Namor was one of the earliest mutants and in the early 1900's, after years of prejudice and hate, sought revenge by flooding New York City, killing tens of thousands. After the Human Torch and other heroes of the time rescued as many survivors as they could, they began the search for Namor, but were unable to find him.[1]

At some unknown point, Namor had amnesia and remained a homeless derelict until decades later, when he was thrown into the water by a roughneck sailor. Upon reviving and discovering that Atlantis was destroyed, Namor declined Magneto's invitation to join the Brotherhood, and went on a rampage in New York, this time being stopped by the Fantastic Four.[2]


Same as Namor of Earth-616


Same as Namor of Earth-616

  • In the Additional Reading section of X-Men: Grand Design #1, Human Torch Comics #5 (Fall) is cited at the issue where Namor flooded New York City. In the original story, many NYC citizens were prepared due to being warned ahead of time of Namor's attack.[3][4] X-Men: Grand Design #1 instead shows that on Earth-TRN686, Namor's attack was far more devastating, as it caused destruction that would take NYC a decade to recover from, and killed tens of thousands.
  • Since the heroes (including the Torch) of the time were unable to find Namor, it's assumed that events diverted further from the original Human Torch story. At the end of that story, Namor was pardoned by the US as Rathia was revealed as the manipulator. In Grand Design, none of the superheroes were able to find Namor after the flooding, and decades later, NYC citizens and Senator Kelly still blamed Namor for the death and destruction.[1]
  • The Additional Reading section of X-Men: Grand Design #2 cites Fantastic Four #4 and X-Men #6 as sources for Namor's revival in Grand Design. However, the events in X-Men: Grand Design #2 play out differently: Namor is thrown into the water by a sailor, regained his memory, and traveled back to Atlantis to find out it was destroyed. While there, Namor received an offer from Magneto to join him, and then first fought the Fantastic Four afterwards. In the cited comics, Namor is revived and regained his memory when the Human Torch threw him in the water, then proceeded to discover Atlantis was destroyed, went on a rampage, and fought the Fantastic Four. The X-Men issue showed Namor frustrated with being defeated by the Fantastic Four before meeting Magneto later.

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