Narda Ravanna and her sister, Desiree Vaughn-Pope, owned a successful fashion design firm in Europe. Their business ultimately collapsed due to the actions of an unscrupulous rival named Roderick Kingsley. Kingsley allegedly stole Ravanna's designs and marketed them in the United States. Swearing vengeance, Narda assumed the guise of Belladonna and put together a small group of henchmen. She tracked Kingsley down to Manhattan, whereupon her goons assaulted him. Spider-Man intervened in the plot and Belladonna was forced to back down.

Knowing that Belladonna would strike at Kingsley again, Peter Parker used his press connections at the Daily Globe to report at Kingsley's latest fashion show. There, true to form, Belladonna appeared to terrorize the event, and Peter changed into Spider-Man to stop her. Although he foiled Belladonna's plot to steal any of Kingsley's works, she managed to escape when she slipped out of her overcoat when Spider-Man tried to grab her.[1]

Soon after, Belladonna hired the Cat to break into her apartment in order to take suspicion off her for a series of fashion related thefts. Spider-Man again involved himself in Belladonna's affairs while working a case to determine the Cat's true identity, who was also masquerading as the new Prowler. After a fight in a fashion studio, the two ended up getting stuck in a trap room set up by Belladonna herself. She began filling the room with a toxic gas in the hopes of killing both the Prowler and Spider-Man; however, Spider-Man managed to bust free, but the Prowler was burned in the escape due to Belladonna's trap and was turned over to the police. The Prowler swore to avenge himself for Belladonna's betrayal.

Peter meanwhile, realizing there was a tie between Belladonna and fashion designer Desiree Vaughn-Pope, went to pay her a visit as Spider-Man. He instead met her sister Narda Ravanna, not realizing that Narda and Belladonna were one in the same. Narda told Spider-Man that her sister had gone to visit Roderick Kingsley who was in league with her. Going after Kingsley, Spider-Man was unaware that Narda was phoning Kingsley and tipping him off that Spider-Man was coming, under Belladonna's order to eliminate him.

Belladonna was then visited by the Prowler who planned on getting revenge; however, Spider-Man arrived after settling things with Kingsley, broke things up, and webbed up Belladonna, Prowler, and the rest of her goons, nice and snug for the authorities.[2]


Chemistry Expert: Belladonna is an expert in the field of chemistry.


Belladonna employs a gas gun filled with neo-atropine pellets. The gas renders anyone exposed to it drowsy and eventually unconscious. She has also used this gas disguised in perfume bottles. The chemical neo-atropine is derived from the Belladonna plant.

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