Namor summoning a tsunami

Namor's Yari spear

Namor Miyamoto was the protector of Imperial Japan and estranged prince of Great Atlantis. After Xavier and his allies (Nazis, Imperial Japanese, Soviets and Italians) conquered the world, and Xavier turned back against them, the Atlanteans, who had hoped humanity would wipe themselves out with their warring, flooded the world to take it for themselves. However, Namor was angered and fought against the Atlanteans. Xavier had others plans though. After saving around 500 Aryans, Xavier bombed Atlantis, decimating the Atlantean race. For the next ten years, Namor searched for Xavier to enact revenge.[1]

When the X-Men arrived during their hunt for evil Xaviers, they were attacked by Namor. Xavier rescued them and claimed to be protecting the last of humanity. "Nazi" Xavier withheld information about his true motives, but Xavier Head claimed to believe.[2] Dazzler and Corporal Summers both had their misgivings, and after defeating Namor, Dazzler wounded Xavier, and the Atlantean mutant achieved his revenge by decapitating him. Still consumed by grief for both his fallen peoples, Namor refused to join in the celebration of Xavier's death.[1]



  • Yari spear with a curved blade.
  • When facing Hercules, Namor mentioned that he didn't think any gods had survived, and that he would rectify the problem. Presumably, the gods died with the other surface dwellers during the flood.

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