Quote1.png I am merely a class-C aberrant personality type, which means when something is taken from me... I become very angry. And I take revenge, even if it be years in the making. Quote2.png
Nathan Essex[src]


Nathan Essex was a scientist at the Weapon Six program that used red diamonds implants to enhance individuals. The program was defunded after SP//dr program rose in prominence and usurped its spot. Weapon Six facility burned and Essex and several others were presumed dead. However, Essex instead went underground and continued to develop the program with the intention of enhancing criminals and fitting them with mind control implants instead. Several years later, Essex resurfaced and send enhanced Kraven after the current SP//dr with the intention to hurt Uncle Ben with their death. Even through Kraven was subdued, Essex continued to taunt Ben, threatening to send more enhanced assassins after him and his loved ones.[1]

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