The past history of Cable of Earth-21993 mirrors that of his Earth-616 Counterpart up until the point when he just recently took control of the New Mutants. During this time, Charles Xavier would return from space and call a meeting between the New Mutants, X-Factor and the X-Men telling them that he is disappointed in the state of human/mutant relations during his absence.

Cable would disagree with Xavier's mission, telling him that they need to strike back at their enemies and look out for themselves instead of pandering to the humans. This would lead to Xavier calling for Cable to be thrown out of the New Mutants. However, the New Mutants would remain loyal to Cable and a clash between the Mutants and the X-Men would ensue. Cable and the New Mutants would escape, however Xavier would attempt to wipe out Cables mind. Cable would resist and warn Xavier that if he wishes to start a war with him, he will not hesitate to fight one.

Wolverine killing Cable (Earth-21993)

Determining Xavier to be an enemy, Cable would assassinate Xavier with a bomb killing Cyclops and Marvel Girl in the process, hoping that this action would break the X-Men apart. His strategy would prove correct as the X-Men would split into two groups, one led by Storm determine to bring Cable to justice, and another by Wolverine who thirsted for vengeance against Cable.

Wolverine's group would track Cable and the New Mutants to their headquarters in a former Sentinel base. During the fight, Wolverine would succeed in striking a fatal blow -- impaling Cable with his claws. As he died, Cable would mock Wolverine, telling him that Xavier was a better man than him because he was driven by the strength of his convictions while Wolverine would let nothing but his berserker emotions cloud him from his mission.[1]


Seemingly those of Nathan Summers of Earth-616

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