Quote1.png I'm free! I'm Free!! After all these years I'm finally free! Free of my father! Free of my brother! Good-bye, Desmond! I pity the devil the day your soul arrives in Hades! If I know you...you'll be running the whole place inside a month! Quote2.png
-- Phoebe Marrs upon identifying the remains of her brother, Desmond Marrs, at the morgue

Appearing in "My Mother...Myself"

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Synopsis for "My Mother...Myself"

Namorita is revealed to be a carefully crafted clone. Design for her making was made by her mother Namora and the disgraced scientist Vyrra. Although she is initially shocked and outraged, Namor's explains how Namora could not have children. Namorita's father reads her mother's words written in a hidden scroll. Eventually, Namorita comes to have peace with these new revelations.

Meanwhile, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing discuss their belief that Iron Fist is still alive. Their conversation is interrupted when a long forgotten character enters their office. Tyrone King also has questions about Iron Fist!


  • Misty Knight is shown with a "Bionics" box in her office. She will replace her bionic arm shortly, apparently with similar technology. She is soon depicted in action in with a new arm in Namor #22

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