Quote1.png Misty...I don't know why you want to do this to yourself -- but if the only thing that will convince you I am really Danny Rand is to place yourself on the receiving end of my iron fist...I will be more than happy to accommodate you! Quote2.png
-- "Danny Rand" to Misty Knight moments before severing her bionic arm

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Synopsis for "Dark Nativity"

Namor reads about German Unification in the newspaper and it concerns him greatly as he and the Invaders fought against German aggression in World War II. He seeks out Captain America and talks with him. Cap is also following the results with interest. Namor decides to visit Germany to see things for himself. Namorita decides to go with him for "shopping" purposes.

Phoebe Marrs and her brother Desmond talk about their duplicity with Namor. Desmond laughs, but Phoebe appears to be developing feelings for Namor. Colleen Wing and Misty Knight visit the Rand-Meachum Corporation investigating the man who claims to be Misty's old boyfriend, Danny Rand. Knight confronts "Rand" and rips his shirt telling him that Rand has the distinctive "Heart of the Dragon" tattoo on his chest. Rand has the distinctive tattoo. Knight then tells him that the true Daniel Rand has the power of the "Iron Fist". To prove that he is "Iron Fist", "Rand" grabs Misty's bionic arm and tears it from her body. He tells the two that he does not want any contact with them. Colleen helps Misty leave the building with her bionic arm dangling.

In Berlin while driving to their hotel, Namor sees something that disturbs him. He quickly tells Namorita that he wants to walk awhile alone. Namorita is suspicious and follows Namor (unbeknownst to the Sea Prince).

Namor thinks he saw his old foe Master Man. He follows him to a warehouse where he sees the inert body of his old friend and ally the original Human Torch. It is explained that both Master Man and his "wife" Warrior Woman were frozen cryogenically in 1945. They have been recently awakened. Master Man is in excellent condition, but Warrior Woman's stasis was neglected in East Berlin. Doctor Krause is certain that she is brain damaged.

Krause believes that a blood transfusion from the Human Torch would revive her currently unconscious body. Namor intervenes. He and Master Man fight. Namor eventually pummels his old foe, but at that precise moment, he is struck down by a now revived Warrior Woman. To Be Continued!


  • Warrior Woman was introduced to the Marvel Universe years ago under the assumed alias of "Julia". For years of continuity, she was known as "Freida Ratsel". This issue she is referred to as "Julia" which is assumed to be her true name: Julia Koenig.
  • No letters page is published this issue.

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