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Quote1.png Have I ever thanked you, Vashti. Have I ever told you how much I value your friendship? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Call From Home"

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  • Neptune's Trident (Invoked)
  • Sacred Horn



Synopsis for "Call From Home"

Vashti journeys to the surface world asking his Prince to return. Namor agrees while Namorita stays in the city to take care of the ongoing wrangling with Phoebe Marrs. Vashti notes the strange things happening in the realm. He has also brought "Fen" who claims to be Namor's mother and queen of Atlantis.

On the outskirts of Atlantis, Tiger Shark is attacked by the Faceless Ones. They kill his wife and all of his nomadic tribe. In defiance Tiger Shark tries to kill all of them. He is aided by Tamara Rahn who is also returning to Atlantis. Elsewhere in Atlantis, an imprisoned Byrrah is visited by a skeletal visitor who tells him the "Old Ones" are returning.

Namor's ship is attacked returning to Atlantis. A large creature kills his guard, but Namor is able to subdue it. He and Vashti are approached by another skeletal creature and Namor is reminded that Vashti claims "ghosts" now roam Atlantis.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Alternating Currents. Letters are published from Dave Wallace, Mike Farmer, Joe Christiano, and R.P. McMurphy.

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