Nan Carter was a female newspaper columnist who by 1944 was best known for her love advice column. She had aspirations of becoming a full-fledged newspaper reporter but her publishers would never give her the opportunity to prove herself.

Such an opportunity came up while out on a dinner date with costumed hero knwon as the Angel. Getting a newspaper that stated that inventor John Barnes had killed a number of high ranking military officials with a bomb, the Angel went to Washington D.C. -- agreeing to take Nan with him to cover the story so long as she stayed out of his way.

The pair searched the Barnes residence for clues and learned that he was murdered and found his body. Finding a dry cleaning tag for a laundry service owned by a man named Karl Kraft, the Angel investigated the lead and determined that it was a hidden Nazi operation. He sent Nan to gain an audience with Kraft by pretending to know something about the Poison Gas Detecting Barometer that was stolen from Barnes before his murder. Kraft saw through this charade and took Nan captive hoping to lure the Angel into a trap. When the Angel came to Nan's rescue, he easily trounced Kraft and his men and had Nan turn them over to the authorities.

Nan took her paper to her publishers who printed the scoop on the front page securing her position as a full time reporter for the paper.

He subsequent activities are unknown.

It is unspecified what newspaper Nan worked for. In her only appearance she is seen holding a paper, but the title of the newspaper is partially obscured showing only the word "Daily". It's possible she was an employee of the Daily Bugle, the Daily Globe or, theoretically, even the British Daily Herald.

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