At some point Cable was able to realize his dream of peace and harmony by eradicating war, hunger and prejudice. Bad TV programming also ended people's reliance on televisions. Cable took on the moniker of Brother Nathan as this world transformed into one where adventure came from thought and the exploration of the human mind. Although there was conflict between him and Cannonball, Cable was able to convince this world's Deadpool of the same virtues.[1]

From Earth-616 and hunting for the missing Cable, Deadpool used Forge's interspatial and intraspatial harness to find him across dimensions. He ended up on Earth-58161. He initially scared a mother and child reading until several floating red security diamonds rapidly appeared and blasted him, eradicating his weapons. They then left to help someone with gastric indigestion.[1]

Brother Nathan then telekinetically found him and discussed the virtues of the peaceful environment and harmony he had created while Deadpool balked at the idea of what he considered to be an incessantly boring world. Deadpool then teleported after being on this Earth just three minutes as Cannonball and Siryn arrived, pursuing Deadpool. Those two soon followed Deadpool's next dimensional jaunt.[1]


Presumably similar to those of Nathan Summers (Earth-616).


Despite the ban on weapons, Brother Nathan carries a Psimitar. The weapon has been highly modified and now has been wrapped with a blue ceremonial tassel just beneath the blade. The weapon is possibly kept as a keepsake.

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