Natalie Washington was a neighbor of Riri Williams. They first met when Riri was ten years old. She was working at her garage with the door open, and caught the attention of Natalie, who was riding her bike around the block. Natalie became interested in Riri's work, and they subsequently became friends.

When Riri was thirteen, Natalie joined her and her family in a picnic at Marquette Park. In a twist of fate, a car driver opened fire on some bystanders. Riri and Natalie were caught in the line of fire, and Natalie was shot through the heart. She died almost instantly holding Riri's hand. Her final word was "Why?"[2]

  • Natalie's father was absent from her life.[2] It was unrevealed whether he had abandoned her or if he was dead.
  • Natalie hated cartoons, claiming they annoyed her, and loved romantic comedies.[3]
  • Natalie had a crush on a boy named Stevey.[3]

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