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Synopsis for "Reunion"

Namor has been captured and imprisoned in a steam-like container to slowly sap his strength. He is forced to watch one of his captors torment Ann Raymond. Enraged, Namor summons the last of his strength and shatters his bonds. He savages all of his tormentors. However, he is hallucinating that his opponents are Nazis from World War II. The effects of his steam torture appear to be having this effect upon the Sea-Prince.

Back in New York City, Misty Knight has had surgery on her severed bionic arm ar the Howard Stark Memorial Hospital. She and Colleen Wing appear to still be puzzled by the man New York that claims to be Danny Rand.

In Berlin, one of Namor's of attackers hits him in the back of the head, and Namor falls. However, he sees coming to his resuce Union Jack, Spitfire, and Namora, all heroes from World War II as well. How can this be? To Be Continued Next Issue...


  • Namorita appears in one panel this issue and in it, Namor hallucinates that she is his first cousin, the older Namora.
  • This issue features a letters page, Alternating Currents. Letters are published from Dr. P.A. Dating, Jacob Gilbert, Bradrod R. Poston, and Larry Feldman.
  • The letters page states, "Various sources have Steve Rogers nativity as early as 1917 making him 21 when he became Cap." This is an editorial response from Marvel Comics probably under the auspices of John Byrne.

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