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Nathan Jefferson was a reporter who worked for the National Pulse, at one point in his life he was married but got divorced when his wife became religious.[1] When 'Captain Marvel' returned to life and wealthy heiress Julia Starr formed the Church of Hala to worship him, Jefferson grew suspicious and began investigating. Although his editor and colleagues did not believe the story was worth writing about, Jefferson visiting the church on multiple occasions and tried to speak with Julia Starr, now going by 'Mother Starr', to no avail.[2]

Jefferson went so far as to break into Starr's office to search it for information, which led her to almost shoot him when she discovered him trespassing. On one of these searches he discovered that the church was sending large amounts of money to one of their branches in Los Angeles, where Jefferson had previously lived and were he did not wish to return. Despite his wish to stay away from LA, Jefferson stole an expense card to get their and go undercover as a recruit of the church to learn more about them for his story.[3]

Jefferson worked undercover as a member of the church but began settling in and loosing his objectivity as he found no scandals to uncover and instead learned more of all the good the church was doing. Nathan was discovered and brought before Mother Starr who he convinced of his devotion after telling her he recruited a homeless couple to the church so they would have something to eat and somewhere to sleep. During this conversation they were approached by Captain Marvel who told them they were doing good work though he was, uncomfortable with the religious aspects. After this conversation, Captain Marvel began working with them, and led them to Al-Fashir in Sudan to provide aid there. A warehouse they were speaking on top of was bombed, killing Julia Starr which Nathan witnessed and tried to get Captain Marvel to safety, though he chose to begin cleaning up Al-Fashir instead. Nathan then spoke to a news channel about what Captain Marvel chose to do.[1]

Once Captain Marvel again disappeared Nathan was still a devoted member of the church and spoke before them about how Captain Marvel's desire to end war actually ceased all warfare for 24 hours. Nathan had become a true devotee, feeling that Captain Marvel had saved him and gave his life purpose. During Nathan's speech a Skrull disguised as a member of the church was going to explode itself, having been chosen to act as a suicide bomber and was about to blow but was whisked away by Captain Marvel who moved so quickly he seemed to merely be a beam of light.[4]

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