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Initially derived as a protoform in order to convert weak Human flesh into an emotionless murderous chassis via the process of bio-metallic robotization.[2] The Nano-Sentinels were later re-purposed as an artificial sickness discovered in mutant blood cells by Beast.[3]

Arms dealer Kade Kilgore later pretended to be in the possession of these Sentinites in order to lure Kid Omega, Morph and Hindsight out from the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach to attend a Kilgore Industries auction where Fenris and other such associated villains would attempt to buy them.[4]

An updated version developed by Forge while under the influence of Cassandra Nova not only allowed normal humans to detect the presence of the X-Gene, but also drove them to kill mutants on impulse. Before implanting it on several world leaders, Nova infected Storm with a Sentinite in order to attack the X-Men in Wakanda.[1] Nova used the Sentinites to attack the X-Men a second time by infecting Teen Abomination with one after the mutant heroes had moved near Atlantis.[5]

When one of the X-Men's newest recruits, the techopath Trinary, attempted to reach out to all the Sentinites that Nova had spread over the world, she caught notice of Cassandra's plan to release swarms of Sentinites on all major cities. The X-Men joined forces with Trinary, giving her enough strength to connect to every single Sentinite and destroy them, putting an end to Nova's plan.[6]


The main purpose of the nano-sentinels is the initiation of a transformation process that steadily converts living beings into murderous cyborgs and eventually, into full on robots.[7][8] These Sentinites can also be re-purposed into a type of airborne sickness which spreads and infects individuals carrying the X-Gene, simulating flu like symptoms in the affected subject before causing debilitating weakness and eventual bio-degradation in a host.[9] Or stimulating sentinel like qualities through splicing into a person's amygdala, turning them into a ravenous mutant hater while also giving them the same genetic scanning ability as previous Sentinel generations.[10] When a person infected with a Sentinite detects a mutant, they will instinctively act to kill them; meanwhile, if they themselves are a mutant, then they will follow through on the hunter/killer programming before ultimately attempt to commit suicide.[1]

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