Napoleon Sack was a resistance fighter who was part of the Free French movement during World War II, an army attempting to oust the Germans from Nazi-occupied France during World War II. He was forced to retire from active service for undisclosed reasons and decided to visit America.

While aboard a cruise ship bound for New York City, he fell overboard and was rescued by Wade Huston. Becoming fast friends, Napoleon learned that Huston -- a member of the Australian Anzacs -- was also forced into retirement, and the two agreed to tour American together and try their best to route out any spy activities they happened to come across. Making note of Wade's compulsion to fight spies, Napoleon began referring to him as the "Fighting Fool".

The two friends soon learned of Nazi spies led by Herr Mongrel who were attempting to stop food supplies from entering New York City. Napoleon aided Wade in stopping Mongrel's minions and sent a speeding car loaded with explosives crashing into Mongrel, killing him in a massive explosion.

Napoleon and Wade were commended for their job by a representative of the American military. Napoleon's subsequent wartime activities and ultimate fate are unrecorded.[1]




Napoleon is a skilled fighter.

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