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The Nasty Boys were a group of mutant that worked for Mister Sinister: Gorgeous George (the Boys' field leader), Ruckus, Slab, and Hairbag. The X-Man Morph, who had been saved from death by Sinister, was given an "evil" side to his personality. "Evil" Morph was often a part-time member of the Nasty Boys, but Sinister eventually lost control of him.[1]

Later, the Nasty Boys teamed with the Savage Land Mutates. They proved to be quite imposing to the X-Men whom Sinister had rendered powerless using a machine. The X-Men eventually regained their powers, freed Morph from Sinister completely, and defeated Sinister and the Boys.[2]

After leaving the Savage Land, the Boys reappeared with Sinister to aid a future version of Apocalypse rewrite reality. Vertigo apparently accompanied them and was made into a member.[3][4]

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