The history of Natalia Romanova on Earth-9997 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart.

In recent times she has was trusted with a piece of the Absorbing Man following his rampage through Washington, D.C. that ended in the death of the Avengers. More recently she has been seen in the Realm of the Dead, although the cause of her death remains unrevealed. It is likely that she was one of the many victims of the Tong of Creel, a death cult seeking to reassemble the Absorbing Man in order to kill everyone on Earth.

She was one of the many heroes selected by Mar-Vell to joining his legion of dead super-beings in battling Death. After Death was destroyed, and Mar-Vell created Paradise, Natalia would be seen among the ranks of heroes and villains who came there. She aided the people of Paradise in their fight to stop an invasion by the Kree. Her current whereabouts following this battle remain unrevealed.




Seemingly those of Natalia Romanova of Earth-616.

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