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Loki recalled the death of his son and subsequent torture of his former self at the hands of All-Father Odin,[1] then was further reminded of the chains used to bind him having been forged from his slain son's entrails by the Children of Eternity known as Then and Now.[2]


  • The name of this character is inferred from the very specific details presented in Free Comic Book Day (Vol. 2018) #Avengers and Loki (Vol. 3) #2, as there is only one being traditionally described as "the murdered son of Loki whose entrails were used to bind him so that venom could drip in his eyes for all eternity." That being said, the spelling is widely debatable, since it is translated from Old Norse into Modern English alternatively as Narvi, Narfi, Nari, Narve, etc. and will require an explicit in universe spelling to ever be certain.

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