Nan Brown and Tom "Tubs" Hale

Nancy "Nan" Brown was raised in Centerville, California. During her adolescence, Nan became best friends with Patsy Walker, Hedy Wolfe, and their gang of friends,[2] and therefore became fictionalized as one of the characters in Dorothy Walker's comic book series that was loosely based on Patsy's life.[7][6] Eventually, Nan began dating Tom "Tubs" Hale, another friend of Patsy's.[8]

After graduating from high school, Nan began training as a nurse,[9] which created a strain on her friendships.[3]

Tubs and Nan eventually married,[1] had at least two children,[6] and continued to reside in Centerville.[1] Nan was among the Centervillians to be possessed by Demons under the control of the Sons of the Serpent.[1]

Later, Nan and Tubs divorced after Tubs came out as gay.[10]


None. Baseline human.


Training as a nurse.[9]

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