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Quote1.png This is no common miscreant you face. Mine is the combined power of the Fantastic Four! Quote2.png
Super Skrull

Appearing in "Double Cross"

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  • Nuwali Machines

Synopsis for "Double Cross"

"Danny Rand" has changed into his true identity of Super Skrull. Misty Knight, who had been aiding "Rand" believing him to be her long lost boyfriend, is shocked. She tries to shoot Super Skrull with a handgun, but the Skrull uses his flame power to melt the pistol. Super Skrull goes off to engage Namor, Namorita, and their party. Ward Meacham remains behind with Misty and Phoebe Marrs and tell them how the Super Skrull is going to detonate the Savage Land, erupt the coastal rim and destroy the earth. In return, Super Skrull had promised Ward Meacham power and the most beautiful Skrull girl on their planet. Phoebe Marrs laughs at Meacham and wonders aloud at how pretty this Skrull woman could be.

Back in New York, the Untied Nations gives Lord Kevin Plunder the rights to exploit and develop his Savage Land. While at the Marrs Corporation, Desmond Marrs arrives at work and finds Frank Castle, the Punisher, waiting for him behind his desk.

Super Skrull knocks out Namorita and urges Prince Namor to surrender. While Super Skrull explains his plan to Namor, Namorita regains consciousness, punches the Skrull, and escapes. Namor then engages Super Skrull hand to hand. However, Ward Meacham shows up and is going to destroy the detonating machines. He tells Super Skrull that he knows now that he would betray him. Again, the Skrull uses his flame power and kills Meacham on the spot. Namor also begins tearing up the machines with his super-strength. In outrage, the Skrull flies away. Namor and his party do not pursue him.

Back on the Skrull world, the legend is told of the beautiful fenake Skrull, Tennelle, who loved Super-Skrull so much that she promised to marry a human. The Super-Skrull had never planned to betray Ward Meachum...


  • This issue provides the first hint that Super-Skrull has previously impersonated "Captain Hero". This issue Ward Meachum notes that Super Skrull had "crossed swords" with Iron Fist previously, when actually there was no recorded contact between the two.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Alternating Currents. Letters are published from Shawn Scott, Henry Kong, Edwar Slatter, and James Angelini.

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