Cable became consumed by the Techno-Organic Virus that had infected him all his life. However, the mechanical virus then adopted Cable's dream of unification and an end to conflict as its program. This resulted in the techno virus consuming all beings on the planet, flooding the landscape, with Cable designated as the First One. His completely transformed body was the only humanoid form left on the planet.[1]

From Earth-616 and hunting for the missing Cable, Deadpool used Forge's interspatial and intraspatial harness to find him across dimensions. He ended up on Earth-58162. The techno-organic virus immediately detected the new organic lifeform and injected his system with the virus to incorporate him into its system. Cannonball and Siryn then arrived, pursuing Deadpool across dimensions and promptly blasted away at Cable. Deadpool's body was quickly transformed, but his mind and body ultimately rejected the virus, causing chaotic feedback to the virus, giving the three transdimensional visitors time to escape.[1]


Presumably similar to those of Nathan Summers (Earth-616).

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