Garrison commander Narim-Bey asked Conan to go the westernmost Khitai city of Wan Tengri and find out if it was worth King Yildiz's efforts to conquer.[1]

As Conan returned to the capital, Narim-Bey left for a tour of the troops at Akif. Back in the capital, suspecting a romantic affair between the Cimmerian and Lady Amytis, he immediately took the opportunity of the king's newfound decision, after the attack of the Hyrkanian golem, to become a recluse in his castle, to send Conan on a mission to the north.[2]

When the Cimmerian returned to Aghrapur, jealous of the Amytis' betrayal, Narim-Bey decided to use black magic to curse Conan, but he was eventually slain by Lilitu and her inhuman mate Ardat-Lili.[3]

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