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Nastrond is an extradimensional region of Niffleheim located on the far shores of the river Gjoll in Hel.

Fafnir was once the King of Nastrond, though he and his people were believed thoroughly evil, and thus the ruler of Asgard, All-Father Odin, destroyed the kingdom and all of Fafnir's subjects.[citation needed]

Fafnir himself was left to die in the ruined wasteland that was his former kingdom; however, he found a pool with magical properties, and although drinking from the pool sustained Fafnir, it also transformed him into a massive dragon.[citation needed]

Scumtongue and his band of Dark Elves set foot on the Shore of Corpses to reach the Hall of Nastrond in an attempt to rescue Malekith the Accursed.[1]

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