destiny's speech before he could use the helmet's power to enslave the entire country. The two fought up on the roof of the building. Destiny, having grown completely insane from the helmet's power believed he had slain Namor and thinking he had become invincible discarded it and attempted to levitate off the building, falling to his death instead.[419] The authorities tried to stop apprehend Namor for questioning but was forced to flee when the pill that Dorma needed to take to breath on the surface began wearing off. He then rushed her to Diane's apartment to be treated. While Dorma slept, Namor told Diane about his first love, Betty Dean. He then heard reports that the authorities were going to transport the Helmet of Power to Washington D.C. for examination. Rushing to the police station he arrived to late to stop the authorities from handing it over to the Thing. With his old foe unwilling to listen regarding the dangers of the helmet, Namor was forced to battle the Thing to get it. Namor gained the upper hand and was about to trounce the Thing when he was stopped by Betty Dean, now Betty Prentis an elderly widow, who convinced Namor to case his hostilities and leave. Recognizing who she was, Namor agreed but was unable to stop Betty from fleeing.[39]

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) Serpent Crown

Namor wearing the Serpent Crown.

Namor and Dorma returned the Helmet of Power to Atlantis for study, but Namor found that it began to influence Dorma to wear it, and gave it to Ikthon for study. Namor then went on a quest with Warlord Seth to find the Herbs of Healing in the Abyss of Doom in order to try and cure Tiger Shark. However when they entered the Abyss, they were attacked by a Lethe-Beast. During the battle, Namor was exposed to gas excreted from the creature and lost his memory. Namor spent the next few days swimming the oceans until his memory returned. Returning to Atlantis, he found the the Helmet of Power shed it's outer shell revealing the Serpent Crown underneath and that Dorma now wore it. His people under the influence of the crown, they captured Namor and attempted to sacrifice him to Naga the ruler of Lemuria. Namor managed to break free and snatch the crown from Dorma's brow. Unable to destroy the crown, Namor then fled and tried to learn its secrets by wearing it. He was shown visions of Naga and the origins of Lemuria and was forced to throw the Serpent Crown before it destroyed him.[420] Going to recover the crown, he battled with Karthon the Quester who was seeking to reclaim the Serpent Crown for Naga. However, their battle was interrupted by the pirate known as Captain Barracuda who captured the pair. When they refused to tell him the importance of the Serpent Crown, Barracuda then stole an atomic detonator to put in one of his torpedoes to threaten various ports along the eastern coast. When Namor broke himself and Karthon free, Namor was forced to choose between going after Karthon and the Serpent Crown, fighting Barracuda or stopping a torpedo fired at a Florida Naval port.[421] Namor went after the torpedo but was attacked by the soldiers at the port because they thought he was attacking. This proved to be a distraction to allow Barracuda to steal a device that could divert torpedoes. However this proved to Barracuda's undoing when he accidentally activated it sending a torpedo meant for Namor slamming into his sub, allowing Namor to slip away to pursue Karthon in the confusion.[422]

Namor tracked Karthon all the way to the Panama Canal where the two clashed and was impeded thanks to the guards protecting the locks. When Namor was knocked out, Karthon took him prisoner and using spores from a sub-sea pod plant, made Namor a temporary slave. Bringing Namor to Lemuria, Karthon gave the Serpent Crown to Naga, who believed the long stolen crown would restore his youth. However it failed to do so, and Namor—now free from the spores control—tried to fight against Naga. Naga in turn set Namor against the Questors, and an illusionary creature dubbed Krustatos. Namor beat both of these attacks, but then was led to believe he slew Dorma while trying to kill Naga in a cave in.[423] Unyielding even when faced with his lovers apparent demise, Namor continued to fight back against Naga, against more Questers, his Weapons-Men from the Abyss, and the creature known as Gargantos. Namor defeated all these foes, forcing Naga to fight Namor directly. During his attack, Naga revealed that "Dorma" was really Karthon's sister. Furious that his ruler slew his sister, Karthon came to Namor's aid, killing Naga and recovering the Serpent Crown. Namor then forced Karthon to relinquish the crown, leaving it with Naga's corpse while the entire population fled Lemuria, which exploded shortly thereafter. With the threat of the Serpent Crown seemingly gone for good, Namor venture back to Atlantis.[424]

Old Allies Return

On his way back to Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner investigated a strange volcanic eruption that was happening on the pacific. There he was attacked by what appeared to be the original android Human Torch from World War II, who was apparently a slave of the Mad Thinker. The pair battled until Namor broke the command collar that made the "Torch" his slave and in battling to stop the Thinker's scheme with the Puppet Master and Egghead from decimating the United States. During the course of the battle, it was revealed that the "Torch" was in reality his old partner Toro, who had been brainwashed and manipulated by the Thinker. Toro then sacrificed his life to stop the Thinker.[425][426] When Namor returned to Atlantis he learned that Tiger Shark managed to escape captivity while his people were under the influence of the Serpent Crown and that Lady Dorma was kidnapped by Diane Arliss, who believed that Namor was keeping her brother hostage, and now held Dorma prisoner at Empire State University. Namor went after Dorma where he found her working with Dr. Dorcas and Professor Gregson Gilbert inventor of the Dragon Man android. Fighting the Dragon Man, Namor managed to free Dorma and incapacitate the android, then vowed to Diane that he would recover her brother for her.[427]

Namor had his elite soldiers search all over the oceans of Earth to find Tiger Shark and they determined that he had entered the Sargasso Sea. There Namor found Tiger Shark in the company of the People of the Mist, various mariners who were caught in the Sargasso over the centuries. Namor learned that one of the mist dwellers was a Nazi trying to free his U-Boat to unleash a biological weapon on the United States. Tiger Shark assisted most of the mist dwellers in escaping but they rapidly aged and most died. Namor then stopped their plot with the help of Dorma and Walter Newell, blowing up the U-Boat before it's deadly cargo could be unleashed an unsuspecting world. However Tiger Shark managed to escape once again, and Namor vowed that when next they met he would kill Tiger Shark.[428] Namor then returned to Atlantis, and shortly thereafter Dorma brought the injured Bruce Banner to Atlantis to recover from his injuries from a battle with the Leader. Seeing this was Mistress Fara a rival from Namor's affection. She attempted to convince Namor that Dorma was conspiring with a surface dweller. Namor went to confront Dorma and their argument prompted Banner to transform into the Hulk. Thinking that Dorma was being held hostage, the Sub-Mariner and Hulk fought it out in Atlantis. Fara was slain in the ensuing carnage, and Namor eventually ejected Hulk from his domain. When the Hulk reverted back into Bruce Banner on a deserted isle, the Sub-Mariner was confused by finding a normal man in the place of the Hulk and returned to the ocean.[429]

Amphibian No More

Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) gills

X-Ray of Namor's gills.

It was at this time that the Atlantean priest Kormok began plotting against Namor in order to seize the throne. To this end he plotted with Dynorr the Stalker of the Alpha Centaurians. Kormok then convinced Namor that he had to take the Trident of Neptune to old Atlantis and dip it into a flaming brazier as part of the Ritual of Renewal that would prove that Namor was still fit to rule them. However, Namor was attacked by Dynorr along the way and Namor's failure to return allowed Kormok to convince the Council of Elders to name him the new leader of Atlantis. Namor was able to hold his own against the Stalker until his minions aboard his ship used a "Funnel-Beam" to pull Namor aboard their vessel.[430] There the Alpha Centaurians examined Namor to learn how he was able to breath on both land and sea, finding gills behind his ears and lungs. They informed him that they learned of him from Triton of the Inhumans who was also their prisoner, and that the intended to steal Earth's supply of water to revitalize their planet. The Sub-Mariner then managed to break free and also rescue Triton from captivity. The pair fought against impossible odds in the Alpha Centurian ship. Being able to survive the vacuum of space for a short period of time, Namor broke through the hull of the ship and managed to reverse the flow of the Funnel-Beam that was sucking all the water from Earth. Blacking out in the void, Namor was brought aboard he was told that he was experimented upon by the Centurian scientists and that he would soon find out what they did to him. However the reversal of the Funnel-Beam caused all the water from Alpha Centuri to flow to the Earth and the planet was scorched by the planet's twin suns. Furious that the Stalker failed them, the other Alpha Centurians slew him as Namor and Triton fled back to Earth in a Funnel-Beam. It was here that Namor realized what the aliens had done to him: They had surgically closed his gills and crippled his ankle wings making him incapable of breathing underwater or fly. Recovering on Coney Island beach, Namor gave Triton the Triton of Neptune to return to his people and tell them what happened.[431]

Stripped of his ability to breath under water, Namor was chased off the beach by the NYPD. As he attempted to flee he was captured by Walter Newell, who had developed a costumed identity of String-Ray. Namor was then turned over to the authorities, but he refused to talk or answer to any of the crimes he was accused of. Namor escaped and fled into the sewers, pursued by Sting-Ray. The two battled it out, but their fight compromised the structural integrity of the Brooklyn Bridge. When Namor endangered his life to help stabilize the bridge, Sting-Ray saved him from drowning and decided to let Namor go.[432] Chased through New York by the National Guard, Namor was given refuge within the Latverian embassy by Dr. Doom who sought to form another alliance with the Sub-Mariner. When Namor informed Doom that he no longer wished to conquer the surface world and refused to provide his Atlantean armies for world domination, Doom then had all sources of water in the embassy cut off in an effort to force Namor to comply. When Namor continued to defy Doom, he then set his staff against Namor. Namor in turn started a fire, prompting fire fighters to come to put out the blaze. Revitalized by the water from the fire hoses, Namor was able to escape the embassy and fled into the night.[433]


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