Magneto was once reduced to an infant by the powers of his own creation, Alpha the Ultimate Mutant, and was left in the care of the X-Men's ally, Moira MacTaggert. Once he regained his adulthood, Magneto chose to turn the tables on the X-Men. He strapped them in special chairs that reduced their motor functions to an infantile state, forcing them to rely on his robot, Nanny, to care and feed them.[1]

Nanny later resurfaced at one of Magneto's bases once the X-Men returned from the Shi'ar/Phalanx War.[2] She held Gambit, Joseph, Rogue, Grovel, and Spat powerless captives. When they escaped, she confronted them with the intent to kill them. [3]

Nanny transformed. The familiar features of the feminine robot in a french maid's uniform changed to those of a combat robot. Her eyes glowed, her artificial hair were replaced with long sharp tacks, her arms were now metallic fists with spikes, and her lower party was transformed to a giant mace-like Wheel. She seemed deadly. She was decapitated with a crowbar from Trish Tilby, the only X-Men ally she failed to account for. [3] Once "dead" her device negating mutant powers stopped working. The powers of the nearby mutants returned. [3]


  • Nanny has a device within her than negates mutant powers.

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