Quote1.png Do you truly believe Von Doom embarks upon the least of his plans without calculating the smallest detail? Quote2.png
-- Doctor Doom

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  • Latverian ship

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Synopsis for "Plunder"

Doom has defeated and bound "Fen" and the Sub-Mariner. He observes the savage nature of his former enemy and sometimes ally Namor, but has no explanation for his new savage nature. Doom later explains his plan to "Fen". He will control the world's shipping with his new "sonic ram". It will allow his ships to kill anything larger than a human under the water. Fen mentions that this will cause great devastation and destroy Atlantis. Doom contends that this side effect will not bother him if it kills more "freaks".

Back in New York City, Head of Oracle Security Jim Hammond communicates with Iron Fist, Namorita, Misty Knigt, and Colleen Wing on their attempts to locate Namor. After the video conference ends, A scantily clad Phoebe Marrs enters Jim's area and attempts to seduce him. Jim appears mesmerized by Phoebe but continues to note that she appears to resemble he brother more and more. Phoebe removes more of her clothing to prove that she is indeed female.

Back on the Latverian trawler, the Sub-Mariner has broke his chains and burst through the deck of the ship. He begins to attack Doom. However, Doom blasts him into the air before the Sea Prince can lay a finger on him.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Alternating Currents. Letters are published from Eric Lemieux, Shane Hutchison, Mark Daniels, and Dwayne T. Butchino.

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