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After Namor was reunited with his cousin, Namorita, he left her in the care of a surface woman (his long-time friend, Betty Dean-Prentiss). Worried that Namor would forget about her, Nita gave him one of her buccaneer earrings. Namorita claimed that it had magic powers and that it would remind him of her. With both Namor and Namorita wearing one earring each, she thought they would never really be apart. Namor humored her gesture and took the earring.[1]

Namorita's favorite teacher Victoria Starr went missing after her car crashed through a guard rail and drove into the ocean. It was then she used the magic of the earrings to contact Namor, revealing that the earrings were indeed magical and that they could be used to send messages to each other via mystic means.[2]


  • The earrings eventually disappeared and both Namorita and Namor gained the ability to communicate to each other via a psychic rapport.

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