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Synopsis for "Where Is Namor?"

Missing for six months, Captain America, Jim Hammonds, Namorita, Phobe Marrs, Daniel Rand, and Namorita ponder the situation. Captain America is convinced that Namor is still alive and that he can use Avengers resources to locate him. Namorita is visibly upset. However, she tells Phoebe Marrs that she still plans on dismantling the Marrs Corporation despite Phoebe's pleas that Namor had promised to help her corporation before her disappearance.

Namor is shown in a logging community in Canada. He has lost his memory and his hair is much longer than previously shown. Due to his savage nature and some mysterious deaths among the loggers, the Sub-Mariner is attacked by the workers. One logger breaks his chainsaw over the Sub-Mariner's head and knocks him out. Namor is carred to jail. There the sheriff, Chance Walker, eventually releases him. Chance's daughter, Carrie, offers to let Namor stay with her. Namor accepts. Shortly the town is attacked by someone in a huge walking mechanical device. When Namor sees that Chance Walker, who had treated him fairly in his previous incident, he rushes to the scene to help.

Back in New York City, Namorita finally senses that Namor is alive and is in trouble. She flies off to assist him. TO BE CONTINUED!


  • Six months in comic-book time passed between issue Vol 1 25 and Vol 1 26. The art and layout of page one is the same as the last page from the previous issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Alternating Currents. Letters are published from Donald Pearce II, Jan C. Childress, Brian Cota, Douglas Mangrum, Brian Heady, and Scott Harn.

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