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Death Head Scott was a criminal wanted by the FBI for unspecified crimes in the 1940s. By 1945 he developed a means of transmitting lethal electrical jolts through the air into copper discs to eliminate his enemies. With this technology, he then mailed copper discs to the FBI agents who were actively seeking to capture him. One such agent was friends with the Whizzer who realized what the discs were capable of and dropped it on the ground before a lethal jolt could shock either of them.

Following the current back to Death Head Scott's hideout, the Whizzer attempted to capture the villain, but Scott released a trap door trapping the Whizzer in a room that spun so fast that it kept the hero pinned to the wall. The Whizzer managed to break free then disposed of Scott's last two copper discs before racing off and saving the other two FBI agents who received such discs. Rushing back to Scott's hideout, the Whizzer then easily captured him and turned Scott over to the police.

His subsequent activities are unknown.



Death Head Scott developed a device that could channel lethal electrical jolts to specially made copper discs. Anyone holding the disc while it was electrically charged would die instantly from the jolt.

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