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The Nasty Boys were the personal strike force of Mister Sinister.[citation needed]

X-Factor battled the Nasty Boys[1] after Slab initially attacked Strong Guy.[2]

Multiple Man was able to subdue his dupe.[1]

Sinister posed as Steven Shaffran and unveiled his plan to kill the Scarlet Witch. Shraffan, angered, attempted to kill him, only to be killed himself.[1]

Ramrod was deported but returns illegally. Slab worked for the MLF alongside his sister Thumbelina.[3]

The team was later regrouped by Sinister. They hunted Malice who was seeking to kill Polaris so they could not re-merge. They left after Malice was apparently destroyed by Polaris and Havok.[4]

Ruckus was apprehended during an attempted attack on Senator Kelly.[5]

Much later, the team decided to reform during the final days of mutantkind, after X-Man’s return that ended in the death of most of the X-Men. It was revealed to be bait set up by the Upstarts to lure out the remaining X-Men. They were all promptly murdered by the Upstarts.[6]

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