Natalia married Deputy Barnes when they were on opposite sides of the law. Deputy Barnes was working with Sheriff Rogers when he rode off to stop a lynching and was killed. The residents of Timely were told he was scalped by Cheyenne to prevent any of them from asking questions. Natalia believed this until Rogers revealed the truth just before his death. After Rogers death, she stopped Tony Stark from shooting Lester and she hid Red Wolf and told Mayor Fisk he had run into the desert. The two of them began plotting the downfall of Fisk, when they were interrupted by Bruce Banner who wanted to help. While Red Wolf dealt with the mercenaries, Bruce and Natalia went off the blow up Roxxons Dam. Upon arriving, their plan was stopped by Simon Williams who attempted to have his men torture Natalia. She however got the upper hand and killed them all but not before they poisoned Bruce. They got to the dam and Bruce sacrificed himself while Natalia got away. Returning to Timely she found Red Wolf had arrested Fisk and was going to put him to trial, so Natalia shot him in the head and killed him. After his death, she assisted Red Wolf in policing Timely.[1]

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