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In 1951, the Soviet Union send its first manned mission to space. Natalia was one of four astronauts involved. All four of them were bathed in cosmic radiation and gained superhuman powers. In her case, Natalia gained the ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy for a variety of effects.

The four became superhuman agents of the Union under the codename Ultimate Federalist Freedom Fighters. The codename was suggested by Victor von Doom, an officer of the Red Army.

Natalia and her teammates had several successful missions over the following months. At the time the Soviet Union and the United States were about to face each other over, disputing over control of Cuba. The super agents were tasked with facing their American counterparts, the Avengers. Team leader Rudion Richards chose to abort the mission when a teammate got wounded in combat.

Not long after, Richards confronted his superiors in the KGB over their decision making. Knowing well that the KGB had assumed full control of the Union in a silent coup. Tired of his insolence, the leaders ordered Natalia to terminate the life of Richards. She instead chose to annihilate them.

Following the incident, the super agents took control of the Union. Living up to their name of Freedom Fighters, they pursued the ideas of freedom and equality.

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After being exposed by cosmic radiations, Natasha's natural electromagnetic field increased a thousandfold, making her capable of flying by reversing the polarity of her body and also making her able to discharge her energy in lethal doses.


Her "Widow Maker" soubriquet is clearly a reference to her Earth-616 identity as the Black Widow.

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