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In the year 2420, when Ultron murdered the Avengers and enslaved humankind, he created his own Avengers team, composed mostly of A.I. modeled after heroes from the past, including Black Widow.[1]

Together with the rest of the robotic Avengers, Black Widow confronted their counterparts from the past, who had been displaced to to the future through time jumps caused by the Time Gem. Captain America gassed their counterparts, with the only normal humans, Captain America and Black Widow, being affected by the chemical agent. Those two were then taken away by their robotic analogues while the rest of the A.I. Avengers guarded those unaffected.

While Captain America implanted a bomb in the past Cap, Black Widow chatted with her organic counterpart, and asked her to send a message to the the man they would encounter in the next future after their ensuing time jump: That the Earth was an intertwined single system, which appeared to be a forest but was in fact just a single tree. She additionally told the past Widow that in exchange for this information, she wished for her program to become independent and capable of more in order to survive.[2]

Some time later, the A.I. Avengers saw the reign of their master Ultron threatened by the appearance of different Avengers, each from a distinct time period, brought to the present by Doctor Doom. Black Widow confronted the past Captain America, Hulk, and Black Widow when they tried to destroy the maintenance hub of Ultron's network.

Bruce Banner (Earth-616) vs. Natalia Romanova (A.I.) (Earth-14831) from New Avengers Ultron Forever Vol 1 1 001.jpg

When Captain America attacked Widow with her shield, Black Widow caught it and tossed it at the Hulk, decapitating him from behind. However, from the time period Hulk was, his body suffered mutations that allowed his survival, by growing an additional head. Black Widow tried to perform the same move from before, but the Hulk wasn't caught off-guard like the last time, so he easily caught the shield and threw it back at a speed Black Widow couldn't catch it, splitting her head in two.[1]



Seemingly those of the Natasha Romanova of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Natasha Romanova of Earth-616.

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