The Nano-Sentinels were discovered in mutant blood cells by Beast.[2]

Arms dealer Kade Kilgore later pretended to be in the possession of Nano-Sentinels in order to lure Kid Omega, Morph, and Hindsight into sneaking out of the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach to attend a Kilgore Industries auction where Fenris attempted to buy them.[3]

An updated version developed by Forge while under the influence of Cassandra Nova not only allow normal humans to detect the presence of the X-Gene, but would drive them to kill mutants on impulse. Before implanting it on several world-leaders, Nova infected Storm with a Sentinite in order to attack the X-Men in Wakanda.[1]


A Sentinite latches on to a person's amygdale and turns them into a mutant hater, while also giving them the same mutant detection ability as previous Sentinel generations. When a person infected with a Sentinite detects a mutant, they will instinctively act to kill them; meanwhile, if they themselves are a mutant, then they will ultimately attempt to commit suicide.[1]

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