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A descendant of Noble Kale, Naomi Kale was the wife Barton Blaze and mother of Johnny Blaze. She apparently changed her name to Clara.[citation needed] While her children Danny and Barbara were young and with Barton badly hurt in an accident,[1] the Caretaker asked that the children be separated to protect them. Naomi reluctantly agreed.[citation needed] Dan and Barbara were placed in the care of the Ketches,[2] while John was taken to the Quentin Carnival.[3]

Naomi Kale as the Ghost Rider

Naomi traveled the country on her motorcycle, placing a medallion (a symbol of the actual medallion of power contained in the family) on it.[citation needed]

After approximately 10 years had passed, and suffering from a terminal illness, Naomi decided to visit her children. She saw John at the carnival and helped him with a bully, but Crash Simpson had her removed from the grounds. She then went to see Dan and Barbara on Barbara's birthday. A suspicious police officer asked her to leave.

Naomi then went to visit an unknown grave, but was confronted by Mephisto. She grabbed the medallion from her bike and attempted to battle Mephisto as the Ghost Rider. Naomi was killed, and Destin Kale was summoned to dig a grave for her body and her motorcycle.[1]


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Although she tapped into the power of Noble Kale, Naomi's powers were unknown.



A symbol of the Medallion of Power.


Ghost Rider's Motorcycle

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