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Union Jack III (Joey Chapman) upon seeing that Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth) has had her youth restored by The Human Torch (original) (Jim Hammond)

Appearing in "The Invaders Fight Again"

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Synopsis for "The Invaders Fight Again"

A weakened and hallucinating Namor is getting beaten badly in Berlin. Namorita tries to help her cousin but is also beaten by thugs. She flies back to England to enlist the aid of an elderly Jacqueline Falsworth. Lady Jacqueline tried to contact Captain America at Avengers Mansion, but he is not there. Despite her advanced age, she and Union Jack agree to fly over an assist. They arrive in time to assist Namor who not only is fighting the old Master Man but a new one Axl Nacht. Axl has taken the Super Soldier serum to impress his unrequited love, Warrior Woman.

In the battle, the Invaders find the original Human Torch on an operating table and also an imperiled Anne Raymond. The Torch's android body was used to replicate the super soldier formula. In the melee, Jacqueline is shot by the Nazi Docktor Krause. Jacqueline is fading fast; but Anne Raymond tries to infuse Jacqueline's body with Jim Hammond's blood, as was done in the days of World War II. The operation is a success. Not only is Jacqueline saved, but she also regains her youth and her speedster powers.

Meanwhile, Namor is joined by Captain America, who eventually got Jacqueline's message, and they work to finish off both Master Men and Warrior Woman. The original Master Man, Willie Lohmer, has reverted back to his human, non-powered self. When he asks his wife Warrior Woman for help, she belittles him again. As a result, Wilhelm Lohmer (Earth-616) detonates a blast ending the battle and perhaps killing himself, Warrior Woman, and the "new" Master Man.

Later in New York, Namor announces that Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch has died. The new Human Torch, Johnny Storm, lights an eternal flame in his honor. However, this event is merely a ruse. Jim Hammond did survive and is being kept incognito by Namor. Jim wants the world to believe he is dead and is enjoying his time alone and in the company of Anne Raymond.


  • Anne Hammond is the former wife of Jim Hammond's former partner Toro
  • This issue contains a letters page, Alternating Currents. Letters are published from Peter Garria, Dr. P.A. Daring, "Unsigned", Jacob Gilbert, Dov Valderon, and Rene de Cler.


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