I may not be as strong as Namor, but I can still give you a workout, Shellhead!
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Iron Man (Tony Stark)
Lower you battle flags, Namorita.
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Synopsis for "All the Rivers Burning"

Namor was last seen under water when an oil tanker exploded. Namroita flies to his aid and is about to dive into the oil, before a flying Iron Man stops her. Iron Man offers to use his armor and search. Namorita reluctantly agrees and Iron Man finds Namor barely breathing. On the water, Mr. Fantastic is using his elastic body to contain the spill. Namor is taken to Four Freedoms Plaza with Sue Richards and she tries to use the technology of the Fantastic Four to help revive Namor.

Remarkably, Namor appears to have revived. Sue and Namor learn that the terrorists responsible for the explosion, FORCE, have sent a video message that another attack will soon occur. Namor fiies back to the scene. Namorita goes to gather her New Warriors allies. Iron Man is soon distracted by a low flying drone and flies towards it to explore. However, Namor does not fall for the ruse and dives underwater where he finds the leader of the terrorist group, Gloria Morgan, about to detonate another device. Morgan is prepared to die for her beliefs. Deducing this, Namor rushes to disarm her. But Gloria does detonate the bomb and a Thermal explosion occurs. Namor erupts from the explosion and flies past Iron Man in an apparent rage. Sue Richards tries to control the blaze with her invisible force field.

However, the Sea Prince soon returns with rare "Therma-Rays" under his control. These sea creatures absorb all of the heat from the explosion. After the event, Reed Richards wants to examine one of the Rays, but Namor refuses not wanting his sea creatures to be exploited. All appears well. Namor is with his group of friends on a pier when the Police Commissioner arrives. Speedball mentions that he is probably going to praise Namor for his actions. To everyone's surprise, he tells Namor that he is under arrest!


  • This issue features a letters page, Alternating Currents. Letters are published from Chris Hilton, Dennis Euseblo, Trent Rogers, Robert Lime, Ed Heyne, Robert Heinly, and Rex Howard.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references below for info. [1]


  • Ed Heyne wrote a letter which was published in Sub-Mariner #72 the last issue of Sub-Mariner Vol 1 urging that the title not be cancelled. This issue he writes a letter in praise of the new Sub-Mariner series Namor #1.

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