When Ultron's massive and abrupt takeover of Earth occurred, Black Widow was spending a day off in San Francisco. She managed to escape from the robot's sentinels, although her face was partially disfigured, and found Moon Knight in one of Nick Fury's secret hideouts.[2] She discovered a special box where Fury held fail safe plans for different end of the world scenarios, including one of Ultron taking over Earth. They decided to go to a refuge in the Savage Land depicted in the plans, where they met other surviving heroes who just arrived.[3] She was one of the heroes who decided to form a team and use one of Doctor Doom's Time Platforms Nick Fury kept in his hideout to travel to the future and defeat Ultron, but as soon as they got to what was Manhattan, they were overpowered by a swarm of Ultron sentinels.[4]


Seemingly those of the Natasha Romanoff of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Natasha Romanoff of Earth-616.

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