Quote1 The time has come for the Super Skrull to strike! Quote2
-- The Super Skrull upon revealing his true identity and that he has been masquerading as Iron Fist (Danny Rand)

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Synopsis for "Fire and Stone"

In somewhat of a surprise, Kazar, with his pet Zabu, address the Untied Nations assembly about recent operations and possible exploitation of the Savage Land. While in the Savage Land, Namor, Namorita, and Carrie Alexander have been captured by "Iron Fist", Ward Meacham, and Misty Knight. The three are being held in a prison while Phoebe Marrs is being personally interogated and berated by Meachum. Try as he may, Namor does not have the strength to break out ohis cage. Shanna the She-Devil sneaks to the group, and says she will try to find a way to free them.

Back in New York City, Caleb Alexander is questioning Desmond Marrs about his handling of Oracle Inc. (and Prince Namore's) assets. Desmond is selling a great deal of equity and cut rate prices. Alexander vows to turn Desmond in for his practices. As Caleb, turns to leave, Desmond Marrs attacks him from behind, killing him.

Back in the Savage Land. Namor urges Shanna to retrieve the beastial Griifin who is foraging in the wild. She retrieves the Griffin who quickly flies to the aid of his master. With their combined strength, Namor and his party soon remove the top of their cage. However, the group is almost immediatley engaged by Ward Meacham's mercenaries.

Ward Meacham privately berates Phoebe Marrs. Eventually, he slaps her. Misty Knight enters and is outraged. She urges Ward Meacham to stop. Meachem also belittles Misty Knight telling her that her "Danny Rand" is not who he appears to be. "Iron Fist" enters and tells Meachum to be quiet. However, as the sounds of Namor's battle nears, Iron Fist declares it is time to revert to his true self, and transforms into Super Skrull! To Be Continued...


  • This issue contains a letters page, Alternating Currents. Letters are published from Scott Hann, Todd Meyers, Jacob Gilbert, and Jan C. Childress.

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