Namorita shared a similar history to her Earth-616 counterpart until the old and new X-Men died on Krakoa. Afterwards the Ani-Men took over Valhalla Base to allow Count Nefaria to control America's nuclear arsenal and hold the world ransom. Beast formed a new team of X-Men by telepathically contacting each mutant. Namorita was contacted when Beast tried to contact Namor, she was successfully teleported to the base.

The X-Men tried to attack the Ani-Men but were stopped by Dragonfly's hypnosis until Rahne Sinclair joined the battle and freed them and the An-Men were subdued. The Count tried to escape on a jet, but the plane exploded when Banshee used her power to destroy it. She was knocked out but saved from falling to her death by Thunderbird. Namorita stayed on with the team afterwards [1]


Seemingly those of the Namorita Prentiss of Earth-616.

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