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Captain Namor was a widely infamous pirate of the seven seas and an associate of Tony Stark, who paid him for the numerous voyages on his adventures. Namor considered himself as a man of the sea and didn't share any allegiances to any countries or nations. As part of his tradition as a pirate, Namor marked himself and his crew by slicing their ears to look like shark's fins. He captained the Dorma, an advanced submarine, while taking the guise of a fishing trawler.

In May 1939, Namor was hired by Stark in finding the location of Atlantis. He traveled with Stark, James Rhodes, and Pepper Potts on the submersible, the Happy Hogan, to locate Atlantis and find the valuable Orichalcum. Upon returning to the surface, Namor and his friends were immediately captured by the Nazis led by Baron Zemo and Von Strucker, and the Orichalcum was stolen by them. Namor and his allies were then left to die on his trawler by torpedo; however, Namor took action in having everyone quickly board the Dorma and escape before the torpedo destroyed the trawler. Namor later rescued Stark following the destruction of Von Strucker's airship fleet, as (in Namor's words) Stark owed him a boat for the destruction of his trawler.[1]





  • Namor's characteristic and reputation as a pirate without nations is similar to Captain Nemo from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

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