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Nasty Boys
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Information-silk Team Leader(s)
Mister Sinister; formerly Ruckus (field leader)
Information-silk Enemies
Information-silk Origin
Team of mutant mercenaries employed by Mister Sinister.


The Nasty Boys were the personal strike force of Mister Sinister.

X-Factor battled the Nasty Boys after Slab initially attacked Strong Guy.

Multiple Man was able to subdue his dupe.

Sinister posed as Steven Shaffran and unveiled his plan to kill the Scarlet Witch. Shraffan, angered, attempted to kill him, only to be killed himself.

Ramrod was deported but returns illegally. Slab worked for the MLF alongside his sister Thumbelina.

The team was later regrouped by Sinister. They hunted Malice who was seeking to kill Polaris so they could not re-merge. They left after Malice was apparently destroyed by Polaris and Havok.

Ruckus was apprehended during an attempted attack on Senator Kelly.

Much later, the team decided to reform during the final days of mutantkind, after X-Man’s return that ended in the death of most of the X-Men. It was revealed to be bait set up by the Upstarts to lure out the remaining X-Men. They were all promptly murdered by the Upstarts.[1]

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