The past history of Namor of Earth-772 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until the point when Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four. In this reality, the addition of Spider-Man onto the team would make Mr. Fantastic regularly place Sue Storm on the side-lines. Especially when they would race to the moon to beat the Russians.

The Puppet Master would decide to seize this opportunity by taking control of the Sub-Mariner with one of his puppets and having him contact Sue Storm and asking her to come to him. Answering his call out of loneliness, Sue would be captured and taken prisoner by the enslaved Sub-Mariner. When the rest of the Fantastic Five would return to Earth they would find Sue missing and would be told by Namor that she is his prisoner. The FF would travel to Atlantis and battle the Sub-Mariner to save her. During the fight, the octopus that would be guarding Sue would get freed and crush the submarine used by the Puppet Master, seemingly killing the foe and freeing Namor from his control. With the battle over, Sue would decide to stay with Namor to pursue a relationship with him much to the shock of the other members of the FF. Namor would put her through a process that would make her a water breather while keeping her beautiful body, a process which was seemingly permanent[1].

Namor and Sue would soon be married and Sue would become both Namor's queen and pregnant with their child, a boy. With this momentous occasion, the Sub-Mariner would go to the Baxter Building to invite the rest of the Fantastic Four to witness the birth of the next Atlantean prince. Namor would not expect that both Reed and Johnny would be bitter about Sue's relationship with Namor and attack him. Namor would leave vowing that he would not engage in acts of war against the surface in respect toward Sue.

However, Reed and Johnny would target Atlantis seeking to eliminate the entire race and force Sue to come back to the surface. To this end Reed would develop a bomb that would eliminate the oxygen from the waters around Atlantis in the hopes to suffocate all the people of Atlantis. Reed and Johnny would clash with Namor and the Atlantean army until Reed would learn that Sue was pregnant and would disarm his bomb and help with the delivery, Sue would give birth to a son that she and Namor would name Leonard. Reed would depart Atlantis making peace with Namor, however Johnny would escape vowing to get revenge[2].

Sometime after Sue would regain her ability to breath on land and leave Namor and reunite with the Fantastic Five, becoming pregnant with a child with Reed[3]. The circumstances behind this and the ultimate fate of Namor remains unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Namor McKenzie (Earth-616)#Powers.

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